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How do u think Taekook is real? why?

First of all, let me clarify that I when I say taekook is “real”, I don’t mean it in an enforcing and “suck that!” manner. It’s more of a “I believe in the possibility of my OTP” reaction and I’m not trying to say that they really ARE in a relationship IRL. (See this post) I want to be able to scream and smile over taekook all I want without people thinking I’m that offensive, rude and crassy-ass shipper :^) just want to make it clear that I am open to different ships and wouldn’t directly harass another ship.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on to the good stuff ;) Taekook is the ship closest to my heart because of their interactions. I’ve always believed in the possibility of taekook harbouring romantic feelings towards each other. It’s the constant skinship with each other, the intense looks exchanged. It’s them cuddling together in each others’ beds, and the playful touches. It’s when Jungkook looks jealous whenever Taehyung interacts with others. It’s when Taehyung jumps onto Jungkook for a piggyback ride and when Jungkook obliges happily.

It’s also the way they seem to gravitate towards each other, a lack of distance  whenever they’re standing side by side. The way they tease playfully, the way one licks their lips while staring at the other. The way they seem so comfortable around each other, lingering glances and touches exchanged. There’s so many more I want to list out, but I think you get the idea. Something tells me that they might be more than just friends.

Remember the way taekook hold hands? Fingers intertwined, like it’s second nature to them. 

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Do you recall them cuddling? In beds and on mats, the intimacy kills me.

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Space? Well, not really.

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What’s this? Yes please.

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Besides, have you seen the way they look into each others’ eyes? It’s as if they hold the world.

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Hi! Okay so im a lil embarrassed about this lol, but how do I achieve that fresh out the shower smell all day with smooth soft skin? I shower everyday, moisturize, and put on perfume, but it usually lasts only maybe 3 hours and then throughout the day it fades. Like Idk what I'm doing wrong. How can I achieve this? Like you know those girls who smell like they just took a shower and it's 5pm????!?! What products/ what routine should I do to achieve this?? Sorry if I dont make sense or its long

Hello, I get this, I smell nice all day but I didn’t used to!

1. Men’s deodorant, That is key, It’s better than women’s deodorant and unless your guy/gal is into weird armpit stuff it’s unlikely they will know.

2. Use lots of heavy scents. don’t go for a very light scent that is easily drowned, go strong.

3. You get what you pay for unfortunately. Cheap perfume has more alcohol in it which makes it evaporate quicker, this means the scent won’t stick around. In more expensive perfumes they use oils instead so they don’t evaporate as quickly and will stay the whole day. I recommend tom ford or acqua di parma. 

4. keep a small roll on version of it in your bag. You can buy roller ball applicators online and you can just pour some perfume in and update your perfume throughout the day. 

5. Rub some vaseline on the spot before you apply perfume, I don’t know why it works but it works.

6. Use nice body washes and moisturisers which match scent. it will make everything more intense. I recommend Le Labo for stuff that smells great and lasts throughout the day.

7. Scents travel up so sprits on thighs, wrists and cleavage. Also spritz some in your hair.

That’s it x its just money an placement unfortunately x

Lots of love, Mary xoxo

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Ahh~! I loved your little angsty drabble!! :D Could I request some jealous Rick? Maybe how guys keep hitting on his girlfriend & he gets jealous and pouty but you make it clear to him that you're his and only his? Just an idea, I'm fine with any jealous Rick idea you got ;)

Okay so this wasn’t exactly like your idea but it was in the general ballpark. Trying to break out of this writer’s block is hard as hell so I hope you like this! I’m so, so sorry it took so long ;;

Jealousy, an emotion you felt on more than one occasion. You hated feeling that way and you knew it was stupid. More times than not you’ve felt jealousy flow through your body when it came to Rick going out on his adventures with Morty. You knew they often went out together and sometimes it was days before they ever returned. You figured the jealousy you felt was because of all the time Rick and his grandson spent together. You wish you could spend a lot of time with Rick.

Today was no different as you sat on the couch, arm propped up on the arm as you rested your head against your hand. The tv was on but you were paying it no mind at all, you sort of just drifted off into your own thoughts as you stared at the tv stand. That was until Summer plopped down on the couch beside you, jolting you from your thoughts. You looked over to see her, of course, on her phone as usual.

“Why are you looking so sad?” Summer asked as she locked her phone and set it down beside her on the armrest of the couch.

“Huh? Oh, no reason..” You mumbled out softly as you extended your leg to very gently kick at the leg of the coffee table.

“Uh huh. It wouldn’t have anything to do with my grandpa, would it? You always seem so down when he and Morty are out.” Summer smirked a little.

It was no secret to the kids that you and Rick were dating. Beth and Jerry, on the other hand, were none the wiser and just considered you as a good family friend. It was actually rather amusing to you that even Rick doesn’t know that the kids found out about your relationship. You could easily play this off as boredom if it was Beth or Jerry but Summer was anything but stupid and could always read you like a book.

you puffed out your cheek in mild annoyance before sighing and looking over at her. “We aren’t spending a lot of time together these days and I’ll admit I’m starting to feel a little jealous that Morty gets to go out on all these adventures with him when I can hardly get a simple hello from him. It’s like I’m not even here anymore. It’s a chore to get his attention..”

It pained you to say it out loud but it was true. It felt like Rick was slowly slipping away from you. It was getting harder and harder to gain his attention in you. You felt as if he had become bored with you and that feeling always left a bad taste in your mouth and a huge lump in your throat.

“Well then let’s make him pay attention.” Summer grinned mischievously and you raised an eyebrow at her and tilted your head.

In that moment there was rustling and noise coming from the garage and Summer stood up, nodding her head for you to follow. You got up and followed her into the kitchen where the door to the garage was slightly ajar.

“So you gonna come with me to this party? Please, please come with me. There will be some older guys there. You might find a date~” Summer beamed happily and loudly enough for her voice to travel into the garage.

Morty opened the garage door more to step into the kitchen, he walked past you both with an exhausted ‘hello’ before trailing upstairs and who was following him into said kitchen? Rick. He walked right past you and Summer and opened the fridge to grab a beer and you felt your heart sink into your stomach. He didn’t bother saying hello. He just leaned against the counter top and drank his stupid can of beer.

“So you’re going to come with me tonight right? you could find the guy of your dreams!” Summer smiled widely and Rick side glanced at the two.

you scratched the nape of your neck before sighing. You weren’t sure what Summer’s end game was but you decided to play along anyways. “S-Sure. I’ll go with you. I don’t have any plans anyway.” You smiled sweetly and you could hear Rick scoff from behind you.

“So you’re going out to a..a…a teeny boppers party? You, you ever think Summer might be you know.. UUUGH using you to gain popularity?” Rick growled from the counter and you wanted to grin but you decided to look at him and give him the coldest expression that you could muster.

“She isn’t as heartless as you.” You said giving Rick a small wink before walking away.

“Party’s at 7!” Summer called out to you.

Seven O'clock rolled around and you decided to go with a nice casual look but still enough to show a little skin. It wasn’t your intention of going to the party to hook up with someone. You and Summer knew all too well that Rick would take the bait and follow you both in secret. You knocked on the Smith/Sanchez door and Jerry opened up the door.

“Ah, nice to see you. You here to pick up Summer?” Jerry asked as he sidestepped, letting you walk into the house.

“Yup!” you smiled happily as you seen Rick look back from where he was sitting on the couch. He let out a rather annoyed sigh and your stomach filled with butterflies. Summer’s plan was already working and you haven’t even left yet!

“We’ll be back around 1~” Summer Chimed happily and Jerry started to look rather concerned.

“That’s a little late.” He looked between the both of you.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going to be alone.” Summer walked over and placed a hand on your shoulder before walking out the door, you soon following after as you said goodbye to Jerry and Rick. Even though Rick hardly responded at all.

Closer to the end of the night you were sitting on someone else’s couch, drink in hand although you hardly touched it. It seemed as if Summer’s plan backfired. There were 0 signs of Rick anywhere. Maybe he really didn’t care? Was this how it’s going to be from now on? The thought made your stomach turn a little bit.

You were ripped out of your thoughts when you felt an arm sling around your shoulder, your attention snapped to the person who was invading your bubble to see a drunken male wobbling in his seat, clearly extremely drunk. Summer was right there were older guys here, just not the one you wanted to be here.

“Could you take your arm off me please..” you mumbled lowly.
“Why? What’s the big deal? You’re very pretty.” He smiled.

He seemed pretty harmless. He wasn’t holding you tightly or anything, he was just one of those over happy drunks and it wasn’t in you to be very mean to people so you accepted the compliment with a small smile and a “thank you.”

The male had stayed like that for awhile as you both talked. to be honest, you had forgotten his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You guess a part of you just wanted to feel close to someone, even if it was a complete drunken stranger. You both talked about a lot of different things like how you knew Summer, how old you were, and why you were here without a date.

You don’t know why but you told the drunken male about your relationship with Rick, without using his name of course. You didn’t want to embarrass Summer. You stressed your feelings and that’s when the male leaned in further towards you, he pressed his lips against yours and you immediately jerked back.

“Whoa..” you raised your hands up so that they came in between you and the male.

“What’s the problem. your boyfriend seems like such an ass-HEY!” The drunken guy slurred as he was yanked up from his seat.

You looked up and to your horror stood Rick. Rick was gripping the other males arm so tightly you thought that a small simple twist would break the poor guy’s arm. Rick looked pissed beyond all belief.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rick growled as he glared at the drunken male.

“Just- Just having some fun old man. No, No harm.” The guy sputtered but wenced out when Rick twisted the guy’s arm.

“If, If, If I were you I’d seriously consider finding someone else because this one here is mine.” Rick huffed and you felt heat rush to your face when you heard him call you his.

Rick let go of the guy and the drunken guy stumbled away holding his arm tightly. There were a few eyes on you but you didn’t care. the only ones that mattered were Rick’s. you had to admit, seeing him become defensive over you made you want to leap off the couch and kiss him but you knew better.

“And you. What the- what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Rick glared down at you and you felt as if you had sunk into the couch a little more. You didn’t want to cause any more of a scene. Rick, of course, sensed this and grabbed your hand tightly, yanking you up before going outside.

Once you were outside Rick pulled you into him, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You were a little confused at the sudden action.
“Look. I know I haven’t been that great lately- Been busy a lot but don’t ever do that again… I was here from start to finish you know.” Rick said softly, his hold tightening a little bit. “When I saw you with that guy it made me so pissed off, I wanted to punch that asshole in the face. I don’t want anyone else to touch you like that-I don’t give a crap if it was innocent or not. You’re with me and me only. I don’t like to share” He growled as he thought about the memory and that’s when you finally hugged him back. He did care and that made you happy.

making new clichés - Chapter 10 - strangetowns - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“You really think it’ll be okay?” he says. 

“I know it will,” Even says. 

(As many doubts as Isak has, he has to admit that those words, when they come from Even, are the greatest comfort he might ever hope to have.)

A childhood best friends AU - Part 3.2

In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

[15.8k / 93.2k words]

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A Drabble with Lance saying replying to something actually horrifying with "Don't worry, I'm used to it."

AHHH I’m so sorry this took me so long, I couldn’t think of anything for this! 

I’m not sure how I feel about this tbh 

Mentions Of Bullies 

Lance had always grown up with bullies. Throughout elementary school, to middle school, to high school they were always there. 

They only started getting physical in high school. Lance hide it from his parents, he would make sure that they never found out. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop them and they didn’t have enough money to move Lance to a new school. I guess I better get used to it. And he did. 


Moving to the Garrison was the best decision of Lance’s life. He had the best roommate ever, a strange communication buddy and he was far away from his old bullies. However his bullies were quickly replaced by his officers. 

It wasn’t hard for Lance to learn about the pilot prodigy Keith. Every teacher and officer made sure Lance knew he was a replacement to Keith. Everything Lance did was always “Keith did better” or “Don’t forget you’re only here because Keith dropped out.” Lance never got “Good job Lance!” 

Oh well, better get used to it. 


Lance didn’t have to deal with ‘bullies’ when he became part of Voltron, the team and Alteans were usually pretty good at being nice to him. 

However not everybody was nice to Lance. 

They had just gotten done saving a planet when the all landed to meet the aliens. Each alien was about 9 feet tall and looked like they could lift a schoolbus. They also didn’t look the friendliest.

As soon as Lance stepped out of his lion he was targeted by them. He didn’t know exactly what they were saying all he knew is he flew too close to their sacred tomb.  

Lance tuned them out as they scolded him, maybe I shouldn’t save everyone.

After about 10 minuets of them telling him what he did wrong and how they didn’t understand why Voltron pick him out of everyone, Lance walked to his lion and flew away.  

The rest of the team immediately followed Lance, barely even saying goodbye to the aliens they recently saved. 

Once up in their lions the team tried to speak to Lance, who hadn’t said anything the entire time 

“Lance don’t believe what they said. You’re a fantastic pilot and a great asset to the team.” Shiro prayed that his words reached Lance. 

“I agree with Shiro, even though we fight I still believe that you amazing.” Keith flew Red around Blue to try to get a response. 

“Lance you’re like another brother to me. You can’t believe what those freaks said about you.” Pidge attempted to keep their hands steady as they fumed with anger for what happened to Lance . 

“Lance, buddy, you’re my best friend. I know you and you are amazing. I need you to understand this, okay? Lance? Can you answer me?” Hunk was trying not to freak out, but he was starting to freak out. 

After a few moments of silence Lance finally spoke “Don’t worry, I’m used to it.” Lance turned his coms off. 

The team was speechless. How could Lance be used to being yelled at? How could he easily take the blame for something he didn’t do? 

“When we get back to the castle, everyone report to the common room, we need to discuss what to do with Lance.” Shiro watched Blue fly in front of the group and narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t sure why Lance was like this but he would fight to make sure Lance was happy. 

Like I said I’m not very happy with this.

I hope you like it though! 

I decided to try and sketch Mitch Mueller from the Web comic Long exposure by @smokeplanet. I really suggest you read this comic if you havent because it is so good.

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The prompt 131. Sterek. I just started following you because of your amazing writing. It's super duper good. And you just need to now that I'm really awed by it.

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. And I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your prompt, but hopefully you enjoy this bit of College AU misunderstandings and fluff that it inspired :)

Sterek #131 from this prompt list

Derek has let the boys in room 309 get away with a lot over the past semester, but this might finally test the limits of his patience.

The thing is, he’s not the most unreasonable Resident Advisor on campus. He knows he was a bit of a hardass last year, before he figured out how to balance the job with his overly ambitious course load. And he knows that the students who live on his floor are equally afraid of him as they are likely the ones behind the rumors that he’s a eunuch.

But he has a staunch ‘live and let live’ policy that most of them are too grateful for to complain about. As long as he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout of their hijinks, and gets left alone in relative peace, he doesn’t care what they do. And he would, honestly, really rather not know the gory details of it all anyway.

It’s a philosophy not unlike the one Derek applies to his personal life, such as it is. Over the years, he’s found that his day-to-day existence runs a whole lot smoother if people just leave him the hell alone and let him return the favor by burying himself in his books and leaving them the hell alone right back.

The boys in room 309 are so far the only ones who have decided to actively push at the limitations of this system. 

Violation after violation–from the time McCall harbored five different stray animals in there for an entire month, to the time Stilinski started charging random passersby for life advice with a cardboard “the doctor is in” sign on their door, and actually turned a not-insignificant profit because everyone thought he was collecting for charity–and Derek has let it all slide.

Not this time.

“Shut up,” he says the moment he reaches where Stiles is fidgeting in the hallway outside his locked dorm room.

Stiles scoffs. “Rude.

“It’s one thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. I’m allowed.” He pulls his master key out of his pocket and makes to open the door, but Stiles leans forward with a small smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

“Come on, you know you love our little late night chats.”

God help Derek, he actually does. Secretly, very deep down, he kind of does. Or, well, he would, if they didn’t take place a handful of hours before his alarm is set to go off.

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You're up for DRABBLE REQUESTS? So excited to read some then haha you totally don't have to do this one but I'm a sucker for the whole Auror partner thing ft. Injuries! And Panic! and Action! (and happy endings of course ;) ) anyway have a nice night!

((I’m so sorry this took me so long, I’m terrible…and this was pretty far outside my usual, uh, repertoire.  Hope you like it.))

“If I can just hit him with a tracker spell, we can get the hell out of here and make the arrest when we can convince Robards to give us some fucking backup,” Potter said. “Cover me.”

Potter stepped around the corner sending the spell at the wizard quite obviously in charge.  Shouting and hexes were already echoing at the far end of the corridor.  Potter saw the tracker make contact with his intended target; he turned to run back to the apparation point outside the warded building.  Before he made it a few steps, he felt Malfoy shove him hard enough to send him to the floor as the first hex flew over him.

“Get up!” Malfoy shouted, pulling at Potter’s arm. He cast a Protego in time to shield them both from the next round of hexes.  The flashes of light and smell of burning things were quickly overwhelming the small space. 

Righting himself, he pulled Malfoy toward the stairwell.  "Let’s go.“

They made it down from the sixth to the fourth floor before the dark wizards reached the stairwell.  Immediately, hexes were cascading toward them, slowing their descent and even destroying a large section of the stairs.  

The noise was overwhelming.  Potter threw another spell over his shoulder taking care to avoid Malfoy.  One more floor, one stretch of hallway, then they were out.  They only had to make it out the door.  Potter spilled out into the courtyard and turned to grab Malfoy apparating them back to the Ministry just as a curling yellow light of a hex wrapped itself around his partner.

“What the fuck do you mean my ‘wreckless behavior’?” Potter shouted. “I put in the request for backup yesterday! You sent us out on our own.  Now look at him,” he said, his last words catching in his throat.

“The healer said he’s likely to wake up soon,” the other auror said. “When Robards gets back-”

“Then I’ll talk to Robards. In the mean time, send more than two bloody people after that tracker spell and get the bastards. Any more of this conversation can wait until he’s at least awake. Actually… You can piss off and don’t let me catch sight of you until Draco can walk out of here and punch you in the face himself,” Potter said.

The Auror stood gaping at him for a second before leaving without another word.

“You can punch him for me if you’re that upset,” Draco said trying to sit up in the bed.

Harry nearly flew the short distance to Draco’s side.  He took Draco’s face in his hands, “Are you okay?”

Draco’s wide eyes looked up at Harry. With the faintest laugh, he said, “I feel okay.”

Harry realized he was brushing his thumb over Draco’s cheek.  Before he made himself pull away Draco said, “If you’re planning to kiss me, go ahead.”

Harry had never been so out of control of his feelings for his partner.  He had never been this careless, he was so good at keeping everything bottled up. Seeing Draco take that curse, Harry had felt such overwhelming guilt.  I said ‘cover me’ then I didn’t look out for him. Now he was holding him while Draco talked about kissing.  No, not talking, joking.

“I know you’re joking, but-” Harry pressed his lips against Draco’s.  He waited for Draco to push him away or to pull back.  Instead, Draco’s lips parted against his own.  The kiss deepened and Draco pushed his hands into Harry’s hair like it was something he had wanted to do for ages.  

The door opened with a Healer running into the room. She blushed, “I’m sorry- the heart monitoring spell- just- when you said you were his partner, I assumed you meant Auror partner- I guess I could have knocked-” she paused to take a breath, “You really should have let us know he was awake.  Now, if you don’t mind getting your face off his, I need to do some follow up tests.”

“It’s okay, Potter,” Draco teased, “My lips will still be here when she’s done.”

Harry smiled, “Well, I’ve waited this long.”

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Please do Tom Holland 39, 79 and I'm a sucker for 104 but I'm not sure why. Lol. I love to know what a guy will do when faced with finding out. I also love finding out how the couple gets together especially if they were friends or it was unrequited you know? I'm hoping I get up the nerve to do one of these some day. You are very talented and I love to read. 😊

A/n- I am so so soooo sorry it took me so long to post and on top of that I feel like it was horrible :( But I hope you guys liked it… and I hope it’s not as bad as I think it is.

Warnings: A couple cuss words, dramatic as hell, and there’s probably spelling mistakes ( sorry )

Word Count: 1075

39- “ Are you jealous? ”

79- “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”

104- “I’m pregnant”

Prompt list

Spending a night out with your friends was always the way to go, but when the friends you’re out with happen to be famous it gets a little rough to be with just them. Tom, Harrison and you had decided to go out to the club tonight, more like Tom and Harrison decided to go to the club and drag you with them when you rather lay in bed and read or watch Netflix. But now you were in a club, wearing a tight red dress that shows all of your beautiful curves. Men were gawking at you left and right, causing you to try and stay closer to Tom and Harrison, but not really succeeding at that when they get pulled away by some people.

“Great” you mutter to yourself as you wiggle your way through people to the bar, ordering a drink, the bartender smiled sweetly and got you your drink. Not really wanting to find Tom or Harrison you decided to hang around the bar, after a couple drinks the bartender, Luke, started to make basic conversation.

“You here with anyone?” Luke questions as he wipes the counter down, his eyes gazing up to meet yours with a smile that could kill you in seconds. “Well, I am, but I don’t know where those two boys ran off to.” You say with a small laugh, making that statement caused you to look around to see if you could find either Tom or Haz, unfortunately there was no luck there. “Boys huh?” Luke says chuckling a bit.

“Yeah. My two best friends.”

“Best be talking about us love” You hear Tom mumble in your ear from behind you causing you to jump, but a smile spread over your face. “Yes Tommy, I was talking about you guys.” You say as you smile over at Luke, “ Found em’. ”

After a while of sitting at the bar with Tom, and Harrison nowhere to be found you noticed Tom was being rather quiet and looked quite pissed off.

“You good Tommy?”

“I’m fine” he was lying straight through his teeth, he could tell that you knew that he was lying, but he wasn’t going to admit he was jealous.

“You’re lying to me Thomas.” You sang as you got up from the barstool grabbing his hand pulling him into the crowd.

“Where are we going?”

“Changing the subject now are we? Just tell me Tom,” you stopped walking and wrapped your arms around his neck, “ Wait, are you jealous that I was talking to that bartender?” Your eyes wide, but a gaping smile on your face. Normally, it was you to get jealous when other girls were around Tom.

“ No! Why would I be jealous?” Tom grumbles as he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

Dancing with Tom at the club wasn’t an abnormal thing, you two did it in the most meaningless ways and if you weren’t dancing with Tom, it would be Harrison, and if not Harrison, most of the time you just sat at the bar drinking.

About an hour later, Harrison showed up and the three of you decided it was time to go home.  But within that hour, you and Tom had consumed a large amount of alcohol, and danced even more, but things got a little heated and you two had snuck off to one of the bathrooms and had a quickie. Because what’s better than being shitface wasted with your best friend and then having sex in a bathroom with that very best friend. The best friend that you’ve loved your whole life. Later that night, you two went at it again, but that time it was slow and passionate, but neither of you would call it making love, you both called it a one time thing. And that one time thing just so happend to repeat itself a couple more times.

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If you have time could you do the rfa+Saeran reaction if there MC acts kinda like a cat? Like she sits on counters and really random high places, she disappears out of nowhere, gets distracted easily by the smallest things? I always get told I'm like a cat when I do those things so I was wondering how the rfa would react

sorry this took so long I procrastinate a lot >_< this was a very cute request and I enjoyed writing it

Requests are open just incase you didn’t know ;)


- he thinks its super cute

- but he also finds it weird how he would turn around for 0.03 seconds and BAM you disappear

- honestly hates playing hide and go seek with you because he can never find you

- he dislikes when you disappear because one time he went to the refrigerator to get water and out of nowhere you walked up to him and whispered “meow” in his ear

- he screamed so loud you got a noise complaint

- seven never let him see the end of it after that


- he honestly thinks its a weird trait you have, but he loves you nonetheless

- he gets slightly annoyed when you just vanish and he can’t find you

- cause he’ll worry someone kidnapped you or that you possibly hurt yourself in anyway

- sometimes if you’re gone for too long, he’ll think you left him, or maybe you just don’t like him anymore

- he straight up tells you he doesn’t like when you do this so you try not to do it

- one time he came home and saw you sitting on the edge of the balcony to your apartment

- this poor boy seriously thought you were trying to commit suicide

- you have to calm him down and explain to him you just like sitting in really high places

- “Don’t do that ever again MC”


- this boy adores you even more when he found out about this specific trait you have

- he thinks its cute how you get distracted so easily

- sometimes he’ll be bored out of his mind and he could just look up at you and see you trying to swat away a fuzz ball in the air

- he lowkey treats you like a cat just to see a reaction

- like he made a laser pointer and started shining it around you when you were reading

- you jolted right up, dropped your book, and started looking for the source of the light

- when you heard the laughter you immediately knew it was seven and threw your book at the back of his head

- it was worth it tho


- he thinks its super adorable

- but he’s just worried you might fall down from the high places you like to sit on

- he gets scared you might fall off the rails when your on the roof looking on the stars

- but surprisingly you have pretty good balance and never fall down

- just as long as you don’t fall and hurt yourself, he’ll be okay with it

- claims you’re the only “cat” he’ll ever like


- he thinks its super unprofessional how you get distracted so easily

- he makes you go to the doctor to see if you have ADHD or something

- but as it turns out you don’t and its just apart  of your personality

- after a while he learns to accept it and finds its one of your “flaws” he grows to love

- he calls you “kitten” now

- you and Elizabeth get along well which unsurprisingly Jumin loves


- she hardly has a reaction to it actually

- other than “try to keep it professional in public MC”

- she’ probably used to you sitting on the counter while she makes coffee

- or you sitting on her desk while she does paper work for Jumin

- she has kicked you out of her office quite a few times for “distracting” her while she works

- but she always invites you back in because she feels guilty afterwards

I had like, the weirdest thing happen to me last week when I was at Starbucks.

I was on my lunch break, minding my own business and drinking some coffee, when one of the baristas who works there came to my table and sat down.

And I’ve talked to him a little so I figured he was just being polite and whatnot and we talked about my internship and I asked how long he’s been working at Starbucks, and then he started preaching to me about Jesus and the kingdom of God.

And like…personally I’m not religious so I was already like ehhhh I don’t want to have this conversation and offend him or have him offend me. But he kept going and me being me I couldn’t find the guts to tell him to leave.

Then he said, and I quote, “I used to be a homosexual until I found the kingdom. Now I’m blessed and healed and waiting for the perfect woman to come into my life.”

And like I don’t know if I was giving off vibes and he was trying to “heal” me but like I was so uncomfortable but continued to sit there for 40 more minutes while he showed me bible verses.

Like…it’s been so long since I’ve had to sit through someone preach about sexuality to me and tbh I don’t really care what this guy was saying cause fuck it I have all this love to give to any person who wants it and I love that about myself.

But also.

I definitely did not need to have this weird ass experience and wish it never happened.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I only recently found your blog but I love it so much! I was wondering if you could do some thiam prompts for me?? 1 how do they comfort eachother when they get scared? 2 what is the packs reaction to them being together? 3 if something breaks which one fixes it and which one complains and doesn't help? 4 what is Liam's reaction when he finds out Theo was living in his truck? Thank you I love you!!

1) How do they comfort each other when they get scared?

Theo’s all calm logic and sarcastic comments. Voice steady and even as if everything is normal as he talks Liam down from his fear. He’ll put a hand on Liam’s shoulder as he speaks to him, grip bordering on too tight and force Liam to meet his gaze. Mostly he just gets Liam to focus on him until he either forgets why he was scared and is ready to fight or, if it’s something like a nightmare, will just sink against Theo’s hand until Theo’s forced to Liam flop lazily against his chest.

Liam’s more tactile when Theo gets scared it’s usually less “we’re about to die” and more ‘I have PTSD from you and your asshole friends sending me to hell so suffer from nightmares and the occasional uncomfortable flashback’.

It was unbearable awkward for both of them the first time Liam witnessed Theo waking up after a nightmare, neither really knew what they were meant to do. Liam tried Theo’s method, a hand on Theo’s shoulder and trying to talk to him but his voice was almost as shaky as Theo’s because even though Theo was trying to hide it Liam could still see the tears shining in his eyes and hear him heaving for breaths and his shoulder trembling beneath his hand.

Where as Theo would duck his head and force Liam to look at him Liam couldn’t get it to work with Theo, he stared right through him as if he wasn’t even there and so Liam had done the next thing he could think of which was tightening his grip on Theo’s shoulder enough to yank him in for a hug.

Theo fights for a moment, his body tense fingers gripping at Liam’s waist claws sliding out as if ready to slice into him while Liam stays still, chin hooked over Theo’s shoulder hands pressed against his back and his heart stopped because he was hugging Theo. He’d mumbled a quiet. “You’re okay.” And Theo had deflated, claws retracting. He didn’t hug back, not really, fingers just twisting in the shirt at Liam’s waist his forehead resting against Lia’s shoulder as he steadied his breathing.

After that it was just sort of how Liam dealt with it, Theo would get scared and Liam would pull him into a hug, murmuring pointless reassurances until Theo calmed down. 

2) What’s the pack’s reaction to them being together?

By the time Theo finally gets the balls to kiss Liam everyone’s honestly just happy they’re not going to have to deal with the pining anymore. There’s a pretty collective sigh of relief when Liam stutters out that he and Theo may or may not (they totally are) be dating.

Of course Theo still gets a string of threats about hurting Liam or using him, or hurting anyone ever again but other than that, which he’d expected, it’s pretty easy.

3) If something breaks which one fixes it and which one complains and doesn’t help?

Liam tries to fix things, Theo will sit back and watch, he’ll bitch that Liam’s taking too long, Liam will bitch that it would go faster if he had some peace or quiet or some help. Theo will nod and say “well it’s a shame you can’t always get what you want.” and continue to heckle him from the side.

“You know that doesn’t look right, are you sure you know what you’re doing liam?”

“No. So if you could help then-”

“I’m teaching you to be self-sufficient, go on Liam, hurry up. We’re meant to be meeting everyone in half an hour.”

Liam would hate him for it, does at times, but sometimes Theo will fix stuff when he’s not looking, he won’t mention it or admit to doing it but Liam knows it’s him. When he broke one of his moms ornaments and had failed at gluing it back together he’d come downstairs the next morning to find it stuck back together so perfectly you wouldn’t be able to notice it was even broken unless you really looked at it.

And you know, he gets his own back when the truck’s broken and Theo will be fixing it. He does try to help, but Theo will usually send him off with a glare when he passes the wrong tool to him. It’s not Liam’s fault he’s not exactly handy, give him a sport and he’ll kick everyone’s asses, give him a bit of DIY and he’s more likely to put a nail through his hand.

4) How does Liam react when he finds out Theo’s living in his truck?

He worries while angrily denying he’s worried. He doesn’t actually ask Theo to come stay at his for a while. because that would show he was worried. He waits until his parents are asleep and texts Theo at 2am with an excuse about thinking he can smell another werewolf.

When Theo gets there, 10 minutes later skidding to a stop at the curb breaking just about every driving law he could and jumps out of the car, bleary-eyed in sweatpants and a thin tshirt with his hair mused and a crease from the seam of the seats still on his face, somehow he still looks ready to fight whatever beast dared come near Liam’s house.

Liam greets him with an awkward “Don’t worry about it, it was a false alarm.” that he’d practised saying with a steady heart since he texted Theo. “Sorry about dragging you here over nothing. You can crash here for the night if you want?”

Theo knows what he’s doing. Liam knows Theo knows it was all an elaborate plan to subtly get Theo out of the back seat of his car but he doesn’t say anything. Neither does Theo, just looks at Liam like he’s crazy before nodding and following him into the house.

They also don’t talk about it when Theo’s moved from the couch to the spare bedroom the next morning and unpacks within five minutes of being there. They’re both fully aware he’ll be staying indefinitely, no need to make a scene about it. 

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Mind if I ask you about your shading process and how you pick colours for shading? Because it's mindblowing and I remember reading that you didn't like to use multiply. So I'm really curious.

This is a great question!! I’m sorry it took so long to answer. I was trying to think of the best way to go about showing you! That being said, here is a very long post with a lot of gifs.

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cecily-light-worm  asked:

if you have time can you do this prompt - amusement park au, percabeth: we came to the amusement park with our separate group of friends, and our groups are odd in numbers. We ride the roller coaster and our friends are already all paired up so we have to sit together. :) Please and thank you.

“This is dumb,” Annabeth grumbled. “Why do I have to sit by myself?”

“You won’t be by yourself,” Hazel said comfortingly. “You’ll be sitting with a stranger.”

“Oh, great, thanks, Hazel.” Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Why do I have to be the one who sits with a stranger, then?” 

Piper draped an arm over Annabeth’s shoulders and pinched her cheek, saying, “Because I sat by myself on the last ride, and Hazel was the odd one out on the ride before that.”

Annabeth swatted her hand away and shrugged out from under her arm. “Hazel wasn’t the odd one out, she didn’t even go on that ride.”

“Which makes her the odd one out.”

Annabeth sighed. “Piper -”

“Come on, Annabeth.”

“Can’t we just wait for Rachel? Then we’ll have a group of four and no one will have to sit with a stranger.”

“Nope, Rachel said she didn’t want to do this one. The show she’s watching doesn’t finish for another twenty minutes, anyway. And if we wait that long then it totally throws out our afternoon schedule.”

Annabeth chewed her bottom lip. She didn’t say anything, but just rolled her eyes and stepped in to line. Hazel and Piper high-fived and stepped in behind her.

It wasn’t long before a group of guys joined the queue behind them. Piper nudged Annabeth with her elbow and muttered, “Hey, they’re an odd group too. Maybe one of them is the stranger you’ll get sat with.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes, wearing a mask of practiced disinterest. But when Piper snickered and turned away, she glanced out of the corner  of her eye at the group, sizing them up. They all looked to be about the same age as the girls, dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts. Not too bad looking. She was about to turn away when a complaint from the boy at the back of the group caught her attention.

“Why do I have to be the odd one out?”

She raised an eyebrow and turned her head slightly, trying not to be obvious about her spying. The group of guys shifted, and she finally got a good view of the one who’d spoken. He was taller than her, with messy dark hair and bright green eyes, a really quite impressive jaw line.

“Because you lost sudden death rock paper scissors, and them’s the rules,” a short boy with unruly curls answered.

“Leo, you literally made up the rules for sudden death rock paper scissors as we were playing,” a blonde boy with glasses pointed out.

“Yeah, thanks Jason!” the original boy said, punching the blonde’s arm lightly. “Those rules shouldn’t count.”

“But alas, they do, and Percy must ride by himself. Such a shame,” Leo said, smirking.

“I wish Grover was here,” Percy grumbled and folded his arms over his chest. 

Suddenly, Annabeth was very preoccupied with some mental calculations of how many people fit on one rollercoaster car at a time, and how many people were ahead of them in line.

When they reached the front, the attendant asked how many in their group. Piper answered, and then the attendant craned her neck to ask the group behind the same thing.

“Great, you’ll all be in this car then,” she confirmed, gesturing for them to go line up at their gates.

Annabeth stepped into a row, trying not to fidget as she waited for Percy to join her. Don’t say his name, she thought to herself, Don’t let him know you were eavesdropping like a creep.

“Hi,” he said, flashing her a friendly smile as he stepped in behind her.

“Hey,” she smiled back. 

“Your friends ditch you, too?” he teased.

She laughed. “Yeah, the losers. Something about having to take it in turns to ride alone. Terrible.”

Percy chuckled. “At least you didn’t have to undergo a round of sudden death rock paper scissors.”

She winced. “Oh, nasty.”

He seemed happy that she was playing along with his joke. Conversation paused when the coaster pulled in, but once they were buckled up her turned his head to face her.

“I’m Percy, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Annabeth.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Percy.”

His expression turned serious, but his eyes were shining as he said, “Now, uh, I think it’s only fair to warn you. The real reason my friends didn’t want to sit with me is because I get scared on rollercoasters and try to hold their hands.”

Annabeth bit her bottom lip, contemplative. “I suppose you can hold my hand if you get scared.”

Percy grinned, and she grinned right back.

Oh, she owed Piper and Hazel big time for letting her get paired with him.

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The Unofficial Boneheads Family Portrait

As they would say in Monty Python, “and now for something completely different”…

Welp. After a few months, lots of hard work, and a few challenges, the Boneheads Family Portrait (or rather potraits) is finally here.

I am so sorry this took so long, with me being busy in my life and also trying to get it just right to my satisfaction. But, at least it’s finally here!

Honestly, I had a lot of fun making this. Sure, there were multiple challenges, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much.

Really wish I could see your reaction, Atomi. Hope you like this! This won’t be the last piece I submit.

((And yes, Brook is kneeling down in both pics.))

—Jack Anon

(Resend because I had to fix a few errors)

Real quick, it looks like there’s a 2nd image attached to your submission, but it’s not showing up. ^^;

Anyways, holy smokes this is amazing!! ^^ I think you did a really good job with this. At least form my own experience, group images aren’t easy to pull off, but I think you did a really nice job here. I love how Brook has to basically be on his knees in order to make sure he appears in the photo. Poor guy is too tall for his own good. XD By the way, I love how it’s called a family portrait, even though they’re all a group of friends. Stuff like friends considering each other family is an idea I can never get enough of. Anyways, thank you so much for all your hard work with this. I think this came out great!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request how the rfa+saeran would comfort an upset MC bc her parents are getting on her back about one grade in her worst class, when all the rest of her grades are near perfect and she just wants to be encouraged for what she did do right. (Maybe she gets off the phone and immediately starts crying- idk) it's finals season and I'm dying lmao, thank you!!

Ahh I’m sorry that this took so long anonny! I’m guessing that you finished up your final exams by now but I’m sure that you did amazing and passed them all! I made these longer especially Saeran’s for some reason as an apology so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung both had finals approaching so the two of you were driving home from a study session at the library
  • Both of you were stressing out over finals and receiving a phone call from your parents who yelled at you for one poor grade you had didn’t help
  • Yoosung watched you out of the corner of his eye as he drove, silently listening as he saw you crying
  • Yoosung pulled the car over as you sobbed out that you just wanted some encouragement but only got your parents yelling at you
  • His heart broke for you and as Yoosung gently wiped your tears away, he had an idea
  • He sped back home and once the two of you got there, he gave you his blue hoodie to wear and grabbed your favorite snacks and drink as he made his way over to his computer
  • Once you were settled in Yoosung’s lap as he sat in his large computer chair, the two of you spent the rest of the day playing LOLOL
  • When nighttime came, you and Yoosung were cuddled up together in bed with him holding you hand
  • “I don’t want you stressing about your grades MC. You’re the smartest person I know so you’ll do amazing on finals! Your mom is honestly crazy to say anything negative because all of your other grades are outstanding! I love you MC, no matter what your grades are.”
  • You fell asleep that night, stilling holding Yoosung’s hand, taking his kind words to heart, knowing that Yoosung really was the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ask for


  • Zen hated seeing you stress out over your final exams for classes since his princess should never have to be nervous over anything
  • He would sit across from you with his chin resting on his folded hands as he’d admire how hard you worked for your classes
  • But his thoughts were interrupted when your ringtone went off and after talking on the phone for a minute, you started crying
  • Zen rushed over to your side, rubbing your arm soothingly as he leaned in to hear your parents hollering at you for having just one bad grade
  • Seeing you this upset was not oaky to Zen so after you hung up, he buried your head into his chest as you cried your eyes out
  • But Zen wanted to get your mind off of things so he swept you up and started twirling you around the room, singing your favorite song for you
  • You couldn’t help but laugh as you and Zen clumsily danced around the room, with Zen pulling you onto the couch with him as he peppered your face with kisses
  • “You’re perfect MC, absolutely perfect. Having one bad grade doesn’t define who you are. I won’t let you go until you realize how smart you are! You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met MC, never forget that.”
  • Zen cradled your head onto his chest as you soon fell asleep on top of him with his comforting words and silky singing voice, no longer worrying about your grades


  • Jaehee sees herself when she watches you study for your final exams, recalling her own exams
  • As she’s brewing you a cup of your favorite warm drink, she hears your phone go off and listens as you shakily explain yourself
  • She brings your drink to you and sees you holding your head in shame as you tell her through teary eyes that your parents yelled at you for having a single bad grade
  • Jaehee nodded, pulling you out of your chair and into the bedroom, putting on your favorite movie then grabbing a large blanket and wrapping it around the two of you
  • She moved your head onto her shoulder as you cried telling her that you were doing so good in all your other classes and just wanted some support
  • Jaehee pursed her lips as she mused your hair, kissing the top of your head as she gave you the encouragement you deserved
  • “MC, your grades are amazing so please don’t worry. Even though I know you’ll pass, getting one bad grade isn’t going to change who you are or tell you that you’re not smart. I love you MC, whether you pass all of your classes or fail them, that fact will never change.”
  • Listening to her soothing words plus being wrapped together did help you feel at ease, taking Jaehee’s words to heart as you drifted to sleep with your girlfriend


  • Jumin always admired how hard you worked in your classes even though he offered to give you a job at his company without having to complete school
  • But you refused, determined to get through your finals and you were starting to feel confident until your parents called you
  • As Jumin was getting you some water, he heard your parents scream so loudly through the phone that Elizabeth the third jumped
  • He went to your side, rubbing your shoulders as you hung up, crying as you told him that your parents are upset because you have one bad grade
  • Jumin picked you up bridal style and sat you up on the bed, smiling as he gently kissed your tears away - He then opened up the window blinds, showing the city below and the sunsetting in an array of vibrant orange and pink colors
  • The sight alone was already helping you calm down, which Jumin knew, as he ran his fingers through your soft hair telling you in his loving voice
  • “I’ve met many people but no one has ever compared to your intelligence MC. Your parents need to realize that you’re an amazing and talented person who I’m lucky to call my partner. I’ll help you with whatever you need MC so don’t worry and remember that I love you.”
  • Jumin held you close to him for the rest of the night, and with his help, you passed your exams with flying colors


  • Seven didn’t like seeing you stress out over your finals so he’d sit next to you and tell you some jokes before you got too anxious
  • You were a giggling mess, that is until you got a phone call from your parents
  • He heard leaned in next to you and winced as your parents yelled at your for having one poor grade in your worst class
  • Seven couldn’t understand why your parents were so upset over one bad grade so once you hung up with your eyes already red and puffy from crying, he was on the case
  • By the time your dragged yourself into the living room, Seven had masterfully set up a pillow and blanket fort and smiled as he led you inside
  • He carefully wiped your tears away as he turned off all of the house lights and played relaxing music, whispering sweet praises to you
  • “You know that you’re the smartest person ever right MC? You work so hard in all of your classes and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Even if your parents don’t see it, I see you as an intelligent and awesome person. I love you MC and that’ll never change!”
  • With Seven’s assistence, you ended up passing all of your exams to which you and Seven threw a house party to celebrate leaving some very annoyed neighbors and an even more annoyed Saeran


  • Saeran truly admired how hard you worked for your classes and studying for exams
  • He was resting on the couch while you were at the table one day studying when you got a phone call from your parents
  • Even from the couch Saeran could hear your parents hollering at you so he went to investigate
  • His eyes widened when he saw you with tears streaming down your cheeks as you tried to reason with your parents that you only had one bad grade but the rest were good
  • Saeran had enough of this so he took your phone from you hand, telling your parents to shut up because you’re amazing then hanged up on them
  • Stunned and still teary eyed, you cried to Saeran that all you ever wanted was some encouragement from your parents
  • He sighed and took your hand, leading you to sit on the couch while telling you to sit
  • Saeran returned with a big tub of ice cream, two spoons, and a blanket that he wrapped you up in
  • The two of you ate the chilly treat in a comfortable silence, something about feeling Saeran’s natural warmth plus the cold ice cream was relaxing
  • When the two of you were finished, Saeran awkwardly but sweetly wiped your remaining tears away and huffed as he encouraged you
  • “You know that you’re basically the most intelligent person ever right? I say screw your parents, if they cannot recognize how much of an amazing person you are then I’ll do it for them. I love you a lot MC, don’t forget that.“
  • With a sigh of contentment from you, you cuddled up into Saeran, wrapping the blanket around him as well, knowing that he would always be there for you was truly the most comforting thing imaginable

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hii, i've been reading your malec prompts fics and i'm loving it! if you're still accepting prompts, could you write a fic where magnus gets really hurt in battle feat. worried and sad alec? thanks :)

Thank you so much! I hope you like this. 💜 (sorry it took so long, college is rough)

read on ao3

The world slowed to a standstill as Alec watched Magnus fall to the ground, his hands clutching his abdomen where one of Valentine’s followers had just pulled his seraph blade out. Between one breath and the next Alec had embedded an arrow directly in the man’s heart, but it still felt like it had hit his own instead. No sight or noise captured his attention other than Magnus’ labored breaths and quiet whimpers, the way his cat eyes were glazed over with pain, the blood that seeped over his fingers like it was desperate to hit the open air. Another breath, and Alec’s hands were over Magnus’, applying pressure to the wound. Golden eyes stared up at him, the fear so potent Alec was sure every single person present could feel it.

He’s dying.

The thought came unwarranted, quick and merciless in its arrival, and tremors wracked through Alec’s body. Every bone in his body shook, but not with fear. Rage. Absolute, uncontainable fury. Images of his blade slashing through the skin of every circle member flashed through his mind in quick succession, and a rough, humorless laugh ripped from his throat before he could stop it. He was fairly sure he was losing his mind, but one word, a small, strained voice that cut through all of the chaos, brought him back to reality.


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Mission: Fuck Hamlet in the Ass

Originally posted by gillyplier

Request: Wow, another request from me! Sorry I just really enjoy your writing. Could you possibly do a teamiplier x reader like theatre au type of thing? Sorry that’s not specific I just really love theatre and teamiplier so I was thinking it’d be cool if they were put together somehow okay yeah sorry I’ll go you’ve probably got lots of requests 

Summary: Hamlet!Mark is annoying method actor and the team + Reader decide to fuck him up oops

A/N: I’m typing this at midnight in a McDonalds bc I have no wifi rip lol Also omf Mark is babyface in the gif lolol. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 572 meh

Requests are closed, sorry friends!

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