Just got an email this morning saying my order from CD Japan finally shipped!  Aaaaah here’s hoping it gets here by Monday!  *super hopeful*

I really really want my copy of the Tales of Orchestra 2016 concert album!

Shout out to the people with mediocre talents

The people who can carry a tune but don’t have a remarkable voice

The people who can draw more than stick figures but can’t develop their own style

The people who have a decent imagination but no idea how to write it all out (or vice versa)

The people who can play covers of songs but can’t write their own music

The people who can dance with choreography but not freely

The people who can do sports but never make the team

The people who are good- that just don’t feel good enough


a man and his kitten

If you guys are wondering why the Dangan Ronpa fandom is trending now, it’s not only because the newest game is coming out in less than 24 hours, but all of the deaths were just leaked. Now because of this turn of events, the fandom has become a terrifying amalgamation of rioting, crying, and anguish. In other words, our current predicament can be summed up in just one simple GIF:

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get to know me meme [1/5 computer animated movies]

Tangled (dir. Byron Howard, Nathan Greno)

This is the story of how I died. But don’t worry, this is a fun story, and the truth is, it isn’t even mine! This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel …