cas didn’t know the portal was going to snatch dean away like it did

he thought he’d get to talk to dean. convince him to leave him. he was going tell him everything. how he’d thrown it all away, because the moment he first laid a hand on him in hell, he was lost. he fell in love.

but he didn’t get to. he had to save him. he had to give everything up for him. again.

this is the look on a man’s face when he didn’t get to say ‘i love you’ to the person his world revolves around

Best Friends...?

“Oh what a day.” Said the young girl while she was jumping to lay down on her bed. Bringing her camera close to her face she started to check out it’s content.

“I can feel tired for now, but it was totally worthy without a doubt.” A wide smile started to appear on her face. Lydia was proud of herself and her photographies.

While looking to camera’s display, she could saw a little movement on her mirror.

“BJ, is that you?” said in a whisper turning her head to mirror’s direction and frowning her brows.

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Things I wish my friends understood about my eating disorder

I wish I wasn’t like this, I really do. But please don’t tell me I’m fishing for attention when I don’t eat- it’s not that easy to just pick up a fucking sandwich and eat it. I just want to be skinny and thin… Please don’t make me feel terrible for not eating- and PLEASE don’t try to force food into my mouth. You have no idea how hard this is… You have no idea what it’s like to look in the mirror and see nothing but fat….. I just want to feel beautiful, just once in my life.