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I used to hate Nathan and now I’m finally starting to understand why I shouldn’t.

I realize that often times, our feelings about certain things are formed by our experiences. Just because you learned one thing from your experiences doesn’t mean that it applies to every similar situation. (i.e. “a long distance relationship didn’t work out for me so it’s not going to work out for anyone.” that is false.)

And because of my experiences, I’ve hated Nathan ever since we first met him. I never expected those feelings to waver because I’ve had to learn to hate, distrust, and stay away from people like him in order to protect myself. But, the people who like him do so because of their experiences, and it doesn’t make any of us wrong for how we feel.

I watched a video this morning of a formerly abused dog learning to love humans again and it really made me think about Nathan. The human in the video wouldn’t be doing anything wrong but the dog would attack, because of the dog’s experiences. I guess that can be compared to Nathan. He’s flipped shit on Max for no reason, and pulled a gun on Chloe when his own life wasn’t in any danger, and that’s probably because of whatever experiences he’s had with his dad or Jefferson or whatever.

So I fiiiiiinalllyyyyyyyyy get it.

Some of us hate Nathan because we had our own Nathans who made our lives hell, and others like Nathan because people have made their lives hell the same way the people in Nathan’s life are doing to him, so they understand why he acts the way he does. And/or, Nathan has the same mental battles that other people have so they understand.

So, I don’t hate him anymore. Our experiences make us who we are, and that’s not our fault.

I sent the entire script of national treasure to my siblings (in an imessage) but none of them have responded. D: but who cares though cause I realized that it’s now on my ipod. For always. Internet or not. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE NATIONAL TREASURE WITH ME. At a gathering that I don’t want to be at? *BOOM* I can read national treasure! Want to look busy so no one bothers me? *BAM* Read national treasure! I CAN READ NATIONAL TREASURE YOU GUYS!!!! ANNNNYWHEREEEEE I AM I CAN READ NATIONAL TREASURE. :D

anonymous asked:

My first day back to school is Monday the 24th, I was wondering if you have any back to school tips I could use?

Heck yeah I do! (I’m assuming you’re not in college, if you are I have additional tips)

- Get some sleep! Start going to bed early even now, it’ll help when that first day arrives.

- Print out your schedule and don’t be afraid to mark on it. If you know that your Chemistry class is in the same room you had Biology last year, make a little note. You can also look at a school map (usually available online) and plan out how you will get from class to class. You can also talk to friends and see who has the same classes.

- Get your supplies gathered. So in my high school we didn’t get an official list until you went to your classes and they told you what you would need. BUT you can assume that you’ll need a planner, a notebook, some pens, stuff like that. If you can, get those basic things ahead of time and go ahead and bring them on the first day. (Side note: I actually made my first friend in high school because she didn’t bring anything and needed to borrow a pen and a piece of paper. We are still friends to this day because I was prepared on my first day of high school!)

- Plan out your outfit. It doesn’t have to be new, but pick out the outfit that will make you most comfortable. If it is some jeans and a hoodie, awesome! If it is your favorite casual dress and some heels, nice! Just pick out something that will make you feel better about the fact that you’re starting school.

- On the morning when you start school have someone take your picture, or take a selfie! This one is totally optional (I guess all of these tips are optional) but I know now that I’m out of high school it’s awesome seeing the first day of school pictures.

As far as anxiety for the first day goes… Just take care of yourself, listen to your favorite album, talk to your friends, do your thing. Think to yourself, what would Andy Hurley do?

Well…. Hopefully that helped a little? I don’t know man, but I hope you have a great school year!


I have seen the BLEEDING and I hear what we have done, but just like every other fool here, I keep MARCHING on

I hate how when something bad happens to me my stupid brain makes me remember all the other bad shit that’s happened, it’s like fucking dementors are around or some shit and it’s annoying and I wish a patronus could fix this but nope, I gotta deal


I’m about to *try* to go to sleep but I’m super annoyed 😒 Every time I come home from work I’m totally fine until I step foot in the apartment & then I’m like what’s the point of me even coming home from work?¿

I get up at 3:00am to use the bathroom and as I’m sitting in there, fucking violin action music starts playing. I’m half asleep and this music is pretty damn loud so I’m thinking I’m going to die. Someone from somewhere is going to kill me and that is the anthem of my death. Then I recognize it. My piece of shit brother left Shadows of Mordor playing. All night. Well now I can’t go back to sleep so now I’ll be staying up all night

Storytime #1: the mystery of AoS

omg I’m so sorry it took me this long. No I’m not. This story is worth the wait. no it’s not   anyway you asked for it and I shall deliver even if it takes an eternity and one day more. So here you go bobbihunterr and skyedaisyquake and the two curious grey faces.

So, how did I start watching that one spectacular show called Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD? (under a cut because I seriously have no idea how it got so long)

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Okay so I’m going to be honest, school is starting and I’m getting very anxious and nervous about the whole thing. I feel very disorganized and messy about everything right now and I would like some help.

I have so many things to plan and organize and I’m really not trying to sound needy or anything, but I really don’t need a panic attack from all the stress I’ve been put under wether it be from my home life or school life.

I want things to really change this year. And so I wanted to ask for a couple things
• Room organization tips, d.i.ys, etc.
• Study tips, recommendations, bullet journal tips, templates, maybe even specific brand names or something
• Planner templates, recommendations, tips, and etc
• Stress tips such as teas, and whatever else you use to help you sleep and keep calm throughout the year!
• Any other tips and advice such as ‘how to not procrastinate!’ Etc.

This would really mean the world to me because up until now I’ve always had trouble keeping organized and calm (always kinda just winged everything!)
And now I’m ready to make a change for myself! So please, please, PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!

i got to hang out with a friend from high school tonight that i haven’t seen in a little over two years, and we reminisced on those days and i’m so nostalgic now. we talked about how different everyone is now, how some people turned out, all the crazy things that would go on and that we used to do. i miss that, and somewhat, i miss the person i used to be. it’s so weird to me now, how foreign it seems. i was so much more carefree, reckless. i didn’t care what anyone thought and i constantly would make a fool out of myself just for laughs. i had so much fun and i didn’t care what anyone thought, not in the slightest. i want to get back to that, the part where i didn’t care what anyone thought about me as long as i was having fun and we were all laughing. i can’t even remember anxiety back then, i can’t remember feeling the way i do now. it makes me wonder what changed, why i stopped doing things like i did.
so today, it’s day one. i’m going to be getting back to that, getting back to the carefree and relentless joy i gave myself on a day to day basis. i’m just going to have fun and be me, and not give that anxiety the decency of even a first thought. i’m going to stop talking about it and start doing it, because i’ve been noticing for a long time now that i’m not nearly as happy as i used to be.