INTP–INTJ The Simple Things

INTP: *Sees a device on the counter*

INTP: *Looks at INTJ, expectantly, with a grin*

INTJ: *Looks up from his computer*

INTP: Is that… the sandwich maker?

INTJ: *Also grins* It is.

INTP: …Did you use it?

INTJ: I did.

INTP: How was it?

INTJ: It was perfect. It’s so great, and it doesn’t get used enough!

INTP: I’ve been waiting to see it actually be taken out and used, so I’m excited to see that it’s been working.

INTJ: Oh, it’s awesome. You can make as many grilled cheese as you want with that thing.

INTP: …Can I… use it…? At some point?

INTJ: Absolutely, man! It’s really simple.

INTJ: *Explaining how to work it*

INTP: *Looking at the buttons* Okay, yeah, I see it.

INTP: Well. Thank you, I look forward to it. 

INTP: I’ll update you on the results, when I get around to it.

INTJ: It’s quite an amazing experience, I’m glad to share it with you.