wh…..i see so many posts about kids doing shit in school that creates huge messes or fucks with the teacher and i’m like…..stop.

bitch it ain’t funny. just because you hate school doesn’t mean you should make everyone else’s day miserable too. like both the student and the teacher could get into a lot of trouble…what’re you trying to prove??

I’m not ready...

The new promo for 6x09 has messed me up. I can’t deal with the fear in Michonne’s voice when she calls for Rick as he takes his hatchet and walks out of the door to face the herd. I know he’ll be okay but I don’t know if my heart can handle it. I can’t breathe just thinking about it. Oh gosh, and my baby Carl! I’m not ready; I thought I was but I’m not :(

Dream Journal -- Entry

I’m on an island and I’m late to a dance class–tango I think. I find my way through the jungle to an old building, like a 70s elementary school, where the cafeteria has been cleared to make room to dance. I know that this is one of the only buildings on this island. I see a black woman, Tanya, and apologize for being late as she is standing alone. She’s not even my partner but I apologized anyway. I exited through the side door and kept walking further through the jungle in the direction I was walking for some reason. I find a butch lesbian and she is looking for her own dance partner/ secret lover. We find her in a run down cabin and she comes outside. At this point, I’m sort of there and not there. They dance for a little while when the other woman, who is blonde with shoulder length hair and not butch at all, becomes terrified. She points to a redneck man with a shot gun and screams. The man shoots her, which nobody expected, and begins to chase the other lesbian into the run down cabin. The whole entire thing is sort of on wheels, and in my partially there/ not there presence, I push the entire thing until it hits a large strong tree, likely throwing everything inside around. Both the lesbian and the redneck emerge and both are disoriented. I take this opportunity to save her, and somehow I sort of turn into a duck/goose/ghost-like being and fly away. The redneck is screaming and shooting and yelling about how he will get “me” because he always does and it was set up to be this way. The lesbian is not really with me at this point , but I know that I sort of saved her soul. He continues to cackle and scream but I fly above the clouds and hear him give up for now. I fly to the next closest island. It is suddenly nighttime and the island is a beautiful midnight blue color. It is so quiet and serene here. The redneck is indeed here, but on a further part of the island. Whatever special capability to see me on the other island he had, he no longer possesses the same on this one. I find myself at the quietest, most beautiful lake. There is something strange about this place. There is a small banquet tent set up on the other side and I glide over the water to it, though at this point I am more or less human. I find a prince, waiting there looking at a kind of hologram of the woman he is waiting for. It is someone I saw earlier in my dream, it’s the blonde woman except she has long brunette hair now. I tell him that the woman he is waiting for is dead, and someone else in the tent tells me that she actually is here. She emerges in a tattered princess dress and tiara and they dance on the lake, though it’s not frozen, they don’t fall through. It’s a happy dance but there are melancholy undertones for some reason. Something is sort of off about this. One of the other people tells me he had been waiting for her for a long time. For the perfect princess. And she’s here, now, but she didn’t know where she came from and she always forgets where she is. And she always forgets the steps, though she continues dancing. She and the prince are both so happy, and he also kind of forgets things, though he is a little more with it than the princess. In its own weird way, everything is completely wrong but perfect at the same time.

Fine Bros Situation

First and for most, this is getting way too out of hand.

I’m not gonna go into detail on what happened with React World and how copyright got messed up and all because that’s a can of beans that I’m not the best person to open.

What I’m here to talk about is the backlash.

Sure, some people have the right to say that it was a mistake or that the Fine Bros were taking things too lightly in their update video. Good, great, whatever.

But that doesn’t mean you have to destroy everything. Now, I saw the video they made and I went “Okay, whatever. Next video. Look, I’m here for content. They messed up. We’re human.”

So I look at one of their newest uploads. And what do I see?

A whole bunch of dislikes. It wasn’t because the video was bad, it was because people just want to make an effort and destroy the channel.

This isn’t about React World anymore, but about trying to be trolls and haters for the fun of it. I go to the comment section and I just see people making jokes like “Oh, (insert word) is copyrighted. You can’t use it” And not even a single comment is about the video itself.

And then there are people who just joke about the lost in subscribers for the channel.

Look, I know they did wrong and they should accept the repercussions, but to attack them with dislikes or just stupid comments with no reason but to throw them in the trash, come on guys, we can do better than that.

I’ve been following this channel for a few years now and I have nothing but respect for the Fine Bros. They have always been working hard to bring great content and videos for us and literally ask nothing in return except support.

If you have anything to say about the mistakes they made, do it on the update video. But don’t go destroying their work because, let’s face it, we wouldn’t that to ever happen to us.

okay so I’ve noticed from promos for the show that Izzy starts dressing like Maryse, and I think the whole Maryse plot line is going to be interesting. So far, it looks like she’s going to show up and just mess everything. she probably doesn’t seem to like the fact that Alec is still single or that Izzy is going around and partying and wearing certain things. so she’s going to try to fix that, and in the process she’s going to make her kids unhappy. and who knows what she’s going to do with Jace and everyone else in her institute.

anonymous asked:

It's not going to be a show at all. Apparently it's just going to be a 25- minute segment, the rest will be out on dvd. I'm so disappointed. And what's with all these limited releases? Do they think it's a good thing that jyj stuff are so difficult to get because they're ' sold out '?

hahah yeah I did see that last night anonjjang ;; 

I can’t say I’m too surprised tho… I mean when was the last time cjes gave up such a good opportunity to make some dough xD

I wish they would realize that giving exposure to jyj by releasing something like this for everyone to access is more beneficial to them in the long run rather than just sucking up the pocket change from fans who are already here. both for jyj and for cjes’s pocket. 

but anyway I’m more frustrated over the fact that they decided to release it so suddenly with barely a 3 day notice. especially when chun’s mini album, jaejoong’s new album, and jaejoong’s photobook basically came out at the same time too. I’m not sure why they’re dumping it all out at the same time tbh unless there’s another junsu project coming out later this year…

the thing with limited edition is that it gets people excited and make them feel like they should buy it immediately? that way they’ll make enough profit from selling everything and won’t have to risk having leftovers which seems to be the case for most jyj member concert dvds. also it gives a reason for them to jack up the prices for their less-than-quality video goods…


This is a complete mess, someone please save these boys

  • cries when he sees his baby for the first time ever
  • like, there are actual literal tears on his face
  • but they’re happy tears
  • calls his family to tell them the news the next day
  • super hard-working dad, does not mess around when it comes to taking care of the baby
  • the real mvp tbh
  • like, if he has to change diapers then he’s gonna change some diapers dang it
  • likes to sit on the floor with his baby and play with them
  • loves to pinch their lil cheeks
  • always sings lullabies to them 
  • gets carried away and starts ad libbing 
  • if he’s overworked himself he can get a lil cranky
  • “omg why is our child so LOUD” 
  • “i have no idea….wonder where they got THAT from…..”
  • *side eyes you*
  • his family visits every now and then and they can’t help gushing over your baby
  • seungkwan’s just like “well my wonderful, incredible spouse does such a great job of taking care of them” 
  • he sings praises abt you nonstop
  • and he encourages you if he notices that you’re tired or not doing well and he cheers you up
  • hugs and kisses you until your face is red and you’re like “nOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN”
  • seungkwan is an amazing dad and his family is his ultimate pride and joy

Here’s a practice sketch I did of @thereluctantinquisitor’s Varlen yesterday. I have not started the follower appreciation ones yet, this is just practice, hopefully, those will have more anatomy included rather than just head shots.


My hair is almost long enough to do braids again!!! I mean atm most of it is too short to braid so I have to pin it to the back of my head but SOON! For now I just have to live with looking like a 90s cartoon character