idk something i’ve been thinking about recently is that like….no putting creamer in my coffee isn’t a ✨recovery win✨anymore. i do it every day lol and i really do think there’s a time when u have to move past framing ‘smaller’ things like that as bigger than they are, because that’s holding on to the disorder in a different way

so the days when it’s hard to put the stupid ass creamer in (because yeah those days still happen, i’m not saying they don’t) and i ~do it anyway, it’s not this big win

but i know i should keep pushing myself to do it every day

because if i don’t, the next time it will get harder to do it, and then the next time, i just won’t, and then i’m back to square one, afraid of such an insignificant amount of calories in the grand scheme of my daily intake, and then i WILL be in a position where i’m making posts about it being a #recoverywin and i don’t want that tbh

(i’m not saying i don’t like black coffee bc i do lmao but i have really strong associations with that and my eating disorder. there might be a time and place for some wonderful black coffee in my life, but that time is not right now, right now is the time for admitting i like the cinnamon french toast flavored creamer i brought the other day just as much.)

so recovery win? not so much. but helpful to avoid moving backward? very much yes

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me: *leaving the store after having been working in the back all shift where customers couldnt see me, I'm drinking my coffee, I have my bag, I'm on my phone, clearly done working right* Customer: Um excuuuuuse me ma'am, I need you to get me these shoes, and also can you get me this shirt in a different size. Me: UHHHHHH well I'm not on the clock right now.. (coworker) can help you though... Customer: Goes and tells manager I should be fired. (manager looks @ me like wtf is wrong with this lady)

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Why do you not drink coffee - I'm curious since seeing your post about drinking red bull instead. Because red bull has caffeine too, not to mention a lot more sugar. So are you just not a coffee person or is there something else about coffee that makes red bull the better choice? :D -curious anon

Hehe, there is absolutely no good reason to choose energy drinks/red bull 😅 I personally don’t like the taste of coffee, so I drink tea instead. But sometimes I need that caffeine boost, so I opt for energy drinks. Both the sugar and the caffeine keeps me going 🙈

  • Bokuto: You look cold Akaashi. *Takes off his jacket and puts it on Akaashi*
  • Akaashi: Thanks Bokuto-san *Smiles*
  • Kuroo: OH KENMA! YOU LOOK COLD! *Starts to take jacket off*
  • Kenma: *Stops him* Just don't. I'm perfectly warm and you're only doing it because Bokuto successfully flirted with Akaashi by doing that.
  • Kuroo: *Sighs* Why can't I flirt with you?
  • Kenma: Maybe it's because I already have a huge fucking jacket on. I'm also drinking coffee you fucking idiot.
  • Kuroo: O h

i just took a power nap and louis was in my little dream and we were hanging out in my apartment just chatting and i was fixing him a cup of tea and i said “i’m so sorry for all the bullshit you have to put with, louis” and he just took the tea from my hands and looked at me with his crinkly smile and shook his head a bit and said “no need to be, love, i’m alright”