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hey, lovely, first of all, i adore your graphics - they are so unique and have such a modern feel to them with your own personal flare, i love it (keep doing what you're doing because you're so talented!). i was just wondering if you could recommend me any good fonts as you always include such structured ones and you seem like the best person to ask? thank you so much in advance and i hope you're having a great day :)

Thank you so much … geez, this is just the nicest thing. I really appreciate your kind words. God, kind messages like this will never stop amazing me.

Recommending fonts is hard because it really depends on the graphic maker or subject matter. 

I recommend some in my photoshop tag.  - But because you asked so nicely, I’ll just list them here for you.

COUTURE   Old Sans Black   Aracne   Dubiel 

For some graphics I’ll just write out the words myself or alter the fonts slightly.

Hope this helped and if there’s a particular graphic or font you are thinking of, just let me know.

– Violet

Having the job of a teacher has it’s perks, of course - but one thing that I never expected was the strange gifts that were going to come along with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than thankful for them - I wasn’t even expecting anything. But - I’ve gotten enough candles to light my house on fire, I’ve received food that I can’t identify, and I probably have as many coffee mugs as one of the local cafes does. And now I definitely don’t know what to think about one I got from a mother, who was more than grateful for some extra hours that I spent after school tutoring her son - and to show her gratitude, gave me a gift card to Hooters. Nothing says ‘thanks for helping my second grader learn his times tables’ like some wings and boobs, I guess. Is this some kind of subtle hint? Do they have good beer there? 

hhhhhhhhhhh man, I really hope that the checkout people at the tiny store I shop at don’t judge me for buying like. the same brand of burritos like every single week.

ok gotta go out now, or else I’d be stuck eating nutella with a spoon for an entire day again lmfao… thanks to these of you who give me the attention I don’t deserve because that’s honestly what helps me keep going through with this pointless life

I’ve learned that a very strong source of my depression is not having money. Which is a given, I guess. But I’ve noticed that whenever I’m feeling my lowest, it’s usually when I’m low on funds. Which happens a lot these days. So. Needless to say I have not been at my best. I always feel like I’m just coasting through life in a fog.

I’m kind of in need of cheering up if anyone wants to volunteer

it’s painful how badly i want to try All The Foods like for the first 18 years of my life i basically ate the same thing because my parents aren’t adventurous eventually i started trying new things every time we’d go to a restaurant but options were still limited to the like 2 places we’d always eat out (i swear i’ve eaten everything on cheddar’s menu) AND IVE BEEN SO DEPRIVED AND I WANT IT ALL I LITERALLY WANT TO TRY EVERYTHING

so breakfast bowls are good (I just had my first one) and are like $3 and only needed to be heated in a microwave for 4 minutes (and then it’s extra hot so you have to let it sit for a minute or two).

This day has been amazing.