Okay I’ve watched Shrek 2 twice this past week. When Sam came over to watch it we started talking about human!AU and making headcanons about Donkey, Puss and Dragon. Sam had a lot of input for Donkey’s design and Puss is mostly my headcanon. 

sappho was (most likely) a bisexual woman

she wrote about forbidden love for men and women

her homosexuality was only attributed to her 300 years after her death, based on her poems, which aren’t confirmed to be autobiographical

the term “lesbian” only started being used to mean “woman homosexuals” in the 1890s (before then it only pertained to the island of lesbos – in the 1870s there’s record of “lesbian sex acts” as being woman on woman, but “lesbian” only received its current denotation in 1890. wt fuck)

everything i’ve known is a lie and this is the ultimate form of bisexual erasure tbh