As far as Shadowhunters go, I’m a pretty big deal. Not to intimidate you.

never let anyone tell you that books are a waste of time, because six of crows changed my life. I can’t pinpoint why it makes me feel like everything is and will be okay, but something happened when i was reading that book, and i’m fucking glad of it. I fell in love. With the characters, with the plot, with the writing. But also of the thrill of something new. I felt like i was living through them all, like i was feeling through them. I related to Wylan, with the way he speaks and the way he thinks. It’s incredible. Thank you @lbardugo for writing two books so utterly breathtaking that i’m pretty sure they’ve changed my life.

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In the same interview you shared before, Mark and Daisy confessed that they fundamentally disagreed with the way Rian had written their characters. Now this is really telling because if they of all people get shocked by what is to come, imagine the fans in the movie theater. It is exactly what we've been speculating all along, tlj will not surprise us by revealing that Rey is a Skywalker, it will surprise us by changing the character dynamics.

Yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. People have been conditioned to expect/anticipate one sort of twist from Star Wars (in particular, a parentage reveal), but I believe they’re going to get something very, very different and far more interesting. Nothing could shock the general audience more, as far as I’m concerned, than Rey and Kylo forging an alliance and running away together on the Millennium Falcon. Jaws would drop. I’m confident that most people would accept that kind of twist as long as it’s well told and exciting, which I’m sure it would be.