I need more friends who I can go out with, cause right now I just have one and I’m pretty sure she’s getting sick of me wanting to go out so much.

you guys, you artsy people who are also visual people, or work with visual art, have I got a treat for you

PureRef is easily the best thing that has happened to me since discovering that Google Docs autosaves everything without the downside of now forgetting to save every time I work with any other software.

Seriously, if you’re anything like me and could spend hours staring at a character’s face to learn to describe them, or you just have an easier time writing someone while looking at their face, get this, it removes the need to keep switching back and forth between windows. You can just have the pictures always stacked on top of your writing or drawing software, off to the side, without it obscuring the workspace.

Like, look at this.

It’s just there. It’s not going anywhere, not until I tell it to. I can resize it freely, push pictures around, resize them, drag them into the window straight from the browser, and I can just glance over to the side, not even reach for the mouse, and it’s there. Without the need to print anything, or keep 47 tabs open because you need very specific references. And I can just save my little collage, and it’ll be there every time.

I could cry, this is so beautiful.

And did I mention that it’s free.

Because it’s free.

Go get u some.

EXO- OT9 in Organized Crime

A/N: using icons for the individuals bc it might be too big of a post to use teaser images lmao icon creds: @exoericons

Who kills and who counts the money? Who tortures and stitches them back up? Who buys the guns and sells the drugs? Let’s find out.

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I used to have this tiny, neat, printed handwriting and now I have this sloppy bastardization of my own form of cursive (which is frighteningly consistent in style- I jotted down this same note twice and the connecting letters are all the same it’s quite interesting tbh time to start that handwriting discourse)

My friendly murder.

So last year I started to go out to the woods around my university to let out steam. Little did I know I was being followed by a murder of crows. Over time I fed them bits of meat and talked to them, now I’m part of their flock. I am greeted by them on the campus and they arnt afraid to swoop down next to me. To me they are cute, but that’s not what the public thinks. To them I am demonic snow white. So no matter how little friends you think you have, someone or somthing is out there waiting for you. You just have to go and find them.

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superbat for the pairing thing, snape for the character thing :))))

001 | Superbat:

  • when I started shipping it if I did:  I’m going to say probably a couple of years ago now, when I first started getting back into comics in a serious way. I kept reading it like … wait … this is so gay …
  • my thoughts: They are pretty much canonically soulmates. They love each other and I cannot be convinced otherwise.
  • What makes me happy about them: Bruce & Clark are constants for each other in a way that few other people are (exceptions: Lois, Alfred, etc) in their dangerous, superhero lives.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: When authors make them both into caricatures of himself: Clark being the Ultimate Boy Scout to a strange, almost infantilized degree, and Bruce being the Ultimate Emo Angst Monster. (To be fair, that last one can be close to certain writers’ canon, but there’s Batman angst and then there’s making Bruce behave like a 13-year-old who just discovered MCR).
  • things I look for in fanfic: Great, balanced characterization and a relationship that has its roots based in friendship.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Obviously Lois for Clark. For Bruce? I really only ship him with Diana other than Clark. They keep pairing Bruce with the “bad girls” who are anti-heroes or straight up villains and I’m not about that. Like, at all.
  • My happily ever after for them: Bruce and Clark get into a relationship, break down each others’ walls a bit (for Clark this is a much harder task), they continue to fight crime and support each other because I don’t think either of them could give that up.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: BRUCE IS THE LITTLE SPOON. You cannot convince me otherwise.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: Crime fighting, of course. But out of costume? Doing something adventurous and outdoorsy, like hiking a mountain. Preferably somewhere neither of them will be recognized. 

002 | … Snape. (Hira, WHY)

  • How I feel about this character: I think he’s a complex, well-written, good character, but I honestly can’t stand him. I feel like I inherited my favorite character’s grudge against him (thanks, Sirius).
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: none
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: lol nope. I never saw Snape interact with anyone that I could picture a true, healthy friendship with. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I feel like all my opinions about him are pretty popular tbh. But okay here’s one: I feel like, if Lily hadn’t been the subject of the prophecy, Snape still would have eventually had second thoughts about being a Death Eater. But he probably wouldn’t have actually broken free because it would’ve been way too late. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish Snape showed more remorse about the way he treated Harry. Like … at some point that could have been fit in, and then it would have justified the whole “Harry naming his kid after Snape” thing a little bit more than “ok, but I found out he was in love with my mom the whole time.”
  • my OTP: lol
  • my cross over ship: I have no snape ships, these questions are all really hard. But I will tell you this: one time I came across a really strange crossover fic with the pairing Snape/Adam Lambert, where Adam somehow entered an alternate universe where Hogwarts was a thing and the Triwizard tournament was going on??? And he stayed at the school and got with Snape? It was really fucking weird, but I didn’t hate the fic. Perhaps for the sheer entertainment value of its existence.
  • a headcanon fact: I’m stealing this from a Tumblr post but I really liked it, so I’m putting it here: Snape was teaching the kids his own, altered & better versions of the potions the whole time. It’s why the instructions were always on the blackboard and never in a book. 

Send me a ship or character!

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I hope this isn't completely uncalled for and I really don't want to be rude or anything but did you used to date Shikarius? I thought I remembered something like that from ages ago but I'm not sure >.<

This is the last time I’m going to address this.

Shiki and I did date for a year, we split at the start of 2016.

We’re still close friends! 

Do you know how bad I want to do editing?? And I have nothing to edit??? And I don’t even have a good program for it anyway. BUT I CAN DO FLASH ANIMATION AGAIN YES actually holy shit holy shit I can do a lot. Next week is gonna be amazing. I ALL OF A SUDDEN HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS IM EXCITED. I swear by the spring I’m gonna get my shit back on track I’m gonna promise myself that


A1ST Fan Project #RaNiaFyYourWeek

Day 1 of the fan project has come to a close and Seulji showed that she really appreciated it! 👌💗 Now for Day 2 (Tuesday - August 23rd, 2016) the second target will be Jieun! Go to @jieun_k93 on both Twitter and Instagram and show her some love using the hashtag #JieunDay! 🌻🌻🌻

why funimation

apparently they decided to have merle call van “prince van” until he becomes king, at which point she starts calling him “king van”


in the original japanese, merle calls him van-sama

it stays consistent throughout, with “-sama” being an extremely polite honorific usually used for someone in power 

ocean dub made a good choice in going with lord (it’s an extremely polite title for someone in power), which stayed consistent throughout the entire series, just like the honorific merle uses in the japanese

i have no clue why funimation made this change. i just. i can’t.

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I remember when I went vegan I missed my period for an entire month. My mom was really freaked out because she thought I was pregnant but idk. It could def be because of stress, but for me in particular I think it was because of my 'major' diet change because I had went vegan at that time

mine’s always been irregular. it’s only starting to regularize now. I used to have it 5 times a year or less, and now i have it two or three months in a row exactly the same day, then it stops for two, then it comes back again.. but i definitely have my period more this year. I already had it in Jan, Feb, then april, june, august 8th and now I have it again. it’s only been 2 weeks… guessing my other ovary decided to ovulate too and that’s why I’m mestruating?

Finally decided to just go all in and order a Leuchtturm and make my journal a lot clearer and more coherent. I started my bullet journal in July in a notebook I had lying around but now I’m enjoying the system I’ve decided to invest in something with a little more sturdiness.

I’m gonna continue to use my current notebook until the end of August and move onto this one in September!

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hum u just made me ship theo/draco now but there's probably 0 fics for them why

There are some Draco/Theo fics on ao3 and i promise to go scour them soon and compile a few i like!
I was hesistant to go check them out because i know they’ll be different from my Theo and Draco, but since i’m recruting for this little ship i need to find content for us all. :’)

im going thru a playlist of songs played as the weather in wtnv and one started with “dear danny boy” and now i feel like i’m gonna cry we called my brother danny boy when he was a kid and now he’s living in his first apartment and going to school and last spring things were so bad for him but yesterday he sent us a video of his friends hanging out in his apartment and sitting on his couch while he made bacon and his roommate did dishes and i just. i dunno i’m really proud of him

“One of the perks of having a daughter: I can now recite Mulan from start to finish without having to stop and think about it!”

“One of the cons of having a daughter: I can now recite Mulan from start to finish without having to stop and think about it.”

Omg college is the best experience ever. Literally I was terrified because I didn’t have any real friends in high school and was worried that college was going to be similar BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE WRONG. I have a fun group of friends and get along pretty well with my roommates and I’m having the best time of my life already. I know things are going to get difficult now that classes started but I’m so excited you have no idea.

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I'll start then! 1/2 It's been a year since Ruki leaved to the Demon world, thinking it's for the best for Diana. Truth be told, it wasn't. Diana was closing her feelings even more. Her smile just leaving. Now, she was Yui's guardian, following Karl's orders. Eve was the first priority now. No one else. " Are you sure you want to go there, Diana? I know Karl called us, but you don't have to be there. " * No worries, mistress. I can deal with everything, until you'll find your Adam *

2/2 said the demonic guardian. With no more words left, they went to the Demon world, seeing what Karl wants. Once they got there, she sees Ruki beside him. All she can feel was anger. He left her alone!.. But that doesn’t matter anymore. He doesn’t reconize her anyway. * What do you want Karl? * said the Eve, worried.

The very throne room of the King of vampire’s castle resounded the steps of the two young women, Karlheinz himself seated by the imposing throne, a young half-blood standing by his side. A gentle smile flashed upon the King’s features as he welcomed the two, proposing his offer.

Karlheinz: Thank you for arriving on such a short notice, Eve, Diana. Now that you’re gathered, allow me to head straight for the issue at hand: Might’ve you two youths heard of beings such as First Bloods? The very roots of us vampires, of every subrace residing in the Demon World. Beings that used to remain locked up from the surrounding world, have now managed to escape from their confinement. Assumingly, Eve is what they are targeting, to use her as means of prevention of their extiction. There are two of these First Bloods on the loose, or Founders, as they proudly call themselves. Evidently, we may not let our treasured Eve fall into such peril as their hands. Therefore, I have prepared another suitable guardian to ensure Eve’s safety. Ruki, if you may…

Ruki: Of course, Karlheinz-sama. I am Mukami Ruki, assigned as the second guardian of Eve. I will place my life on the line to keep Eve safe from any harm. It’s a pleasure to work with you two.

The young male smiled warmly, yet something in his smile felt feigned. As opposed to Diana’s recognition of him, Ruki payed no sign of such aspect in return for her.

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Since I like seeing you suffer, have a sad dad idea: Before she died, Summer you used to sing "You are my sunshine" to Yang. After she died, Tai started doing it. Now with her back home and hurt and depressed, sometimes when she's asleep he'll go into her room and sing it to her. Sometimes it's hard for him to not cry, but he tries to stay strong, to take care of her, even if she won't always respond. He doesn't know, but it does help chase away the nightmares she's been having since the fall.

I have done nothing wrong (to you at least) that warrants such cruelty and rudeness. I find this ask to be extremely hurtful to not only me and how I feel about my poor fire family, but to my kindhearted followers who want nothing more than to see a happy Yang once more. Now we are forced to sit here and think about how Tai feels disheartened because he feels like he could never make up for what Yang has lost (pretty much everything but her life) and how Yang feels a mixture of joy and pain when she hers Tai singing to her. Joy because it reminds her of those wonderful times when Summer was still alive and when they were all a big, happy family; pain because those times will never truly be back.

Thank you Play, thank you for breaking the hearts of all the little boys and girls.