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blue’s cabeswater adventures // *sits in the middle of a bridge to give some angry tourists a lil lecture about saving endangered species*

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I am soooooooooo exhausted.

Guys. Seriously. It’s been a really long time (over 10 years) since I’ve had a job where I had to be this physical. My entire body hurts. I like this job, I’m so thankful I have it but I’m frustrated because I’m in pain and because I’m still the new girl and I hate being new.

Also I think it’s a little ridic that I made $10 an hour doing a job where I just sat on my ass most of the day and I make $7.50 an hour doing the most physically exhausting job I’ve ever done. Way to go, uh, life.

(Seriously, if you work a job where you’re on your feet and constantly moving for 8.5 hours (or whatever) how do you cope?? Max tells me it get’s easier but like is there anything I can do other than popping pain reliever all day?)