my love for josh is all encompassing and bright and light
my love for tyler is different
i love the way he speaks and when he can’t
i love the little crinkles he gets when he rubs his face
i love the way he moves and his hands and the ways he twitches
i love how you know he’s being his authentic self 100% of the time
i love the darkness in his eyes
i love how that darkness vanishes when he looks at jenna or josh

  • Bryanna: Your birthday's coming up, right?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Bryanna: It's at the end of the month?
  • Me: Mmhm. The 30th.
  • Bryanna: That's a Saturday? No, Sunday?
  • Me: A Sunday.
  • Bryanna: Do you know if you're gonna be working yet, or...?
  • Me: Uhh, actually, yeah, there's going to be a post-wedding brunch that morning.
  • Bryanna: Oh, okay.
  • Me: ...Why?
  • Bryanna: No reason.
  • Me: Those are kinda specific questions to ask for "no reason."
  • Bryanna: I was just curious. I gotta go check on my tables. [She starts walking away]
  • Me: Bryanna! Please remember I'm sensitive and I cry really easily!
  • Bryanna: I know!
  • ------
  • Me: I think these people thought I was joking when I told them if I quit, most of you guys are coming with me.
  • Bryanna: ALL of us would go with you. I'd make everyone else leave, too. I don't even care. I love you so much.
  • Me: I love you, too. Thank you so much for everything. You and your sisters are the only people here who've been able to make me laugh in weeks, dude. WEEKS. You have no idea how much that's meant to me.

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Well Laf called the person who herc cheated on him with a whore so it's most likely someone he doesn't like.....The only people I can think of is Maria (she's a bean so I kinda feel bad and hope I'm wrong), Aaron (I'm not entirely sure why he would but it's just a guess), and Charles (wouldn't be surprised if it was but shook if it wasn't). There was another person I was thinking of they probably aren't in this au

Laf never called anyone ever a whore tho?? Not canon at least, maybe it was a fanfic or something?

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hi! i saw you called concrete's design transphobic, but i've only seen posts that call it racist (which are totally correct and crewniverse really fucked up). do you mind explaining why you called it transphobic? because i'm not entirely sure why and i'd like to know to help be informed about these kinds of things

hello hi, anon! 

i’m sorry for not being more clear but i wasn’t referring to Concrete when i said that. i should’ve specified, but in the artbook there’s another design that is trasnphobic- this one in particular:

here’s the post that i found the design. multiple trans users are very fucking upset over this, and i can honestly fucking see why.

a starry night in almost - a mix with a song for each of the vignettes in john cariani’s play “almost, maine.”

it’s love. but not quite.


o1. eyes closed - the narrative / pete & ginette, “prologue/interlogue/epilogue”

o2. make this leap - the hunts / glory & east, “her heart”

o3. cynicism - nana grizol / jimmy & sandrine, “sad and glad”

o4. dust to dust (cover of the civil wars) - laurazocca / steve & marvalyn, “this hurts”

o5. sort of (cover of ingrid michaelson) - nicole jieun kim / gayle & lendall, “getting it back”

o6. home (cover of edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros) - alan lewis / randy & chad, “they fell”

o7. ashes and wine - a fine frenzy / marci & phil, “where it went”

o8. tip of the tongue - the donnis trio / hope & daniel, “story of hope”

o9. come out of the shade - the perishers / rhonda & dave, “seeing the thing”

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I've been wondering something about animation. I've seen examples of pencil tests for 3D animated Disney films. (Tangled, Moana) But I'm not entirely sure why they would be drawn in the first place if the final product won't use it. Do you know why, perhaps?

it’s mostly to experiment with how the characters might move or little mannerisms they might have when they say a line, and I also think it’s mostly just because they just want to, get’s them back to the animation roots, you know? 

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i just wanna say i'm a boring hetero girl so i'm not entirely sure (??) why i feel this way but the hc that peter is trans makes me so insanely happy & fills me with a lot of joy and idk why but i just love the idea sm lmao

i’m happy the headcanon makes you happy!! it makes me and a lot of others happy too!! trans representation and headcanons are important not just for trans people, but for cis people too!! it’s important for them to see trans characters and understand that they’re just as good as any other character and that it would really be good for more popular characters to be trans and nb!!

all i ask is if you are cis and falling in love with this headcanon, please visit this post discussing trans rights, just so you don’t end up fetishizing the trans community!! i encourage cis people to support these headcanons, but i think if they do it’s also important that they understand what trans people then face

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I've watched countless videos and read many articles that say you shouldn't use a lot of dialogue tags. I'm not entirely sure why because I barely notice them when I read. Is there a specific reason not to use them?

I’m not sure if you’re referencing using a lot of dialogue tags period, or using a variety of them, so I’ll go through both.

The only purpose dialogue tags serve is to show who is speaking. Often times, the narrative, or even the dialogue itself, broadcasts that on its own, so the tag is completely unnecessary. Still, people will add the tag for…reasons. I dunno.

Here’s an example:

“I’ll pee in your mouth!” John exclaimed while waving his penis around.

You don’t need John exclaimed. The narrative makes it clear John is speaking. You could just say “I’ll pee in your mouth!” John waved his penis around.

As for a variety of dialogue tags, it’s because a lot of them fucking suck. Exclaimed is a great example. What a shitty word. Here’s an idea - just use an exclamation point in the dialogue. Then the reader will know the person is “exclaiming.” Or when people say “Why?” he questioned. Uh, clearly he questioned, there’s a question mark. Again, dialogue tags are only to be used when necessary, and you don’t need to insult the reader’s intelligence with redundancies or just plain awful tags - like ejaculate.


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I headcanon that Robert is Canadian. I'm not entirely sure why, but every time I see him, I get vibes that he's Canadian.

that puts a whole new accent on dover ghost