Bummer of an update for today: I am tired. 

Guys I am so tired. 

I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off a liveblog today. I’ll save it for a day when i think I could do it justice. 

In the meantime I’m just going to low-key lurk in the background and try answer as many messages as I can instead.  

Ever have those days when you’re so sad everything gets to you, but you’re trying really hard to keep yourself together? Then that one stupid thing happens that’s not even a big deal, like you drop a piece of paper or something, and you start crying because that’s it? That’s all you can handle?


summary: phil gives dan a handjob in the shower

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, handjobs

word count: 513

a/n: it’s 3 in the morning, i’m sleep deprived someone help. s/o to pedro for keeping me up and to my self conscious for making me feel guilty for skipping over a night. i didn’t by the way.the ‘a fic a day’ thing is still going strong until the 24th! enjoy this short piece of pie. night! <33

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Okay so this is my attempt to example the main parts filmed at the April 26 2015 Borough Market shoot.

I’m hoping others that were at set can fill in pieces as I didn’t catch everything, but I also haven’t watched all the videos yet.

I may have missed an initial scene as I was a tad late, still finding out if there was anything I missed.

When I arrived they were filming close-up shots of an extra dressed as a butcher carrying a skinned pigs carcass from around the area of the white set-piece that was probably a freezer. 

Next they filmed Martin, Amanda, Ben, baby and dog all coming down an aisle, which I believe to have been the red aisle, although I A) have to verify and B) I think this scene is supposed to pick up after their blue walk (I’ll go over this), so I think they’re meant to be the same aisle regardless of what actual aisle they were filmed in. Anyways, down an aisle, towards the blood/gore on the floor, with the dog leading them to it. (There was a tiny bit of fog going on, I’m assuming coming out of what I assume to be a freezer?)

I’m beating myself over the head for not taking a closer look at the gore/freezer-thing? after they were done but I ran to the next shoot instead. :(

The next shoot was the walk down Stoney St, past the Ted’s Veg, and then down part of an aisle leading up to the middle/centre road of the market where the blood/gore/freezer-maybe-thing had been (hence my reasoning into how the two fit together).

As I said I think I’m missing some of the details as I couldn’t spot from my position and as I was still dealing with some tech problems…but hopefully this clarifies just a bit…. :/

(Oh also, they filmed with a doll, and switched it out with I believe two babies on set, all wearing a pink fluffy onesie with tiny floppy ears and some black bits to resemble the eyes/nose of a bunny.)

Imagery: HQ Quest au [5/]

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