Some of the Korra crew at the Korra fan art show last night. What a great event! I really enjoyed all of the art and costumes, and meeting lots of nice, talented folks. Thanks to PixelDrip Gallery for organizing this, and to everyone who sent in their artwork! Very awesome and overwhelming! Love, Bryan

P.S. The event is still going on today, if you can make it. I won’t be able to attend today, as I have a lot of non-fan Korra art to do, but they are still raffling off my Naga print, so I will be there in spirit.


One of the best parts about the “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It” event was the way that it almost seamlessly melded some important core values of the cosplay/convention culture with the gallery/art show scene. The ensuing combination really allowed fans to both express their appreciation and love for the fandom, as well as appreciate the love from fellow fans. These cosplayers (and artists!) did a fantastic job at the art show and it was great to meet them and connect through fandom!


No, this isn’t quite art related, but it is at the same time.

Yesterday I went to I’m The Art Show, Deal With It! art show and fundraiser in LA over at Monk Space for The Legend of Korra. It was quite literally a hole in the wall, and my friends and I actually walked passed it before we realized where it was exactly. It was a lot of fun to see the different styles and works these artists put together. I also got a print! It’s by Janet Sung, and it’s currently hanging in my room, and it’s totally awesome. 

I don’t know how art shows work and all, but just to be sure, I’m not going to be posting the photos I took of the work there. You can see slivers of the works from these pictures here, but that’ll be all you’ll see from me. 

Overall, it was a chill day out with friends, and it was my first time going to an art show for a series I like in LA! This city is a gem that way. Yesterday basically caps off my artistic adventures during my Spring Break.