Part 1

Of my cluttered mess of a mind.

Cayden’s surgery is not tomorrow. Tomorrow is just an appointment with the surgeon to get the order of getting the surgery. 😕 like what? You know I work, right? So last minute change of plans. I will be working a half day, Cayden will be going to school. I need to get valentine’s tonight for his party. Had to tell all the people who were coming to his surgery (dada, grandma, and godfather) that it is not tomorrow. Now this means I will just have to make another appointment.

I am so over appointments.

I'm pregnant, Dean!

“Hey baby, food’s ready.”  You leaned over to Dean—who sat on the couch watching a football match and drinking beer. You smiled and pecked him on the cheek as your hands rested on his shoulders. He rolled his eyes, letting out a small gasp. He picked up the TV remote and shut it off before standing up with his beer and taking a sip. 

“I’m not hungry.” He said, angrily, failing to look at you. He grabbed the keys to the impala from the table nearby and headed straight to the door. 

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I'm Pregnant, Dean! Part-2

Part 1

“I don’t know Dean, you did promise me anything I wanted” You smiled as you sat on your boyfriend’s lap and your hands lay on his neck. 

“Did I?” he pretended to forget what he’d promised you. Your boyfriend was a detective and worked for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He had planned a dinner date for you at one of the finest restaurants in LA and had cancelled at the last minute because of work. You weren’t upset at him but he’d still promised to make it up to you.

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After having a bad reaction to some take out (I threw up without even eating), I knew I had to take it. Here it is! I am still in shock. I haven’t stopped crying. I just want to thank all of you wonderful ladies that have put up with my venting, have been my shoulder to cry on & most importantly have been the best support system that I could ever ask for.

I am proud to say that I’m pregnant ! 💞👶🏽