I don’t know why but like… The idea of gentle feedisim? just enthralls me. Just, a loving feeder cuddling with their cubby partner, and giving them compliments and calling them beautiful n’ shit. Having little nicknames like ‘bunny’ and 'sweetie’

I just cannot get over the thought of two datemates sittin’ on a couch and watching some good anime and genuinely enjoying one another. The feeder kissing and rubbing their partners tum when they’re too full….

I wish I were taller. I wish I had muscles. I wish I could grow a beard. I wish I wasn’t covered literally head to toe in acne. I wish my hair wasn’t frizzy. I wish i didn’t breath heavy from walking up stairs. I wish I wasn’t so messy. I wish I had pretty eyes. I wish I had a jaw line.
But I don’t.
I’m me.
And you deserve someone more attractive anyway.

ok so i suffer from Dermatophagia. i’ve suffered from it since i was a kid. for a short period of time when i graduated from high school i stopped, then out of the blue i started back. ik it’s completely gross & of course i’m ashamed of it. idk where it stems from tbh but ik i have it & its gotten worse. i used to just bite my skin but now i started using finger nail clippers to clip my skin off. my hands/fingers are really embarrassing& gross looking. not long ago i had to get my finger pricked & the lady that was doing it asked what happened to me & i was so ashamed of it. no matter how gross or embarrassing it is i can’t stop. it gets really painful. to me i don’t count it as self harm bcos i’m not trying to harm myself. idk why i’m admitting this but i felt like maybe if i talked about it with someone other then ppl ik i would feel better????

there’s a scene in the new bnha ep where shigaraki is literally stroking dekus neck with his finger and it looks so tickly and all I could think abt was deku squeaking and shigaraki storing that info away 4 later use 🙃🙃🙃