The Fall, Season 3 trailer

I started art school!

I had my second day today and it’s pretty neat!
We had a tour of the school and workplaces and tomorrow we’ll have actual drawing excercises!
I got my drawing suplies which were kinda expensive but I don’t need to buy any books (thank the lord praise amen)

Important, please read!

Sooooo, my dear followers and other people who might read this, as I’d mentioned before, once the Eycte era ends (after the last show), I will write a sum up text, as something we’ll all have, besides photos and videos, to remember the era…
As a part of this text, I would like to make a list with people’s favourite moments. If you want to see yours in the text send me an ask saying your thing (until the 27th of the month,if possible) and if you don’t want me to write your url, just mention it. :D Even if you don’t wanna send, please spread this!


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura

Original Character Survey 2016

Want to develop your character and help science at the same time? I’ve created a questionnaire that will ask you a ton of things about your OC. Once I get enough responses, I will use the data to find trends in how people create characters, and then make some cool graphs with it.

The survey has over 500 questions, almost all of which are optional if you don’t want to answer that many. It touches on everything, from your character’s appearance to their personality to their favorite color, and much more. All kinds of characters are welcome, whether they’re human or non-human, fantastical or realistic, anything goes. Characters from stories, roleplay characters, and characters without any story are all accounted for.

Content warning for references to violence, sexual assault, death, abuse, and every other nasty thing you can think of. All of it is in text form and there is no in-depth discussion of any of these topics, just questions about whether these things have happened to your character. Aside from some barbie-style nudity and cartoon people in swimsuits, all images are tame. There is a nsfw section for those who want to develop their character’s saucier side, but it is easy to skip over without having to see any of it.

Please reblog this to spread the word! The 2015 survey got over 5,000 responses. Let’s see if we can beat that this year.

Take the survey here!