idk something i’ve been thinking about recently is that like….no putting creamer in my coffee isn’t a ✨recovery win✨anymore. i do it every day lol and i really do think there’s a time when u have to move past framing ‘smaller’ things like that as bigger than they are, because that’s holding on to the disorder in a different way

so the days when it’s hard to put the stupid ass creamer in (because yeah those days still happen, i’m not saying they don’t) and i ~do it anyway, it’s not this big win

but i know i should keep pushing myself to do it every day

because if i don’t, the next time it will get harder to do it, and then the next time, i just won’t, and then i’m back to square one, afraid of such an insignificant amount of calories in the grand scheme of my daily intake, and then i WILL be in a position where i’m making posts about it being a #recoverywin and i don’t want that tbh

(i’m not saying i don’t like black coffee bc i do lmao but i have really strong associations with that and my eating disorder. there might be a time and place for some wonderful black coffee in my life, but that time is not right now, right now is the time for admitting i like the cinnamon french toast flavored creamer i brought the other day just as much.)

so recovery win? not so much. but helpful to avoid moving backward? very much yes

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me: *leaving the store after having been working in the back all shift where customers couldnt see me, I'm drinking my coffee, I have my bag, I'm on my phone, clearly done working right* Customer: Um excuuuuuse me ma'am, I need you to get me these shoes, and also can you get me this shirt in a different size. Me: UHHHHHH well I'm not on the clock right now.. (coworker) can help you though... Customer: Goes and tells manager I should be fired. (manager looks @ me like wtf is wrong with this lady)

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I saw that you feel happy when people save your art (but don't repost), so I just want to say that I'm one of them because I love seeing your art!! And mostly when I'm drinking coffee/cappuccino I start seeing it cuz not only the drink but your art makes me calm and happy ^~^

AWW that’s so cute, gotta get everything perfect so you can be PEAK happy haha. thank you!! <3

  • Chan: it's really muggy out today
  • Jun: if I go outside and all of our mugs are on the front lawn, i'm killing you
  • Donghun: *drinking coffee from a bowl*