I got a bag of organic potato chips from Whole Foods today to see if I’d react to them the way I do other potato chips, and I fully only intended to eat a handful and monitor for a sulfite reaction but somewhere along the line my brain translated that as “keep eating them” and the whole bag is gone.

Welp. At least if I get sick tonight/tomorrow I’ll know exactly why.

Stupid thing I did today:

I got like two hours of sleep okay so my brain is OFF. I was running late for my piano lesson and and had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. So I was frantically checking to make sure I had all my stuff- my books, the check, etc.

And then I had this moment of sheer panic. I was like “oh no I forgot the piano!!”

And then i remembered that I in fact, did not have to provide my own piano and had to take several moments to recover from my own stupidity


Molliarty Au: Part 1, Part 2

“Surely, James, surely you must know.”

The British academia in the late Victorian era was fraught with prejudice and enmity. In an act of rebellion against the system that refused to see past her sex, Molly Hooper chose instead to honour her studies at l’Université de Paris. A young English woman in a foreign land, loneliness was a sacrifice she had anticipated. Per chance, she was introduced by her mentors to James Moriarty, a prominent mathematics professor visiting from Oxford University. In him, Molly found the unlikeliest of companions, but the romance between a heretic and psychotic criminal mastermind seemed scripted to be a tragedy right from the start…  

So the story to this drawing is a little wild and ngl dumb.

I’m super bad at planning / visualising what I had in mind into my drawing. But this is just some next level stupidity. So here goes…

I planned to draw seokjin and even named the file “prince seokjin” but then i drew jimin instead and the angle from my reference is really angelic so the idea to make “angel jimin” came to mind with the wings and stuff. But then halfway into drawing the whole thing I accidentally cropped half of his body and I was like, meh, idk how to draw legs anyway. So i continued my drawing, completely lost for a second but not wanting to stop then the angle reminds me of not today jimin so i added bullet holes with lasers going through his body and shit. Mind you, it looked pretty darn ridiculous because his body was cut in half so I rotated my drawings a lil to find a good angle, perhaps the whole thing looked awkward just because of the angle but then somehow I thought about cards design so I copied the cut-off Jimin and mirrored it and ended up making… well… this. SIGHS. I really need to get more organised when I draw and I really nEED to draw prince seokjin & angel jimin next time without getting distracted! Ok thank u that is all.

More art here.

OH SHIT THAT WAS ENTRY LEVEL TRANS POLITICS BC THAT PERSON IS LITERALLY 15….oh my god i feel so bad why am i debating with a 15 year old of course they don’t have a nuanced view of gender identity lord above

i think i’m going to be a self-torturing idiot, as always… i’ll probably wait until Tuesday to see TLK… even though i could see it Friday… ghghgngnghghnghgngn


Visiting SoCal was the perfect way to celebrate my 21st birthday (the day after kind of sucked, but that’s neither here nor there…). It was so special to experience the faire that was “ground zero” for a community that shaped American counterculture and has had such a profound influence on my life.

Thanks to all my friends who helped make this trip possible and force fed me Gatorade when I desperately needed it!