When We Were Younger 

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

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About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again.

His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse.

The Catfish AU I have NOT stopped talking about is coming in a matter of DAYS!!! :)


I JUST WANTED TO GIVE A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN OTAYURI WEEK SO FAR…!!! I am SO, SO proud of the fandom and how big we’ve grown in just these past few months…!!! TYSM for being so awesome and creating such amazing content!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO, SO MUCH AND I FEEL SO BLESSED TO BE IN THIS WONDERFUL FANDOM WITH YOU ALL ;///7///; <333333333

As one of the mods for @otayuriweek, I’m going to be in charge of reblogging content for day 5 and day 6… AKA I’ll be reblogging stuff all day both Friday and Saturday! I’m going to be very focused on reblogging content for Otayuri week (and… creating content… for once… *looks into the distance and sheds a tear*) for the next few days, so I’m probably going to be very slow at replying to asks and messages until Sunday!!! My main blog also probably won’t be super active until Sunday!!!

So, until then… SEE YA GUYS AROUND!!! HAVE FUN WITH OTAYURI WEEK!!! ;D <33333333333

But you know the thing I’m so excited about louis’ music? That he’s had a song out, and he’s seen everyone love it, and he’s had a chance to wrap his around the fact that he can fucking do this and be so good at it and be so successful

And we’re gonna get to see him get more comfortable, and gain even more confidence and take more risks because he can write for his voice and his strengths and he’s going to sound so fucking good and GAH I can’t wait