• Draco: Since I'm a prefect, I'll have to report you for being out after hours.
  • Harry: Oooooh, I'm so scared!
  • Draco: *gritting his teeth* We'll go and talk to Professor Snape!
  • Harry: Wow, didn't see that one coming.
  • Draco: *balling his fists* We'll use Veritaserum on you!
  • Harry: *rolling his eyes, clearly unimpressed*
  • Draco: *fuming* And then I'll give you detention!
  • Harry: I'm listening.

today’s fact: seventeen were underdogs who had a lot going against their chances of succeeding as they came from a failing company with little money, and were stigmatized for having such a large amount of members. they couldn’t rely on seniors to promote them (not that I have any problem with groups that do) and they had to be incredibly resourceful in order to get any attention at all aka promoting their do-it-yourself dynamic. despite a debut that was mostly overlooked and a sprinkling of tiny “scandals” here and there that could disrupt the peace, they persevered, gained many new fans every comeback, and are now one of the best selling boy groups and are 1/3rd of the famous EBS trend. they absolutely deserve every ounce of success they have received thus far and all that they will achieve in the future

Do you ever listen to a new musical and it gets to a new character’s song and you just *SLAMS FIST ON THE TABLE* THIS ONE’S MINE