I don’t know if it’s just me, and i’m sorry if it’s like that but wouldn’t Dirk be the perfect Tony Stark, really, I watched Iron Man 3 last night and I was lit amazed *absconds*


When I look at myself in the mirror I literally cry.
My body disgusts me
I hate me
I don’t like anything about me
Why can’t I be fortunate enough to be at least just pretty.
But no
I’m not pretty
I’m not skinny
And I hate me

what if bucky had a word that he mistook for meaning something different like steve does with “fondue” except worse because he learned it from tony instead of howard

so when he overhears tony saying something about “creampie” he assumes it’s new slang for dating because tony had used it to explain whoever he had slept with the night before

so one day when they’re all just sitting around having a slow day, tony asks how everyone’s day has been bucky nonchalantly says

“i creampied steve”

and tony’s like

bucky didn’t think taking steve out to the movies would be such a big deal.