Maybe I Could....

A/N: HI guys! Just a little imagine for the Elf Man. For like two weeks, anime and BTS are ruining my life. It’s an addiction I’ll admit it. Don’t send help yet.

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” You muttered quietly yet enough for Leo to hear. Leo lifted up his head from it’s bowed position and cut his chocolate brown eyes at ou in curiousity, “You’ll give me a massage?” He asked smugly a smirk creeping it’s way onto his tanned face. You gave a small mod of your head and smiled weakly, yet sincerly, “You’ve been working pretty hard on that ship of yours, I mean you’ve been bending over all day so your back is probaly hurting and your neck is probably-       “ Your unconcious rambling was cut off by a small giggle that sat just across from you and you swore up in down in your mind that it was the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. Leo smiled brightly and placed his hand on top of your in a reasuring way, “I am pretty sore…. You think we could start now?” You gulped silently and forced a smile through your anxious state, “Lead the way, Hammer brain.” He rolled his eyes at the dumb nickname you’d picked for him, but lead you over to some bunk beds he’d set up for late nights in bunker nine. Your mind raced without control once he laid on his stomach on the small bed, things that were to never leave your mind flashed alongside the thought of ‘How the hades am I going to do this?’ He turned his head to look at you, his dark curls splayed around his head on the eggshell white pillow case. You shot a warm close-lipped smile to him and marched over to the bunk before placing each leg nervously on either side of him so that you were sitting on his bum, He immediently tensed up at the strange position and touch and you couldn’t really blame him for it. You shyly moved his usual white work shirt up to reval his slightly moist back  to the air and moved your hands down and up on his bare back, earning a few grunts from him. You hit near his neck when he let out a rather loud groan and moaned out ‘right there’. Hearing this from someone you weren’t even together with- not to mention that it’s your crush- scared you and aroused you at the same time. You pressed harder on the spot and massaged it gently until the knot was fading, “Oh holy Hephaestus…. Your hands are magic or something! I swear you give the best massage ever.” He said with a content sigh at the end. You let out a hum in reponse, but, it sounded more like a sqeak than a hum. Without warning- he flipped his body around so that you were straddling him and he was facing you. This wasn’t that big a dea considering the next thing he did was sit up and kiss you.

Terrible Things

Artist: Mayday Parade

Relationship: Tom Holland X Reader

Summary: Letters and sadness. Life lesson.

Warnings: Death. Crying. 

Word Count: 2,432

Want a Song?

You smiled as you scribbled the words onto a sheet of paper. This was the third letter you’d written. The third letter to someone you hadn’t even met yet. There was a smile on your face as you dotted the period at the end. You held the sheet in front of your face and reread the entire thing. You poured your heart in soul into this. You only hoped it was enough to make up for your absence. 

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The Intern - Part Nine

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / :) / Part Ten (Epilogue

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Summary: You join a group of foreigners apart of an internship with BigHit entertainment that will lead to a possibility of a full-time job. Nothing goes as expected when everyone makes you the enemy and you unexpectedly befriend Jungkook.

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Word Count: 4429

Warnings: This is the only ending that worked best in my head

Author’s Note: THIS  IS THE OFFICIAL LAST PART AHH I just want to say a big thank you to everyone whose read, left me messages, followed, and more. All of it has been overwhelming and amazing. Thank you for reading my story. I actually wrote this entire story from July 2016 - December 2016. Although, months before actually writing it down it had been a little daydream that would play out in my head and I would mess around with scenes and what I liked best. I finally decided to write it all down. I was persuaded by my best friend to publish it. I was terrified to do so and posting this was a huge deal for me as I never really shared anything I’d written before, especially this publicly. Thank you doesn’t even match how I feel to everyone who has liked and let me know their thoughts on my story. Thank you! 

It was like a dream. You didn’t know how else to describe it or categorize it as. He held on to your face and you held on to his arm that rested on your hip. Everything started off soft then slowly progressed with more passionate as you felt how much you truly longed for this. You sensed he was feeling it too. The amount of time that had passed was unknown to you and before you knew it, someone opened the door, yelped, and slammed the door.

Both of you separated and turned towards the door. No one was there anymore. “Was it Namjoon? Does he need to come in?” You said softly towards the door. Little to your awareness, Jungkook was facing you instead of the door. As you spoke he cupped your face again and turned you towards him again. He kissed you again. His arm wrapped around you and pulled you closer. You melted into you him and embraced him even further. It was almost worth the wait and the agony you had felt for the past while.

Lost somewhere in between kisses, you thought you heard the door open again but Jungkook’s hold on you was a strong reminder of where your thoughts preferred to be. After a while, you thought you heard a giggle but just as you did, Jungkook held onto you even tighter. He was really strong but it brought you out of it as it was almost too much. You put your hand in between your chests and pushed back, releasing the kiss. He looked at you confused but then you heard a shuffle by the door and your head turned towards the sound.

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Laying in the dark of our dorm room, I randomly comment: “Man, my throat hurts.” My roommate takes the opportunity to be helpful and say, “You’ve caught the plague! You know, sharing is not caring when it comes to germs.” And I didn’t hesitate when answering, “Then why do you share your opinion?”

#14 when you...Bitch you didn't...

…your ‘friend’ says 'oh, fan-fiction’ in drop dead condescending voice. And you say to, thinks-the-world-isn’t-quite-ready-for-his-level-of-awesome-cos-he-has-an-MA-in-creative-writing, and oh boy do we all KNOW he has. 'yeah. When did you last have 1000 people read that novel on your mac book that no one knows about except you and me!’

Then I made him tea and gave him a biscuit (cookie) and apologised a bit. And showed him how to set up on AO3. And he realised he might seriously have underestimated the power of fan-fic and the readers!