I'm such a sad sack of shit

anonymous asked:

Lainey needs to leave, and Lainey needs to leave now. I've been sending her some tweets here and there to help her through this, regardless if she replies or not. As for Onision, I don't care if the fucker sees me supporting her and making an effort to help her. I'm not afraid of him.

Yea, I agree. Taylor needs to fucking take Troy with her and drop Gerg like the sack of shit he is. Gerg’s been more abusive toward her on Twitter as of late (recently with her being happy that a member of her favorite band liked a tweet of her, but blocked Gerg because he’s racist) and it’s so sad to see.

Like, I know that Taylor can be a little shit and it is annoying. But, I tend to give her more empathy because I know what she’s going through as I’ve been in several relationships like that. I also give her the benefit of the doubt sometimes because she foolishly jumped into the relationship while she was young and naive. I’m betting that she’s regretting it now, but she may feel like she may have to stay together for Troy or out of obligation when that’s not the case at all.

She would just need to get a job to support herself and Troy and maybe get Selena to help watch her kid while she’s at school or work (if/when she gets a job) or whatever. I want her to actually start saving to move out and be able to support herself first, though. Because recklessly moving out without some sort of financial support is a terrible idea (trust me, I know first hand).

Honestly? I would far sooner support Taylor over Gerg. Especially since Gerg strongly reminds me of my first ex and that was a fucking terrible relationship. And, really, Gerg’s more or less a push over when he doesn’t have his computer in front of him to protect himself. He can only lash out at people through his videos and social media accounts. He’s far too chickenshit to actually do the same thing he does on, say, Twitter offline to anyone. He’d much sooner get his ass handed to him before he gets very many words out, hahaha