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I love Ephraim and I think he’s an interesting character but it does frustrate me that everyone says he’s stronger and a better ruler than Eirika when Eirika was the one who stuck around to deal with everything falling apart with her country while Ephraim took his buddies and basically disappeared to go act out a little mercenary fantasy when his country needed him the most. 

I don’t think it makes him a bad person by any means, but strength includes moral fortitude as well as physical bulk and tbh in that aspect Eirika is incredibly freaking strong and I’m sick of people portraying her as the weakling compared to Ephraim.

Cause I Never Wanted (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Cause I Never Wanted

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: This is set in the immediate aftermath of 4x17. 

A neatly folded quilt is pressed into his arms, and he tries to offer the blonde woman standing before a grateful smile. Tries to convey his appreciation for her letting him crash here, for her putting out freshly fluffed pillows and neatly ironed sheets on the couch despite the assumptions she’s making about why he’s here. Assumptions that cause her reminder about the bathroom being just down the hall to sound clipped and short thanks to the anger and solidarity she’s failing to suppress.

And, yet, he still tries to convey his appreciation. Tries to repress the thoughts in his head – the dark ones, the kind that sneak up on him when he least expects it – long enough to make the corner of his lips pull upward and mumble words of thanks because he knows his brother probably sprung this on her. Knows he doesn’t deserve Nine Shore making sure he has ironed sheets and enough blankets or offering him a sad smile as she reassures him that she’s sure he and Erin will work it out.

“An apology does wonders,” she offers with her characteristically bright smile. Any other night and he’d have to bite his tongue to keep from telling her to run. To stop pinning her hopes and dreams on a guy like his brother because women who smile as she does, who see the world as glass half full deserve more.

Tonight, though, his tongue sits loosely in his mouth and his hands remain empty of any proverbial stones he might cast. And yet his head still nods slightly even as he casts his gaze downward because he hopes she’s right, hopes that the woman in his life believes in that, too.  

“Thanks, Nina,” his brother pipes up. The words, the interruption forces his gaze from the flowery pattern on the blanket in his hand to the other side of the room where his brother leans lazily against the door jam. Forces him to watch as Nina crosses the room, gratefully takes one of the three open beer bottles in Will’s hands, and leaves the two of them alone in the living room.

“So,” Will draws out as he moves over towards the made-up couch, “Erin figured out who Abby was and kicked you out, huh?”

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  • *Scarlett Johansson gets casted as Major Motoko Kusinagi*
  • People defending it: look the ethnicity of the character doesn't matter it's a piece of fiction.
  • *White guy casted as Iron Fist*
  • Same people: Well he can't be Asian! He's WHITE in the comics! We can't just change the ethnicity of the character! He's supposed to be white!

   So, one of the very few things I appreciated about the finale is the parallels for Stelena in 6x22. When one was saying goodbye, the other was choked up and could barely speak. When one started to pull away, the other held their hand as long as they could. They both took each other to a place that was very important in their relationship to say goodbye. And no matter what it is canon that Stefan Salvatore could not go be at peace without saying goodbye to his soulmate: Elena Gilbert. One Last Time.