Voltron week 
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Who said what to whom? Oh no, this is going to be intergalactic. Hang on a second, and let me pull myself together. 5. Say what? 4. Nuh-uh 3. Go ahead! 2. Where’s my lipstick? 1. That’s what I thought you said. One blast offfffffff. Gays in space!!

You’re going to be okay, don’t worry my love 💫💖

My mom has suffered from depression since I can remember.. It became more visible as I got older or I just was finally old enough to realize the symptoms. I’m sure most of you know you can get to a really bad place while depressed. So whenever I was younger there were times when my mom would tell my little brother and I, “if it wasn’t for you guys I would’ve killed myself. I don’t want to live anymore. I’m tired” and like I remember crying about it and I remember her being criticized because “you’re not suppose to tell your kids that” it’s weird because, as most of you know, I am Mexican and mental illnesses in my family have always been not a priority, not something you really talk about and if you’re gonna deal with it you do it in privacy. So a couple days ago I found my mom crying and i asked her what was wrong? And she told me it was nothing and then after a couple minutes she finally told me she’s depressed and in that moment I was like.. I honestly don’t care if people don’t find it acceptable that she tells me she wants to die. I’m her kid.. I’m suppose to be there for her when she feels this way and she should be able to be honest about that because she’s not just my mom she’s also a human being & sometimes people want to die and they should be able to talk about it with the people they love. There’s nothing worse than wanting to die and feeling all alone.


Officially finally came out publicly at FtM, so I took some celebratory selfies (lazily in bed lmao). And also one candid, unflattering shot from the Pride Parade I went to today.

Nothing for months and then two pictures in two days??? The planets must have aligned

This is something I’ve been working on for probably over a year, maybe more like two. I liked the concept and the colors, but the angle was (and let’s be honest, still is) too hard for me. Today I decided to just screw it and paint over the whole thing and just live with the outcome. I feel like it’s still missing something, but I’m going to post it now before it sits in my WIP folder for another two years.

Anyway, the theme for this piece was a song I stumbled upon in some kind of videogame music remixing forum. I’ll post it next

i had my first day of grad school and our first production meeting for harvey today!! i’m super sleepy but it went well

What if Tokyo made a live action version of the history of Japan video for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games

I literally don’t know anything besides this so I’m not sure where it fits in the continuity but have a rough draft of Kes’s Dad’s Tragic Backstory.

Finn came in as BB-8 started to play a holo. They were still going over the data ey’d grabbed in eir mad dash through the info banks, but even if there was nothing else in there of value, they’d already acquired an enormous amount of actionable intelligence here.

The holo was a man of maybe Poe’s current age, not young but not old, leaning in and speaking intensely to the holocorder. He had dark curling hair, some plastered down to his face with sweat, and his light-colored shirt under his open dark jacket was soaked in blood. He was speaking a language Finn didn’t know, and his voice was hoarse and desperate, out of breath.

From Poe’s expression, it was a language Poe knew. Finn didn’t actually know how many languages Poe knew.

The man in the holo was talking so fast he was stumbling over his words, clearly in a high state of emotion; he paused and closed his eyes for a second, squeezing them shut, then continued, earnest and almost pleading. He shot a look off-camera as if in reaction to a noise, pausing in clear horror– he was being pursued, maybe. It was clear this was a last, desperate missive.

“Get Kes,” Poe said, not looking away from the holo as the man leaned in and spoke again, clearly terrified, obviously trying to squeeze as much information in as he could before he ran out of time.

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