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A cat and mouse like game between Percy and Annabeth where Percy keeps trying to catch Annabeth under the mistletoe but she’s somehow always one step ahead. Every time she side-steps the mistletoe or moves it before Percy realizes, she just smiles at him innocently. Until Percy finally gives up and Annabeth comes up to him, noses just inches apart as she smiles and raises her arm above their heads, holding mistletoe in her fingers. She kisses him and Percy is too flustered to even notice that Annabeth’s face is bright red and it’d taken her literal hours just to work up the courage to do that.

‘One check or two?’ The server smiled over both of them, and the girl briskly told him two. The boy slumped.

‘I was going to pay,’ he told her.

'Well that would make it a date, technically,’ she teased.

His mouth twitched. Then, abruptly, he called after the server, 'Could we make it one check, please?’

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write

a rather sketchy redraw of one of my favorite blood-lusty Gaara moments ❤️


Remember when…

the question “which member do you want to set up on a blind date” turned into “how cute do you think Seulgi is, Joy?” 💕👌


Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Relationship
Faybelle Thorn and Briar Beauty

maybe this is a little far fetched but
  • by the time leo comes back to camp with calypso (which is only a couple of days after the war ended) he starts to realize that he doesn’t really like calypso so much in a romantic way and he starts thinking that he could possibly be aromantic. she says it’s ok bc she apparently never even liked him romantically?? what is all the fuss about
  • anyway so the gods get really angry that she managed to get off of ogygia and they decide to try and put her back on the island as quick as possible
  • so calypso starts to panic and she asks leo and percy (the only two people she knows at camp) and the only answer she gets is that percy could hide her in a different island. which is like the least comforting answer ever
  • and she’s really starting to freak out bc she does  n o t  want to go back to that place but while she’s freaking out she accidentally bumps in to a suPER CUTE daughter of aphrodite who happens to be drew tanaka 
  • for some reason calypso decides to blurt out the whole situation to her even though they are literally standing in the middle of a path that’s starting to fill up with people
  • at first drew is sort of stunned but then she smiles at her and takes her hand and tells her that she could probably manage to charmspeak mr. d and convince him that calypso was not, in fact, hiding at camp half-blood
  • calypso is so suddenly overjoyed that she thanks her and kisses on the cheek. drew tells her that she should probably hide until she actually gets the job done but that it’s no problem. 
  • drew walks away from her blushing like crazy with a huge smile on her face
  • when calypso finds out drew actually managed to convince mr d that she wasn’t at camp it’s almost midnight. she was hiding pretty deep in the forest when drew finds her and gives her a big hug
  • they don’t really talk too much on their way back to the cabins but when they’re half way back they come to a silent agreement to sit down next to some bushes for a couple of minutes. 
  • they end up falling asleep there and drew just happens to have her arm around calypso and they both have small smiles on their faces

The room is dark and warm, the only light coming from the soft glow of the fire burning in its homemade fireplace. A fine wire mesh guards the surroundings from the embers, and the smoke and sparks fly up to a neatly cut hole in the roof, so there’s little need to worry about fire danger. Or any danger, for that matter. In the soft heat from the flames and your blanket, you become aware of how unusually safe you feel - a weird thing after nearly a year in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The only danger here in the middle of the settlement is Dogmeat drooling through your blankets. Snow is falling softly outside, and for once you don’t even worry if it’s radioactive. It’s quiet. It’s pretty.

It’s the first Christmas since waking up 200 years in the future, and you’ve been dreading this moment ever since the first shock of realizing you wouldn’t be sharing this Christmas with your family. Now that the moment is here, whatever you had been expecting seems to have melted away into the orange glow of the light. Dogmeat snuggles his nose deeper into your blanket as he curls up against your legs. From just beyond the edge of the firelight, you see the phosphorescent glow of Nick’s irises as he watches the flames. Somewhere above on an unknown second story there’s a low singing, gravelly but melodious, and you recognize Hancock’s voice. From a distant corner comes a snort that you know to be MacCready’s.

The quietest of seconds passes, and even though you have no way of telling time, somehow you know. You turn to look at Nick, and as he meets your gaze the fire reflects off the gold in his eyes for the briefest of moments.
“Merry Christmas,” he says, in the lowest of voices.
Somewhere above, Hancock’s singing fades out, drawn on a last poignant note.

You don’t remember falling asleep, especially not so easy, as you wake up to the sound of Preston laughing and shouting and bright sunbeams filtering through the cracks in the walls. You don’t remember Curie and MacCready either, who are both now conspicuously slumped against you in an unconcious battle with Dogmeat for lap space.

Suddenly Piper is in your face, chattering excitedly.
“C'mon Blue, get up! It’s Christmas morning! You too, ya smelly bum,” she adds, jabbing MacCready in the nose so that he jolts upright with a squeak. “Hurry up Blue! You won’t believe what Cait and Preston found on patrol. It’s an actual fucking sleigh! Like what they actually used to give horse rides in before the war!”
“I know, Piper, I was there,” you respond, but you’re smiling. You know Preston must have scouted that thing out ages ago. There honestly can’t have been that many sleighs in Boston, even BEFORE the war. As Curie stretches she makes soft kitten noises, and somewhere behind you Hancock is needling the still groggy MacCready while Nick chuckles. The door practically busts open, and in come Preston and Cait, carrying boxes inventively decorated with miscellaneous crap and leaves and berries serving as bows.

As you pull your blankets off and Dogmeat slides to the floor, instantly alert and happy, you stop and watch the people around you abuzz with warmth and excitement. You reach down to give Dogmeat a scratch behind the ears and realize, just maybe, you’re having Christmas with family after all.