I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky
And I’ll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won’t forget all the ones that I love
I’ll take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway

This song was played/sung at my elementary school graduation 7 years ago. Then 4 years ago during middle school graduation, all of us Montgomery Elementary people convinced them to play it again. Now I’m finally graduating high school. Tonight at all night grad is likely the last time I’ll see a lot of these people that I’ve grown up with. This is the last night and the last graduation I will share with them. And I have the feeling one of those people from my elementary school will get this song to be played again, either before the ceremony or during ANG, for the last time together.

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I'm glad wwww /whispers/ I'm secretly hoping you'll write karunagi again sometime haha ;;; also thanks for your kind words about my drawings, I'm very happy now U\\\w\\\U <3 (I'm not trying to creep too but I've checked your ao3 and recalled reading your mayumiko some time ago, still love that fanfic very much!) lots of love and good luck with your writings!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

askldjalksdjals;; thank youuuuuu!! i might do an au because i kind want to see how canon plays out and not do another canon-divergence but then again, i’m lazy and summer makes me feel like i have plenty of time to do anything (and absolutely nothing)

you did?? OMG NOW I’M EMBARRASSED HAHHA mayumiko tho omgggggg thank you very much your words are so kind and make me very happy so i don’t know what to do or how to respond ;;;; have a wonderful day!!

a series of 2am thoughts

i have a playlist called “lowkey sad songs.” all of them are aching love songs and songs about self-worth and loss that grab my chest and pull it apart. i like songs like that. lately i’ve been listening to them a lot. i think i need to feel that way.

i wrote eighty thousand words. i wonder if that means i’ll stop underestimating myself soon.

i miss playing flute but my stitches aren’t all healed yet and i might pull them out if i try to play and that’s killing me, it’s absolutely killing me. i need time to be home alone with my piano so i can get back into music.

one of the songs on that playlist is houdini by foster the people. (an acoustic version.) and that’s my song on bad days. when i want to sink into my skin and never see the sky again i listen to it, i think “sometimes i want to disappear, sometimes i want to disappear” until i feel like i have and then i can grab onto “rise up to your ability” and let it lift me out.

why do i feel like i’m bothering people when i ask them to do things with me?

i always feel like i’m letting people down when i don’t do what i say i will. the first time i called in sick to work i was panicky to the point of nausea, which wasn’t helping at all, and i apologized seven times in the span of three minutes. i hate letting people down. promises are promises, right?

i’ll never understand why there are some things i’m nitpicky and perfectionistic about, that have to be capital-p Perfect, and others that i just don’t care, that can be sloppy and wrong and everything i hate. i wish i could understand the way my mind worked better.

sometimes i want to disappear.

I’m happy we have kids in our complex. I love kids, I love hearing them laugh and play outside. Makes me happy to hear them having fun. I was just sitting here feelin kinda lame, but my windows open and I can hear them laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Ya know… I was just thinking about how I’m really dreading winter here. I usually get really depressed due to the fact that I can’t go anywhere an it’s cold and dreary - no sunshine. But I’m happy I’ll be able to hear kids outside laughing and having fun playing in the snow. It will make it a lot less melancholy. Idk what I’m saying. I gotta work with kids again man, they brighten my day. They really do.

A rom com  with Alexis Bledel as the lesbian lover of Katherine Heigl….Melody is awake for the first time in like 2 years.

So quick story time, once upon a time I played Melody, as in Ariel’s daughter Melody, in a crack rp. She was the illegitimate daughter of Snow White and Ariel from the brief time they knew each other. Ariel had her and raised her, passing her off as Eric’s but the older Mel got, the more Eric caught on.

She was naturally grumpy and angry though really she just wanted to feel like she had a home again. She left her home with her mom and ‘dad’ because she wanted to fall in love with whomever she wanted, not a man like her father was insisting. 

And now I’m having a lot of emotions bc she ended up having triplets with her wife by the end of it and I just *sniffles*

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Mun, just wanted to let you know that you're one of my fave 'roleplayers'/writers on tumblr. i adore all your portrayals, it shows that you put a lot of work and thought into your characters and i always adore reading your writing and would just love to read a book written by you. your writing and how much you understand your characters always impresses me. not only that, but you're also super nice and make all your followers feel well. ergh just... you're awesome and your writing is awesome.

ahhh thank you so much! omg i have no idea how long this has been sitting in my inbox, i haven’t been on here in a while and i apologize for that. this is so nice of you, seriously thank you; i don’t know what prompted this but it really made me smile. i try so hard to make the characters i play as three-dimensional as possible, and i’m very glad that’s showing somewhat!

thanks again, i don’t really know what else to say; i hope you find money on the ground or something, this is so nice of you.

Something that made me smile today

Lots of little things!

1. I read with a boy this morning and he was SO up for it, which I wasn’t expecting from him! He was even excited for his Key Words, it was suuuuper adorable!

2. I watched lots of awesome episodes of Tabletop this afternoon!

3. While I was on the bus there was this suuuuuper pretty young woman who kept looking my way and smiling at me… in between pulling faces and playing games with another person’s child… she was just so cute and I find it so weird that I’ve developed a minor crush on this stranger that I’ll probably never see again! This is not how I work! But she was so lovely, I just wish I was more confident so I could have actually spoken to her! xD;;;;

4. HOPE! - A few chattings back and forth with a Uni friend… who I don’t think I’ve seen in, like, 3 years now! Geeeeeze! So hopefully we’re going to meet up again soon and yay! :D <3

I played in a tournament today (5 matches) with C, D, Clark, and Michael (and a guy named Raymond lmao I don’t know him) it was nice playing with them again!!! It was especially better that I got to play with C and D again, I miss playing with them a lot
and then right after we finished in the tournament I went to practice with my team!!!! Because I skipped Thursdays practice bc exam 😒😒 but yeah I was exhausted as hell but I got to see my girls and play with them for a bit ☺️💕
Oh ya and we’re going to start having beach practices which will be SO fun

I’m playing Don’t Starve and it’s SO GOOD, probably my favourite survival/crafting game ever, I love how you make stuff and all the monsters and creatures, but especially the art style. I’m super tired of ultra realistic looking survival games (also minecraft clones tbh) so this is just awesome. 

BUT that said, the permadeath pisses me off so much. I just don’t want to keep dying and having to start crafting the same things and looking for the same materials time and time again. I wanna keep moving forwards towards the more complex stuff. And just have my fucking bee hive already. But I keep dying around the start of the first winter, my record so far is just 23 days. 

And it’s not even because of the cold, it’s just me doing stupid shit looking for food because it’s so much harder to find in winter. Trying again now tho, got a good feeling about this one. I’ve got a nice place for my base camp with lots of resources around, I’m using farms and drying racks to stockpile food for winter. Now I just need to craft some warm clothes and I’ll be all set.

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1, 6, 23, 25 :)

1- Already answered

6- I have a bunch of these so I’ll go again. The zither in The Third Man is amazing. The music is already great and used so well in the film but playing it on a zither makes it iconic

23- Ugh I have so many of these. I would LOVE to see The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green adapted as wells as Peep Show. They are two of my favorite books both by Joshua Braff. I’m not sure who’d direct. Richard Linklater would be a dream choice. I don’t know about cast. There’s a lot of possible desirables. jesse eisenberg maybe? 

25- That is so hard. Nearly impossible. The list would have to include Almost Famous. 

And boredom wins again

After dinner I was sitting in the hotel room with my dad with not a whole lot to do, flipping TV channels, and I eventually settled on the TNT channel because the hobbit was playing. However, if I’m sitting around not at the movie theater, it’s really hard for me to just watch a movie, I have to do something like sudoku or kakuro (which is like sudoku but waaaaaaay harder)(which is another thing, I don’t want to think too hard because I’m lazy. Too much theoretical stuff and I’m just like nah, even though I’m perfectly capable of understanding it) so I’m like alright, what can I do because I’m bored of sudoku and I don’t feel like attacking kakuro. Well, about half an hour later, my dad asks me what are you doing, and I reply “calculus” and he almost spits out his drink. It’s actually fun. I don’t mind it and it’s relatively easy. Might as well do some more lmao.