So, for the past week (pretty much), anytime I play a game, I’ve been recording myself just to see how I like it (not with any specific equipment though, because I didn’t want to spend money on anything yet, so I just used a camera but it surprisingly doesn’t look as bad in quality as I thought it would), and I think I actually like what I recorded today so idk. Maybe I’ll edit it and see how I feel about it afterward? lol 

  • me:"Ah yes! I've done such a good job with this piece so far! This looks like an excellent stopping point! I am satisfied and shall henceforth draw no more this night!"
  • me:saves and closes canvas
  • me:unplugs tablet
  • me:wraps up cord
  • me:tucks pen in proper laptop bag pocket
  • me:brushes teeth
  • me:crawls into bed
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:opens canvas and obsesses over every minute detail

 I went to prom a few days ago. I was really happy with how my whole get up turned out. The theme was The Great Gatsby (even though I was probably the most Gatsby thing there tbh :v). An explanation for the last picture, they had that car out at the entrance of the place and I based my look partially on the character Myrtle. She gets run over in the book, so my friends and I thought it would be funny if I stood by the car and pretended to get hit. 

As some of you might recall, I’ve been working pretty well nonstop on a project since Saturday. I’ve since finished the main part of it (or at least the part that I give a flying shit about.) and I would now like to leave it here for you all to read and perhaps give me feedback on.

As a small warning, this short story’s main character is a child soldier, and there is mention (though no great detail) of mass slaughter and certainly blood.

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Loan-free since 1993

Though I can only be sure that one person I know in real life is even remotely likely to see this, I would like to announce that I have been offered a graduate assistantship for the pursuit of my doctoral degree.  I am incredibly grateful for this, as it means my tuition will be waived and I will receive a living stipend from the school on a regular basis.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to look forward to a somewhat strong possibility of by obtaining a PhD without accumulating any student loans!!