Inspired from this

The original is already screaming ‘JOHN’ so I decided to make an actual John version of it :’D

took the junk food away cos Chas cooks him good home food but added the drinking~


I always found it kinda cute that when you walk around a power-up the character’s eyes will always look at it like they’re actually interested in it.

…that or they’re all just moths who like brightly shining things

I really hope that kilts are a thing in Thedas. More specifically, I hope that kilts are a thing in Starkhaven. Just imagine:

  • Sebastian Vael wearing a kilt 
  • Sebastian going to some noble function while dressed in traditional Starkhaven attire and running into Hawke
  • Hawke inquiring about whether there’s any credence to the rumors about men from Starkhaven foregoing small clothes beneath their kilts
  • Sebastian blushing and stammering about honoring long-standing traditions

All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
↳ Dishonored ft. Network (best viewed with this piece of music)

Overall it’s incomplete and over a year late for High Chaos Week 2015, but I felt the design itch and thought I’d finish what I started. It was going to be part of a much larger mash-up that maybe one day I might complete, I dunno. 

80s Cyberpunk simply because it’s my favourite thing in the world.