The very first pokemon I caught was a smol, FAT bulbasaur I affectionately named Tubby Bubby and with the new appraisal update Blanche reminded me how big he was so i just had to draw a chubby, glass hearted bulbasaur! Rest under the cut

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Agust D

Honestly, reading all the lyrics to every single track Yoongi just released, i want to hug him. I want to hug him really tight and let him know how much he’s appreciated, how brave he is, how he’s a survivor. I want to let him know that he’s brilliant and so very strong. I want him to know that ARMYs love him a lot, even when he thinks he’s not good enough.

Gosh, I just have too many emotions right now that I cannot put into words properly. And all of these emotions, I would like to convey to Yoongi.

Agust D, ARMYs are proud of you, Bangtan is proud of you (I have no doubt).

Min Yoongi, I am so so proud of you.

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----- pops in to tell you that your blog is just -- completely gorgeous . i love every bit of it , from the dialogue , to the edits ... everything is just pure starlight . you're amazing . okay bye .

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didn’t get soda. might’ve been stretching the definition of small nevertheless. my shoulders hurt now