I was annoyed about a massively useless post that said “There’s something triggery in the character tag on AO3!” (There was. I would not have read it based on the summary alone. But it was tagged, explicitly and clearly, as a writer should.) And I was going to let it go, because sometimes people are just ignorant.

And then there was another post, one that refused to identify the title, author, or even the content of the fic. In the name of “protecting their followers”. That made me angry. You cannot protect a person if you don’t know what you’re trying to shield them from. 

I trust that people who need these warnings have at least a vague idea of what they need to watch out for. Because it is related to a very specific trauma or experience. There is no generic trigger. There is no blanket “this will make you upset” flag. (Mind, this is different from “This is something a lot of people find upsetting.”) And if that’s not something you’re willing to acknowledge, I’m going to assume that you’re posturing to make yourself seem like you’re being responsible or doing a good thing, when in fact you are doing the exact opposite.

Tbh I’m very much in the minority here but i can’t help still hating Michelle and being bitter af not only for the horrible nasty comments she made online but for her fake feminism and unnecessary attacks on Natalie

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Gay/Bi SU Fans: Seeing gay/bi characters in this show is important to me because my sexuality is literally vilified by society and finding positive normalized representation on a major network is nearly impossible. 

Some Straight Dillhole on Tumblr.hell: Ummm… The gems are aliens. How can they have a human sexuality? They can’t be gay/bi. Stop being gross and sexualizing them. 

Okay it's late so this post will probably be full of mistakes but I got myself so worked up over this dumb ass book and I gotta complain

Some of you may remember that book Unwind that was making the rounds a few years ago but has faded from popularity since then. I forgot about its existence until my friend brought it up recently

I tried to read the book, and let me tell you, it’s fucking SHIT

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please. when u see star trek beyond u gotta share all ur good thoughts. i don't know what happened to all the star trek on my dash but i miss u all and this movie is so great rly like. i had some issues in the beginning w/ kirk's characterization but. i need to hear everyone talking about star trek again

yes ofc omg i’m so friggin pumped for this