Sun-kissed Sleepy

Note: Not requested, but this came about because I went to the pool today and then went straight to work and I felt that sleepy feeling you get after spending time in the sun. Its a special and specific kind of sleepy. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s nice. It made me want to take a nap with Shawn.


The cool air of your hotel room hits you as soon as you swing open the door. You had turned the air conditioner on high before you left because you knew it would be hot outside, but a shiver runs down your spine as the blast of cool air hits you without warning. You head straight for your bathroom to take a shower, dropping your wet towel on the bathroom floor before removing your black bikini and getting under the warm stream of water.

When you get out of the shower, you feel exhaustion hit you. You had just spent the last four hours lounging by the pool, and the sun takes a lot out of you. It’s one in the afternoon, a perfect time for a nap. There is something about afternoon naps after mornings spent in the sun. They’re magical, and they have a certain feel to them.

Exiting the bathroom, you hear the television on in the hotel room, and a smile spreads across your face knowing that your boyfriend has returned. He was gone doing press all morning. You offered to go with him, but he insisted you stay back and enjoy the resort. You were in Florida after all.

Shawn is seated at the edge of the bed, watching the hockey game on the tv. When he sees you, he smiles and says “Hey baby,”

“Hey hun, how was work?” You question as you crawl onto the bed behind him, which immediately prompts him to move so he’s lying next to you. 

“Good, nothing special.” You cuddle closer into his side as his arm automatically wraps around you, and he asks, “You tired?” To which you only sleepily nod in response. “Didn’t you just sit at the pool all morning?” He questions, purposely giving you a hard time, but you know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it in a mean way.

“Yeah, but the sun makes me sleeeeepy.” You drag out the last word before hiding your face in his t-shirt. The afternoon sun is shining into the hotel room, and the exhaustion you feel is a good kind of exhaustion. Shawn has a show in a couple of hours, but neither of you have anything planned until then. “Take a nap with me?” You ask Shawn.

“You’re literally the cutest person ever.” He tells you smiling down at you.

Your eyes flutter closed, and you’re too tired to respond to his statement. You feel his lips press lightly against your forehead before he moves slightly to get more comfortable. And in his arms you fall asleep listening to the sound of his steady breathing.

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a nice day!


 That boy needs therapy!

hey i forgot to sign this and i don’t wanna change all the frames so i’m going to have to trust the internet not to steal it. i hope you’re having a good day



The amazing @saladsnek made this for me and I am in love.

They recently took chibi and sketch commissions - I reblogged the post a week or two ago.  It was $5 for this masterpiece.  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.  WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ONE YET BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.

Now excuse me, I’m going to grab my phone, sit on the couch and stare at this with shining eyes. If you need me any time in the next hour, that’s where I’ll be.

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl

I should be editing OTN but instead my brain got stuck on fake-dating tropes and… this happened?


Montparnasse was bored.

They’d been waiting for Claquesous to come and meet them to go for lunch, but he’d texted just minutes ago to say he couldn’t make it. Now Montparnasse was hungry, irritated and had no plans for their afternoon. 

They leaned against the wall beside the bistro, shooting off a text Éponine to see if she was looking for company at work.

Busy. Éponine texted back and Montparnasse sighed.

“Hey, there you are!”

Montparnasse turned reflexively as someone appeared at their side and- what the fuck- slipped an arm through theirs. They looked down, ready to tear into whoever the hell thought had they had the right to touch them without permission and paused. A pair of gorgeous dark eyes blinked up at him from a pretty freckled face.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long?”

The stranger’s long red hair was wind-tangled and their expression was pleading as they pressed something into Montparnasse’s free hand. Montparnasse looked down to see a phone, open on an unsent text message.

PLS the text said HELP ME GET rID OF HIM!!!!?

Over the redhead’s shoulder a guy was hurrying towards them, frowning at Montparnasse.

Montparnasse smiled, thinking quickly. “You’re late,” they leaned down to kiss the redhead hello, cheeks pinking up against their own.

“Sorry,” they said, slightly breathless. “I got held up.”

“Jehan?” the guy hovered a foot or so away, “who is this?”

Jehan’s eyes widened a fraction but Montparnasse didn’t skip a beat.

“Montparnasse,” they introduced themself, giving the guy a dismissive once over. “Jehan’s partner. Who are you?”

“I-” the guy stuttered, “I’m Robert. You’re Jehan’s boyfriend? I’ve never heard of you.”

“I’m their partner,” Montparnasse repeated.

“You’re married?” Robert spluttered, wide-eyed with misplaced betrayal.

Montparnasse rolled their eyes. “I’m not a boy. Listen, Roger, we really have to be going.”


“Bye, Robert!” Jehan said quickly, giving him a wave and tugging Montparnasse along with them as they walked away, arm in arm.

“Thank you so much,” they said quietly once the two of them were safely out of hearing range, “I am really sorry. He just wouldn’t take the hint and I didn’t know what to do.”

“So you thought you’d avail yourself of a stand-in partner?” Montparnasse smirked down at them.

“I hate that patriarchal bullshit, don’t get me wrong, but I needed a quick fix.” Jehan hadn’t let go of Montparnasse’s arm, leaning in close to their side.

“And you picked me because, what, I looked intimidating?”

“I thought you looked nice.”

“Nice,” Montparnasse repeated, slightly incredulous.

“Well, I was right,” Jehan smiled up at him and it was like the sun breaking through clouds on a spring day. “You are nice. You helped me, didn’t you?”

“I suppose I did.”

“Would you like to go get a coffee or something?”

Montparnasse risked a glance over their shoulder. “I don’t think he’s following us anymore.”

“No,” Jehan was blushing again, fingers tightening reflexively on Montparnasse’s arm through their coat. “I meant, as a thank you?” they tucked their hair behind their ears and bit down on their lower lip nervously. They were wearing tiny earrings shaped like sunflowers. 

Montparnasse was utterly smitten.

“Sure,” they smiled, “coffee sounds great.”

sometimes I get annoyed at the stereotype that english people are obsessed with tea but then today me and my housemates emptied our tea cupboard so we could re-arrange it and

there are three of us.

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When you realize John's going to be of legal drinking age and everyone is going to get twice as wasted this 4/13...

Naw, I’d say since a quarter of the kids have a bad history with alcohol, the other three quarters love and respect them, and since drinking age is false after you explode the world, there’s probs not gonna be a lotta wasted.

I just woke up from one of those surreal five minute naps and i had a dream that Ignis was sitting on a couch and I walked up to him, put my leg (just one leg) on his lap and yelled “BON” and he just looked at me in exasperation


Hey everyone! I was tagged to the the selfie challenge thing and I was tagged by some beautiful people!!! : @harryplease @harryxinfinity @harrystattoos and @iwouldharry Don’t I look pretty? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.