hi guys!!!

AAAaa i was able to win the talent show yesterday!!! T_T and i just want to thank everyone who sent me messages and cheered me on!! T_T <3!! i’m really happy right now (especially with the fact that its one weight lifted off my shoulders!!!) ^o^

and i’ve also started working part-time as an illustrator for a local comic book publisher!! (and when i thought i’d be less busy T_T (but i’m happy it’s something within my interest!!!! :)) ))

i can’t wait for christmas break T_T!!! i want to draw i want to draw!! +_+

i’m sorry i haven’t been able to answer asks or post recently! i’m trying to find time to do so but there’s just so many things going on right now it’s so stressful T_T i’m super drained of all energy

by the way!!! if you want to watch my performance video, you can see it here!! it was based off of melanie martinez’ version of “toxic”, and i decided to pull off a lounge/bar theme (my good friends are the background actors!!) ^o^ <3

(fun fact i could hardly see anything the whole time because i had no glasses and have no idea how to walk in heels HAHAHA)

I wrote a thousand words and all of them were terrible


okay so as i’m closing in on my one year anniversary of gif making and posting on this tumblr and as i approach 5,000 followers, i’m just really curious about all of y'all. like i know gmw has fans all around the world and i’m wondering where are all of y'all that follow me from? are most of y'all from america and canada? or are there some people following me from like russia or something? (that’d be so cool ohmy) i’m just really curious.

and if you’re wondering and haven’t figured it out based on my excessive use of the word “y'all”, i am from texas 👍🏻

if you wanna let me know, reblog or reply to this post. if you wanna stay anonymous, send me an ask! i’d love to know!

sketchy, sketchy


Doodles/Sketches before I got to bed


We’re having our annual assessment at work tomorrow which means there’s a 1 in 3 chance I’m going to have some woman standing in my classroom observing everything I do all day, and I’m fucking terrified, and I really needed Sherlock to pull through for me because I needed something happy to think about, but now it’s all just shit and everything is shit.

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Just wanted to stop by and ask if you have any new Kabby videos in the works? I love your Kabby vids! Really can't wait to see what you make during s4. And if you're willing to share, I'd love to see some previews. :P

@abbykomskaikru is that you?? I know how much you love previews… :P

Anyway, thanks anon! YESSS I HAVE A MILLION KABBY VIDEOS IN THE WORKS! I’d be happy to share some previews for the ones I’ve started. ♥

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I’ve started these:

kane & abby | wildest dreamsWATCH A PREVIEW HERE!
• will be posted after season 4

kane & abby | unsteadyWATCH A PREVIEW HERE!
• will be posted either during or after season 4
(I’m waiting on a particular scene that might happen, so we’ll see…)

I’m definitely making these but haven’t started them yet:

kane & abby | work songLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• will be posted in March

kane & abby | breathe meLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• will be posted after season 4

And I’ll probably make these but maybe not:

***Please let me know if you like any of these! I’m always more inspired to make a video if I know someone out there wants to see it lol.***

kane & abby | wildfireLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4

kane & abby | war of heartsLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4

kane & abby | roslin and adama themeLISTEN TO THE SONG HERE!
• if I make it, it would be posted after season 4

I’m late to the hype but man, such a good episode 

Email from a parent asking what her child can do to raise her grade.

Again, two days before the end of the quarter (and the semester). Her kid’s grade is in the twenties.

idk actually keep up with the reading? so you can do your work?

Art by Waen and her commissions are open

In honor of Hijikata’s Birthday, I put up two fics. One where Hijikata and Gintoki get hit with an airborne aphrodisiac and one where Kagura can’t sleep, so Gintoki entertains her and Hijikata gets dragged into it.

Also! A preview for something else I’ve got in the works! Enjoy! 

Hijikata was moving onto his second batch of paperwork when his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and smirked to himself before putting his pen down to answer.

“This better be good.”

Now that’s no way to greet me.

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The new chapter (ANLG) was absolutely amazing! I love how you write and the pacing that your stories have. If I can ask, what goes into your writing, do you make detailed list of events, just one off thoughts, write daily and edit as you go or all at once then edit? I just really admire your work!

Ahh thank you so much!! I’m especially happy you like the pacing, it’s one of the things I always worry about - I don’t feel like I have very good control over it sometimes, scenes just drag or speed up without my consent^^

(Ahahaha you’ve made the mistake of asking about my writing process, now I can babble about that for however long I like >:3 I’ll put it under a cut though, I’m not that evil)

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No, but imagine Yoongi working in his studio all day long and being really happy with the way his song is coming out. He’s just stuck on this one last arrangement, but it’s not a big deal; The rapper’s sure that in another hour or so he’ll be completely done and can call it a night. The prospect of going back to the dorm before midnight, of actually being able to fall asleep with Jungkook instead of getting back at some god forsaken hour before dawn and quietly slipping in under the covers next to the already sleeping maknae, is making Yoongi giddy and he can’t keep the wide gummy smile off of his face.

Now that he’s thinking about Jungkook, Yoongi realizes that he hasn’t seen him all day. Impulsively, he sends the younger a vague and cryptic text about needing to see him because they’re still new to this whole dating thing and Yoongi is still learning how to say things like “I like you,” and “I miss you,” aloud without feeling self-conscious.

Jungkook, who had been in the middle of helping Jin out with dinner, quite literally drops everything (including the spoon he’d been using to toss the salad) and hastily wearing shoes, sprints all the way to Yoongi’s studio. Yoongi never openly admits to needing Jungkook without any prompting (at least not when he knows that Jungkook can hear him), and Jungkook’s overcome with worry after seeing the elder’s message.

Only, the maknae arrives at the studio, chest heaving and perspiration rolling down the side of his face, to find Yoongi perfectly alright.

“What the hell, hyung?!!”

Jungkook can’t stay mad for long though, not when Yoongi pulls him into his lap and rests his forehead against Jungkook’s. With Jungkook pressed against him, Yoongi feels a lot more comfortable and without thinking too much into it, lets the words slip past his lips.

“I just wanted to see you.”  

OMGOMGOMG I’m finally done with this AHHH ;;;
I’ve been working on this for 6 weeks and IM SO HAPPY (one hour per week so 6 hours?)




I’m sorry about the caps BUT IM SOOOO HAPPY TO GET IT DONE AHHH

The paintings subject was “Love” so it could be around the love of someone, something or stuff
I say to my classmates that it’s my love for Tales of Zestiria but really

It’s sormik

Their love for each other and their adventures just MMM

Art class: Painting - “Love” [Tales of Zestiria] {Sormik}

It’s been so long, it’s been so long. Maybe we’re fireproof~

BAND AU Part 3. During concerts, Haru would randomly hug Makoto from the back because, god YES, he can do this in public now that they’re out. He can actually tell the world that he loves this boy more than anything. No more hiding. Just wow. He’s just really happy. Next would be kissing Makoto in front of everyone but he’s still working on it. Baby steps. If you dunno the song “Fireproof” then what are you doing ಠ_ಠ 

“I Am Loved” Knot Spell

A spell for when you’re having a rough time and you need to be reminded how much you are loved

You need: Thread, in a color that makes you happy, and a list of people that have made you feel loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or twenty, just get yourself enough thread to fit. 

Optional: A bead to represent every person on the list

To start, find yourself a quiet place to be alone. If you’re anything like me, you might get really emotional during this. I started bawling, and it’s okay if you do too. Just make sure you take care of yourself. 

Then, hold the thread in your hand and spend a bit thinking about the first person on your list. Close your eyes, remember all the times this person has made you feel loved, imagine them wrapping you with golden light like a blanket. Whatever helps you best feel their love. 

Once you feel like you have a strong enough feeling of them, tie a knot in the thread (tying in the bead if you wish). I kissed the knot once I tied it, and you can do that too if you want. Continue for each person. 

When you’re done, what you do with the knots is yours to decide. Wear it as a bracelet, tie it to your shoes; I personally decided to tie it around the stomach of my favorite stuffed animal so that I could hug it and feel their love. 

And after all that, take care of yourself. Center yourself, take a bath, sleep, drink some water, spend some time with the people you tied the knots for. Spellwork like this could be draining, so listen to what your body and emotions are telling you. And every time you feel you need it, touch the knots and remember you are loved. 


The fans call me and Louis “Larry Stylinson” ‘cause we get on really well. Since we started in the X Factor house, me and Louis had always said that we wanted to move in together. That was pretty much it, it just kinda happened.