I saw @xgracigloo(x) and @actualkana(x) do their versions, and I just had to try my hand at it.

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My dad: You need to walk/feed/water the dogs more often.

Also my dad: -never walks/feeds/trains/waters the dogs, doesn’t help bathe/trim their nails ever, has shoved both of them into the brick fireplace before-

How the chat with Wicke should have gone
  • Wicke: He [Gladion] even tried to stitch his clothes back together when Null ripped it-
  • Me: *Sniffling*
  • Wicke: Why are you crying? Is something wrong?
  • Me: No... please... continue... *Gross Sobbing*

I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

ok we all know and love demisexual neil but what if in addition he’s aromantic

he’s never experienced romantic love at all and maybe that’s what he wanted to find kissing that girl but all he felt was lipstick and fear, so he accepts what his mother told him and it’s not for him

so when he meets andrew he never considers relationships because it’s dangerous, because he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t swing but that doesn’t matter. 

andrew becomes (over time, mostly post-tkm) comfort, he holds neil up always and he’s always a secure place, a safe bet. they love each other very much, but there’s no romantic love tying neil to andrew; he doesn’t need that, he just needs andrew to be there.

I love you is background noise in their lives: a failed attempt to translate too many emotions into a spoken phrase, a Valentine’s gimmick, a Hallmark card. romantic love isn’t necessary for andreil and it’s perhaps even more special because they chose each other for nothing so random such as romantic love, but because of everything else they are to each other.

(andrew probably isn’t aro but rejects the notion of love from far too much trauma and lack of trust and generally shitty people. through months and years of neil’s yes and understanding and trust, he comes to terms with what he feels for neil, but it doesn’t change the nature of their relationship because there’s so much else in the relationship that it’s not necessary to change the terms. neil knows, anyway. he knows the way andrew looks at him and he knows that it’s more love than he’s ever had before and he’s grateful every time.)

“Oh god.”

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought that scene could have just as easily been on the Finalizer instead.


Hi everyone… it’s been a while… and I’m still in deep… maybe too deep…

quick side note: NO ONE TELL ME IF ANYTHING IS WRONG WITH THE SPELLING. I WILL FREAK OUT. I did as much research as one can and didn’t rely on google translate so I can only PRAY that it’s right and please please PLEASE don’t tell me if it’s wrong <3 <3 <3



me, on a date: so have you heard of Camren? Like Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello?

date: yes and idk why those fans are trippin it’s obviously not real and they’re not in love, they’re just besties—

me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: I suddenly have to go home right now never call me again

this is a secret santa gift for spidersekret (only one of them, you have to wait for me to give the other one to you in person ;3c) and i liked it enough to post it here so happy hankwanzanakamas! (by the way steven made peridot that sweater, he got advice from his friend from Oregon yes it’s totally maybel from gf because i love the idea of them being friends)

my dr confirmed my self-diagnosis of perioral dermatitis (actually, she was like “you have rosacea” and i was [not] like “well perioral dermatitis is like a specific form of rosacea that is the form i have but okay” [bc doctors hate when u do that]) and like! tbh!!! it seems like too much work to actually treat it so i think INSTEAD i will just whisper “i have rosacea it’s not acne don’t worry” anytime anyone looks at my horrible pustule covered face