Option one: work harder than your body can physically handle, pain 24/7, finally make almost enough money to cover expenses, have zero free time to do anything and no energy to do it if you did. waking up at 3 am to get to work. what are friends. what is life. work work work

Option two: try to find another way to make money. pain 24/7, struggling to get by. loads of free time, limited energy but that’s nothing new. you get to sleep in, you’re on your own schedule. can’t go out to see friends, you hate being the broke one. Life sucks but there’s gotta be something out there.
#CanITakeAThirdOption  #LivingWithADisability


Ordered another cute floral dress for Devon this summer. <3 

I’ve decided I want to be okay with the way I look. I’m still trying to eat healthy and exercise and drink a ton of water and treat my body in healthy ways, but I am trying my damnedest to love my body as it is anyways, even if I have put on weight. I’m not a thin college girl anymore and I need to accept it. I don’t have that kind of time anymore and hell, I’m older, my body isn’t going to look the way it did when I was 23, as much as I would KILL for it to. 

So here’s to self-love and finding clothes that make me feel pretty even if my cute, thin, super in shape, 23 year old college girl days are long over. 

I bought a book about dealing with having grown up with emotionally immature parents and when it came in the post a few days ago I immediately hid it in a drawer under some clothes and haven’t been game enough to even look at it properly yet.

Dealing with your shit is so hard. Everything in me wants to avoid and hide from it. I feel so incredibly guilty for even naming my childhood shit. The idea that anything could be anybody else’s responsibility is so uncomfortable for me that I have to pay someone hundreds of dollars a month to walk me through trying to accept it.

Best Friends...?

“Oh what a day.” Said the young girl while she was jumping to lay down on her bed. Bringing her camera close to her face she started to check out it’s content.

“I can feel tired for now, but it was totally worthy without a doubt.” A wide smile started to appear on her face. Lydia was proud of herself and her photographies.

While looking to camera’s display, she could saw a little movement on her mirror.

“BJ, is that you?” said in a whisper turning her head to mirror’s direction and frowning her brows.

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