Celica WIP 8/12/16: Almost done!

I’m pretty happy with how this is turning out and I’m so excited to wear this! A few things are uneven, like the orange patterns (most noticeable with the coat), But I still think it looks really good. The embroidery on the bodysuit is more or less done, ignoring a small patch on the side covered by the coat. The coat is just about done as well, it only needs the embroidery on the top and the paint on the shoulder. The embroidery won’t be completely done for the next convention, which is ACa, but I will still be debuting this cosplay there finally! It’ll serve as a good test to see how it will hold up, and how I will hold up for that matter. This cosplay is not suitable for warm days. Just trying it on I was getting hot.  Also the belt is actually upside down. I realized this looking at the ref, but was too lazy to put everything on again just for that XD

I’ve got the wig and the ears pretty much done, boots and decorative belt are very close, and the guns still need some paint. I’d call it about 90% done at this point.

I really hope everything goes smoothly and this cosplay holds up, as its one of my favorites I’ve done. It would be pretty heartbreaking to do all this work and not have it workout, especially since I can’t imagine doing any part of this over again >.< But whatever happens, I’ll make it work!  I do still have a few concerns with this cosplay for how well it is going: 

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I really, really like how her face turned out.

 I lightened her skin because she is quite old, existing before the rebellion began, and leaving a gem in light causes it to lighten and potentially bubble or crack.  [This is also based on the latest episode with the rubies, where eye ruby was much lighter than the others. Though this could be for other reasons, but it was quite obvious she was older than the others.]