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Hello dear, nice to meet you! :) I'm coming from Blen's page! I was wondering if you could be so kind to gift me some Law's h/c romantic <3 You know, he's my husban...ehm favorite! :D Many thanks in advance!!!!


Law romantic h/c

  • okay so I can totally see Law needing a lot of time to just open up to his s/o, mainly due to his past
  • the relationship will be a slowly progressive one- he’ll open up step by step and at the beginning it won’t even look/feel a romantic relationship
  • but that doesn’t mean that he is absolutely clueless when it comes to romance
  • but he’s a bit awkward with it. He never had any real interest in romance at all so it will be a bit weird at first
  • his s/o will probably have to initiate the romantic mood most of the time, and Law will be a bit uncomfortable with the sudden amount of physical contact at first but eventually he’ll adapt to it
  • and whenever his s/o shows some sudden affection (like a small kiss on the cheek) and they’re not alone he’ll just freeze for a few moments
  • he doesn’t like exchanging affection in public at all. Not only because he’s not in the mood but also because it makes him quite a bit uncomfortable and he doesn’t think that the people need to see that
  • he mostly has his “romantic” moments when he had a good, mostly stress free day. He’ll be more open and relaxed and may even get a bit cocky and teasing once he and his s/o are alone
  • he really likes resting his head on his s/o’s thighs or them giving him a small massage. These things do a good job at calming him down and the intimacy always makes his heart beat a bit faster
  • and actually, kissing isn’t something he enjoys that much- but after a while he’ll really start adoring intimate hugging (of course he won’t admit it though)

End of Summer vacation ( Not for me, I'm old now, summer vacation never came, sad, lol)

I was planning to draw the twins and Dorito together but I thought about them having some quality time just alone ( I know I do). Also because I drew 2 sketches and I couldn’t decide which to use so I just smashed both together. hahaha)

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Good morning from Nevada! :) Can I request hcs about team talon spending a week-long vacation with their s/o in Las Vegas? I'm on vacation here now, and boy am I tired lol Please and thank you, hon!


  • He seems to thrive on the road, looking more alive than you had ever seen while you were a mess of exhaustion. He also enjoys the casinos there, dressing up for a night out.
  • Eventually, you get in it as well, starting to enjoy the way the city constantly thrums with debauchery. Though it’s still tiring despite that.


  • He’s not sure how he feels about being here, gambling wasn’t his thing beforehand. He gives some of the other things a shot thought, enjoying various shows.
  • He gets into the life of the city but you feel it slowly drain you, you’re exhausted and just want to sleep.


  • She’s so excited during the whole time, practically vibrating with excitement during the whole thing. She loves the lights and the feel of the city.
  • She never wants to leave, her excitement was honestly endearing. However, you’re still exhausted.


  • She seems to not be affected by the travelling at all, looking as spectacular as she did anywhere else.
  • She doesn’t seem to get any tired during the entire trip, you slowly getting more and more exhausted. You practically collapse as soon as you got back to the hotel room each night, Widowmaker looking good.
Fluff Month Day 22 - "Whoops"

Pairing/Characters: Chloe and Nathaniel
I’m currently on a vacation, so if I don’t post the next few days or if I post really late, that’s why.


Nathaniel glowered at Chloe as her hand brushed across his desk, knocking his sketchpad, pencils, and eraser to the floor. Honestly, why did she have to be such a snot sometimes?

He bent down and began picking them up, not bothering to make any sort of retort. Chloe may be mean, but that didn’t mean he had to sink to her level. And anyway, she wasn’t always a bad person. Nathaniel had definitely seen her soft side a few times.

He smirked, remembering how Chloe had reacted to him spotting her at the L'ourve, holding a banner and dressed entirely in yellow, screaming ‘save the bees’ at the top of her lungs. It was definitely something Nathaniel would remember for the rest of his life. There weren’t many times people got to see that side of Chloe.

He liked that side. At least, he liked it more than the side she was displaying today. What with the snotty comments, purposefully trying to trip Marinette, and now knocking all his art supplies of the desk—he wished the bee-saving Chloe would come back.

“You like Queen Bee?”

Nathaniel gave a jump of surprise, turning around to see Chloe still standing over him, but now curiously peering over his shoulder at the drawings still scattered on the floor. He glanced down at the sketches he had made of Queen Bee, Paris’ newest super heroine, and shrugged.

“Well, yeah. She’s pretty amazing,” he said, tilting his head curiously at Chloe as she continued to stare at his drawings. Was this Bee-Saving Chloe talking? He hoped so.

Then, to Nathaniel’s surprise, Chloe smiled slightly. Her face lit up as she bent down and picked up a drawing, holding it close to her face as she lightly traced one of the lines with her finger. Nathaniel watched, in shock, as she inspected the drawing with a real, genuine smile on her face. He felt his own lips tugging upwards as he hurriedly finished collecting his drawings off the floor and stood up, facing Chloe. She didn’t seem to notice, still entranced with the one drawing of Queen Bee in her hands.

“Do you like her too?” He asked, unable to wipe the grin off his face.

Chloe finally looked up, her smile dropping as she seemed to remember where she was and what she was doing. Nevertheless, she shrugged slightly.

“Of course I do,” she answered with her typical Chloe attitude, “she’s way better than that LADYBUG. I don’t know why I was so obsessed with her before.”

Nathaniel laughed, unable to refrain himself as he patted Chloe on the shoulder. She gave him a disgusted look and shoved his hand away, but Nathaniel ignored it.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, “I just didn’t know you were such a fan of Queen Bee.”

“Yeah well, I am,” Chloe replied, suddenly becoming nervous as she continued, “I didn’t know you were a fan either.”

Nathaniel smiled and looked down at the drawing still clutched in Chloe’s hands.

“Well I guess seeing you with that 'save the bees’ poster swayed me into researching more about Queen Bee. Did you know she protests about that stuff too? Pretty incredible.”

When Chloe didn’t respond, Nathaniel looked up from the drawing, and to his surprise he saw Chloe was blushing. She twirled a strand of her blonde hair around her finger as she shifted back and forth on her feet, acting almost…bashful? But as soon as she caught sight of Nathaniel watching her she straightened up, the blush disappearing off her face.

“Anyway,” she said hastily, “here’s your drawing back.”

Chloe shoved her hand holding the drawing out towards Nathaniel, and he stared at it a moment before slowly pushing it back towards her.

“Keep it,” he said, smiling gently, “I have tons, and you seem to like that one.”

Chloe’s eyes widened, but she quickly reined herself in, not allowing herself to act on her excitement. She stood there a moment, not quite sure what to do, before finally inhaling and holding the picture tightly in her hands.

“Okay,” she forced out, “th-thank you.”

Nathaniel smiled wider, happy to see the nice side of Chloe again. He had missed it. Before he could say anything, though, Chloe had already left his desk, walking down the stairs that led out of the classroom. She walked to the door of the classroom, swinging it open to leave before she finally turned back. Her eyes locked with Nathaniel’s, and for the second time that day she smiled at him.

“Keep drawing, Nathaniel. You’re…almost good.”

With that, Chloe exited the classroom, swinging the door shut behind her and leaving Nathaniel alone with his drawings, art supplies, and thoughts.

“Almost good,” he thought, chuckling to himself as he pushed his drawings back into the folder Chloe had knocked them out of, “she said my drawings were almost good.”

I’m also almost done with my bedroom. At first I had my desk in the living room because I thought it’d help with sleep hygiene. But I actually kinda like it in here. It’s cozy. Plus, more importantly, I can shut the cats out of my bedroom when I need to study because apparently all pens, papers and keyboards are threats that must be attacked, according to the kitten.

Not sure if it’s too obvious or not but I did the hair different from usual!!
I really like how natural @gittanart on instagram draws hair and she did a tutorial!! It’s not the same but I liked the way it turned out ^^

Btw if you wanna check her art, she’s also here on tumblr as @gittana! She has wonderful pieces!