I don’t know why but like… The idea of gentle feedisim? just enthralls me. Just, a loving feeder cuddling with their cubby partner, and giving them compliments and calling them beautiful n’ shit. Having little nicknames like ‘bunny’ and 'sweetie’

I just cannot get over the thought of two datemates sittin’ on a couch and watching some good anime and genuinely enjoying one another. The feeder kissing and rubbing their partners tum when they’re too full….

It’s saturday so Koujaku and Aoba stays in home together. When Aoba tries to cook breakfast for both of them, Koujaku has another idea and Aoba goes along willingly ❤

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        I have no words …
To explain how happy you guys have made me for the past few months ( year maybe ? ). I can’t remember the exact date in which this little goof came to life, but I can tell you I was absolutely petrified about what the community would think, merely because Belle is such an iconic female symbol and having a pretty boy thrown in her place and claiming to have issues too sounded like such a dick move from my part. I wanted Beau to experience and represent different things. I wanted a guy to heal a woman’s wounds and endure her darkness. I wanted him to be considered a handsome man and still be able to cry and be frail without his masculinity ever being put into question ( well at least outside of his little town ). People have been so kind to me and I am simply overjoyed by all the plots and blogs and wonderful muns who have endured my sudden hiatuses and just general trashiness. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to            


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I am sure I am missing a lot of people. But I do appreciate you all and I hope we can all plot together. Also sorry about me being so quiet oocly, I’m not ignoring you, I’m just a pile of little baroque turds. Love you though. Hope you have a wonderful week.  —- EVA

Ok but imagine a/o/b dynamics but with mer!jamie and fisherman Mako. Junkfish is swimming restlessly around the dock Mako is trying to fish on and he keeps making little trills in addition to pulling at Mako’s legs and generally making a scene to get attention. Mako doesn’t understand why he is suddenly so tempted by this slimy, pathetic monster but he quickly loses any hope of catching fish this week….

Mako gets up in that fish cloaca soon after, then questions his life choices when a very proud Junkfish shows up a couple months later with a round tummy full of eggs, requesting that Mako make him a nest in his cabin bathtub.