Thanks to the Scarlet Witch’s (new cast-member Elizabeth Olsen) head game, most of the team will come face to face with their worst fears. For Banner, it’s that this pseudo-family that he’s part of is all an illusion, something that the Other Guy will take away from him at any moment, leaving him all alone again. He’s afraid he belongs that way.

Kevin P. Sullivan, 19 Secrets We Learned On The ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Set (MTV.com)

i’m crying because i’ve watched the handshake at least five times and this is actually not a handshake, john shakes sherlock’s hand once then for almost two seconds they’re just holding each other’s hand before sherlock shakes john’s hand one last time, then lets it go in a lingering touch.

they’re holding hands for one entire second. this is for me the briefest and most romantic touch they ever shared.


"Also, I will not tolerate cusses in this household, Nico."

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warning: this video will give you feelings you didn’t know you had and break them into two before the video is even over. view discretion advised. 

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❝ i will do whatever it takes to protect you。


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