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also zoro being strong willed or arrogant has nothing to do with how he acts in a relation ship??? Let's be honest here he's mostly written/drawn like a perv mostly for the sake of glorifying how cute defenseless poor little sanji is or whatever other gross reason behind that. my advice to the previous anon stop shipping it because zosan will never stop being gross

so my ask box was like…


open Yamato dou…

open Nari dou…

oh but true that the amount of doujinshi like those aren’t plenty. Still I don’t think ‘mostly’ Sanji were like you describe in your ask. He could be OOC for the love, sex scene in ZoSan but not mostly follow the kind of OOC ‘defenseless little boy’ - usually were… he actually loved the things Zoro did to him but for his original stubborn character, artist/writer kept him in shape of never admit that. So the fact is Sanji didn’t want to defend in front of  Zoro to be understand like ‘defenseless’ - the fact is he were mostly attacking Zoro by far I can say ‘provoke’. That the mostly I see in ZoSan fandom.

But well yes, that’s gross too, because, hell, Sanji seem to be only like woman in canon. OMG we ruin him in our fantasy lolz.

You know what, when people like the relationship to be more than just friends in their fantasy, to the love, then bend the characters a little isn’t anything for shame. 

That how thing goes, and the more imaginary, the more creative.

The more creative, the more popular, so that there’s no need to wonder why ZoSan has their first place in the amount of fans and fanmade stuffs all over the One Piece couple. 

So dear anon, if you’re the kind of can’t open your mind and heart for these bending, it’s totally fine, good, perfect to just love all the original, just only follow the canon. But remember, once you have shipped something, once you already had the idea of ship something non-canon, you’re gross too, like all the other making you feel gross.

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Alfred!! I think you're amazing and you make me more confident with not being an 'average size'. You and Francis are cute as heck too. Just, thanks for making me feel less like not eating, I guess. Lots of love!!!

Alfred: I’m super glad to hear that!! It’s so good to love yourself, even when it’s hard! Be confident and stand tall! And thanks for the compliments!!


You guys remember that background for Baekhyun in the mv with the white frames and suspended paper??? Uggg that set is to die for so I tried to incorporate it in some way (although idk how all the pastel creeped in – sorry not sorry about your hair Baekhyun). And I guess I have a fascination with floating boys.

And uhhh, this one is sorta done in a different style from the first one cause I’m trying to move away from outlining (not really sure how I like this look). 

Gosh, seven left — I don’t know who to draw next ><!!!

Sehun Version

It was March 1, 1960, the night before Elvis was to leave Germany to return to the States.

We were lying on his bed, our arms around each other.

I was in a state of complete despair.

                “Oh, Elvis,” I said, “I just wish there were some way you could take me with you. I can’t stand the thought of life without you. I love you so much.”

                I began sobbing, my anguish overcoming my control,

                “Shhh, Baby,” Elvis whispered. “Try to calm down. There’s nothing we can do.”

                “I’m just afraid you’ll forget me the moment you land,” I cried.

                He smiled and kissed me gently. “I’m not going to forget you, Cilla. I’ve never felt this way about another girl. I love you.”

                “You do?” I was stunned. Elvis had said that I was special before, but he’d never said that he loved me. I wanted so badly to believe him, but I was frightened of getting hurt. I’d read some of Anita’s letters, and I was sure Elvis was on his way back to her open arms.

                Holding me close, he said, “I’m torn with the feelings I have for you. I don’t know what to do. Maybe being away will help me understand what I really feel.”

                That night our lovemaking took on a new urgency. Would I ever see him again, be in his arms the way I had been nearly every night for the past six months? I missed him already. I could not bear the thought of the night ending and our saying goodbye for what I thought would be the last time. I wept and wept until my body ached with pain.

                For the last time I begged him to consummate our love. It would have been so easy for him. I was young, vunerable, desperatley in love, and he could have taken complete advantage of me. But he quietly said, “No. Someday we well, Priscilla, but not now. You’re just too young.”

                I lay awake all that night and early the next morning I was back at 14 Goethestrasse, lost in the midst of a large group of people milling about the living room. They were waiting to say goodbye to Elvis, who was upstairs finishing his last-minute packing. Knowing that I alone would be accompanying him to the airport gave me a little comfort.

                When Elvis came downstairs, he laughed and joked with everyone there. Finally, after saying his last good-bye, Elvis turned to me. “Okay, Little One, it’s time to go.” I nodded glumly and followed him out the door. Oblivious to the drizziling rain, hundreds of fans were waiting outside. When they saw Elvis they went crazy, begging him to sign autographs. When he finished he jumped into the waiting car and pulled me in behind him. As the door slammed, the driver accelerated and we sped toward the airport.

                We rode for a long while in silence, both of us lost in thought. Elvis was gazing out the window, frowning over the falling rain. “I know it’s not going to be easy for you to go back to being a schoolgirl again after being with me, Cilla, but you’ve got to. I don’t want you to be sitting around moping after I leave, Little One.”

                I started to protest, but he silenced me. “Try to have a good time, write to me every chance you get. I’ll look forward to your letters. Get pink stationery. Address them to Joe. That way I’ll know they’re from you. I want you to promise me you’ll stay the way you are. Untouched, as I left you.”

                “I will,” I promised.

                “I’ll look for you from the top of the ramp. I don’t want to see a sad face. Give me a little smile. I’ll take that with me.”

                Then, handing me his combat jacket and the sergeant’s stripes he’d recently been awarded, he said, “I want you to have these. It shows you belong to me.”

After that, he held me tight.

                As we approached the airport, the cheers of the waiting crowds grew louder. We drove as close to the runway as possible, then Elvis turned to me and said, “This is it, Baby.” We got out as cameras flashed, reporters shouted, and screaming fans pressed toward us. Elvis held my hand and walked across the runway apron until the guard, who was there to escort Elvis to the plane, stopped me from going further.

                Elvis gave me a brief hug and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I get home, Baby, promise.”

                I nodded, but before I could answer, we were pulled apart as the crowds rushed in. I was swept away by hundreds of fans, pushing and pulling, trying to get to him. I cried, “Elvis!” but he never heard me.

                He ran up the boarding steps. Then he turned and waved to the crowd, his eyes searching for me. I waved frantically, as did hundreds of other fans, yet he found me, and for one more brief moment, our eyes locked.

 Then he disappeared. Just like that.

                My parents came to the airport to drive me back to Wiesbaden. During the long ride I was silent.


September 1980

This is by far one of my favorite bootlegs and live shows I’ve found on youtube, it’s a shame that this one is a little bit slowed down but I wanted to share it with all of you anyways, I posted this previously on a list of my favorite live shows but the yt link doesn’t works anymore bc the channel was deleted by youtube altogether with a lot of gems of the early days of New Order, I think this was like their 4th ever gig, Gillian wasn’t part of the band yet and they were trying to find out who will became the lead singer that’s why the 3 of them take turns to sing:

1. In a Lonely Place: One of the darkest versions I ever listened tbh. Steve is playing synths and drum machine, Hooky playing cymbals and bass, bernie playing melodica and singing. (that’s the obvious way for me at least)

2.Cries & Whispers: I’ve cried about this song before bc I think is underrated and the earlier versions are my favorites, it has some great synths (it sounds distorted here tho) and a powerfull and raw bass, Hooky and Steve aternate in vocals, I guess bc Bernie was playing synths.

3. Hour: An unrealsead but great song, vocals by Hooky.

4. Procession: This early and really short version of procession features drum machine and vocals (omg lol) by Steve ( I think this song was originally composed by steve but correct me if I’m wrong), this is one of my favorite versions tho

5. Truth: Not too much to say tbh. Bernie’s voice make it for an obscure and depressing atmosphere though.

6. Mesh: A very punk version of this song brought to you by Hooky’s singing style.

7. Dreams Never End: Hooky has said that this was the first riff he composed after the death of Ian and Joy Division and this is one of my favorite NO songs ever, you can hear he changes his voice tone at the begining but ends up almost screaming, the lyrics are slightly different to the final version in Movement. Really good imo.

‘We’re New Order… this is our last song’

8.Ceremony: Steve Hooky and Bernie take turns to sing, this is great or what? at the end they sound as if they were using autotune lol but still, this my ultimate favorite version of Ceremony and the fact that the the three of them sing fucks me up and make me feel things jfc Iconic..

If you’re on the hunt for a retro-style bra that offers good support, has no underwire, is super comfy AND goes up to larger bust sizes then go sift through the range Triumph has on offer. 12/10 would recommend.

*no porn blogs pls*

I Finally Watched Persona 4: The Golden Animation

I just

I can’t

Why is this happening

Someone help me

I hate 90% of this garbage trying to look like Persona 4

It hurts me to see my favorite video game be destroyed by Marie being a mary sue

I seriously thought she was cool in the game

I actually called my friend and said I lost all hope for humanity

They crammed her into every fraking thing so she could ruin it and she stole both of Yosuke’s beautiful moments

I was ready to throw my computer out the window






i’m so sorry

haru just wants reen’s love. why does funimation have to take that away.


They were looking at her, all the hungry eyes. But what were they seeing? I am beautiful, she reminded herself.
How many times had Jaime told her that? Even Robert had given her that much, when he came to her bed in his cups to pay her drunken homage with his cock.

Words are wind, she thought, words cannot hurt me. I am beautiful, the most beautiful woman in all Westeros, Jaime says so, Jaime would never lie to me. Even Robert, Robert never loved me, but he saw that I was beautiful, he wanted me. She did not feel beautiful, though. She felt old, used, filthy, ugly. There were stretch marks on her belly from the children she had borne, and her breasts were not as firm as they had been when she was younger. Without a gown to hold them up, they sagged against her chest. I should not have done this. I was their queen, but now they’ ve seen, they’ ve seen, they’ve seen. I should never have let them see. Gowned and crowned, she was a queen. Naked, bloody, limping, she was only a woman, not so very different from their wives, more like their mothers than their pretty little maiden daughters.
W  h  a  t     h  a  v  e     I     d  o  n  e  ?