That feeling when you go to the MCl tag to see fanart, fanfics, headcanons BUT all you get is yet another talk about Alexy being gay…..

That’s honestly not what i want from life.

anonymous asked:

Don't listen to that anon, they have no idea what they are talking about owo

ah, no worries! I’m not at all bothered by it. I know I can be annoying! Everyone is annoying to someone, folks are usually annoyed by people they don’t like regardless of what they do. That’s life. I stopped caring about people finding me annoying a long time ago, I just gotta live my life. If they don’t like the way I am, that’s cool. I’m not forcing anyone to stick around if they’re annoyed by me.

Update, since I forget you don’t all read my mind

1.  I just shaved my legs for the first time in 2 weeks, so I’m pretty proud

2.  Art school is bomb.  I talk about art here and people actually know what I’m saying

3.  It’s also full of a lot of strange souls, but so far that has been good and not bad

4.  This city smells like cigarettes, weed, sewage, and burning brakes.

5.  Also lots of people yell at you with varying degrees of aggression as you walk by

6.  But anything you could ever want or not want is here.  Mostly things you don’t want, I think.

7.  Big climbing gym.  BIG climbing gym.  At first everyone avoided me but now I think I have made A Friend there

8.  I live in the tiniest room most of you have probably ever seen

9.  Roommate is super chill, we get along great

10.  I’m currently making a painting (and half of another one) about how gay I am, and everyone loves it, including myself

11.  No one cares if you go to a restaurant by yourself in this city (or a bar)

12.  Everyone, but mostly my professors, stares at me with bewilderment because I think they all expected that I would suck and I’m actually outdoing my classmates by sheer work ethic and enthusiasm

13.  If it goes on much longer, I’m gonna start charging them money to stare at me, and call it a performance piece

14.  I ask all the dumb questions because everyone else thinks they’re too good for it.  Fuck them, though, because I’ve learned at least 500 things in the last few weeks.

15.  One of them is that the bus goes under the ground, and that’s why I can’t find the bus stop

16.  The proportion of weird/comical dogs here is unusually high

17. There are thirteen 4″x4″ paintings of dicks in the common area of this building

18.  The other day there was a pile of human poop with one (1) maroon wool glove on top of it on the sidewalk as I walked to school

19.  I’ve been offered weed 16 times on campus alone, and in public areas of campus at that

20.  A guy next to my building offered me….something… he was snorting off of a broken umbrella placed on the ground.  I did not accept.

21.  Thanks for listening.


I’ve definitely changed in the last 3 years. I have had low points, and incredibly high points. I’ve lost friends and gained friends. It’s been hard. But I know now how good it is to find people who love you as you are.

I hope one day my whole family can do that.

Hi. My name is Matthew Oliver. I am 19 years old, trans, and Proud.

This is the ninth post I’ve tried to write. I’ve deleted every other one without posting but.

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I swear if I ever get my own room I’m gonna become a booktuber.

But it’s funny because I really hate listening to people talk on YouTube. Like how do people watch Vlogs and tutorials? I get so annoyed after 5 minutes. Unless it’s funny.

i just realised that a lot of people think my love of harry potter is just a childish obsession that i will grow out of

but it’s not. i don’t care if it makes me seem immature for the rest of my life, harry potter is a part of my life and my identity. it has taught me so much and been there for me when nothing else has, and i don’t think anything with enough power to give someone the hope they need to keep going can be written off as ‘an obsession’

today i got asked on a date

it was weird because this guy literally came up to me three separate times during the 8 hour work day and asked random questions like “whats your name?” “how old are you?” “where do you live?” “do you have a boyfriend?” 

and i knew nothing about this guy. literally i’ve never seen him before in my life so the thought of going out somewhere with a stranger is just i’ve realized it’s super unappealing and uncomfortable to me

anyway i said “not now, but thanks.” and he was really nice about the whole thing but still like???? i’m sorry i didn’t even hear what your name was over the sound of the hundreds of screaming robots in this factory 


I would just like to take a couple minutes here to talk about this beautiful man named Harry Styles who has completely changed my life and he doesn’t even know it, he has saved me from myself with his voice, his beauty, his kindness his love for us and the list goes on. My dear angel I wish you the happiest birthday ever and I seriously think as I am writing this and crying that you are the reason I am still here thank you for all these years, I love you sunshine Harry Styles

Hey, listen, if someone you know loses weight in a noticeable way maybe ask them a general question to find out if they want to talk about it, or listen in to whether they frequently talk about it unprompted before you start in on the ‘you’ve lost so much weight!’ compliments and awed wonder.

Because, look, I’m sure calling someone ‘Ms/Mr Skinny’, or telling them they’re going to disappear any day now, or telling them they look so different makes you feel great in that moment. I’m sure you didn’t mean to be nasty if you vaguely suggested they must have had surgery or used diet pills. You almost definitely didn’t mean to alarm them when you checked they lost this weight intentionally and not because they have some kind of medical issue. And I’m sure you think you’re actually being kind and showering them with admiration and acknowledging that they’ve achieved something that we all know is difficult. 

But actually you’re setting up a situation where this person could:

a) feel shit about themselves retroactively, because clearly you used to think they were terrible for their fatness before

b) feel shit about themselves in the present, because you seem awfully preoccupied with their body and they thought you liked more about them than the size of their heroically honest hips

c) feel immense psychological pressure to keep the weight off OR ELSE

And, look, if someone you know lost the majority of this weight about 3 years ago, maybe stop bringing it up every couple of months or so? Or suggesting they’re still losing weight and getting skinnier and skinnier if they’re really not. Or basically just commenting on their body at all. It’s their body, not yours, and if they didn’t invite your commentary, it’s entirely possible they don’t want it.

I would just like to remind the people following me that you can, in fact, be kin with someone (or something) outside of your current race and/or physical and mental state. 

This includes fictionkin. For example, I’m currently questioning whether or not I had a past life as a man who got his hand cut off. As of my life now, I am not physically disabled. That does not stop the memories, or the phantom sensations I get, or any of the signs screaming at me to consider him as a potential past life. 

With the above logic, you cannot identify as someone (or something) that is a different gender than the one you currently identify as. That sounds completely ridiculous.