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I started sketching this back when the first episode aired and then kinda procrastinated for 6 weeks. I can’t believe I actually  finished it.

But isn’t it cute how in Future Fish, Nagisa is an astronaut and Rei just happens to be a scientist experimenting with rockets?

Kumiko and Reina study together


Kumiko and Reina on new years

Kumiko and Reina study together 2

Kumiko and Reina at the classroom

Kumiko and Reina at school

“Hey,” mumbled Tooru, eyes of ember and gold full of tenderness. Hajime knew that only he was blessed with this sight. He was gorgeous. (He wouldn’t tell this to Tooru though) 

“Hey, Sleepykawa.” Hajime couldn’t help a grin. He was blessed. (He wouldn’t say this either)

“So rude, Iwa-chan!” chuckled Tooru.

Lazy and quiet afternoons like this were by far his favorite.

This is my final version of a long list of words the boys have been called. I was going to write “HOMOPHOBIC” on Liam’s one too. Drug addict is something Louis is also related to. “Cheater” for Zayn. 

Next time you read something about them remember that sometimes people aren’t the way they’re portrayed on newspapers. Remember that we, as people, have the power to create a Public Opinion about everybody and everything so be careful on making statements based on what you think you are seeing. The formation of Public Opinion can be done in seconds and the media has the power to spread that opinion like fire. 

So, don’t let these kids burst into flames.

- All the love x.


腐ree!ついろぐ by みつい [TN: When Rin picks the phone, his words are “Nanase desu”, like in a “Nanase Residence” sense. I didn’t want to translate it like that because I thought the strip would miss the point (because it sounds ambiguous in Japanese like if he did called himself Nanase, the very thought that made Haru happy and feel like Rin married him lol) so I used “…” like if Haruka’s mom interrupted Rin and he somehow ended up calling himself Nanase. Sorry if it was a bad idea and I didn’t clear this up when I posted it orz]


Nobody knows where I was born. But I really know where I was raised. If before I was a sport, in Brazil I become an art, art painted by my feet. I learned “the bicycle, the dry kick, the ‘ginga’ “; then, I won the world. For some, I give fame and glory; for others, I give tears, and for everyone I give joy. Because each 4 years, thousands, billiards of fans make a party in my name. And for this, I didn’t see the time for this moment come. Moment of my friends, and my supporters will make the biggest party for all time, in my home. I’m football. (Brahma’s Commercial)



Weeabootale. The AU where (almost) everyone is a super kawaii weeaboo desu.

This is actually a troll AU. A joke.

I think we can all agree to say that… huh… Undertale has a loooooot of AUs. So I decided to make a joke about it by making a troll AU parodying the cringy undertale fandom- (not that the undertale fans are weeaboos, but… Ya know, bad ships, hypes, undertail and all…. I wanted to parody that.)

Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate AUs. I’m actually in love with some of them (for exemple Horrortale, Underfresh, Undynetale & Jerrytale xD)

And I also don’t want to criticize weeaboos trought this AU. I took this theme absolutly randomly. And since I love parodying animes and all, I thought it would be a good theme for me xD so yeah, if you’re an anime lover, don’t be offenced by this! I don’t hate you! I love you!;3

This introduction comic is so wrong and offencive omg. Please don’t be offenced by this. It’s really all a joke omg don’t kill me.

I guess I forgot the word “offencive” in the introduction gif.

Offencive and gross.


ok I gotta shut up now. This post is getting too long.

I wasn’t gonna post any weeabootale on tumblr, but since my friend @3demonicangel posted a weeabootale fanart here, I thought I needed to introduce it.xD (PLEASE GO FOLLOW HER!! it’s her birthday today!! ;w;)

btw if you’re wondering, YES, I made everyone in this AU. Everyone.

Even Jerry.


Ah, and sorry for all those english mistakes… I’m french so english isn’t my native language ;w; I was also typing very fast… (for exemple of course I wanted to write “partner” instead or “parnter”….) I’ll try to fix those mistakes asap if I can TT///TT

read from left to right please. As much as it’s “weeabootale”, it’s not writen in the manga order lel.

gif, y u no work on phones. *cries*

“spartacus is a graphic and visceral retelling of rome’s most famous gladiator. when his wife is taken into slavery, he must fight in the bloodthirsty roman arena, where killers become gods and grisly death is primetime entertainment.”


i recommend watching the series in order it aired: blood and sand, gods of the arena, vengeance and war of the damned. gods of the arena is prequel, and i wouldn’t advise you to skip it, because you’ll have a wider look on the story of batiatus and his ludus and you’ll meet new characters, who are gonna be important for the next seasons.also, don’t mind the weird cgi in blood and sand. they went for the 300 look at the beginning, but then it’ll look more natural and less odd.unfortunately, starz had to recast liam mcintyre for the lead role, with andy whitfield’s (the original spartacus) own blessing, as he was fighting non-hodgkin lymphoma. it might take quite some time to get used to liam, but keep in mind that andy and he are different actors with different approach to this character. give him a chance. also the actress for naevia was recast due to lesley-ann brandt’s personal reasons.


rape and sexual assault, abuse, blood, violence, gore, suicide, death. please, message me if there’s something more. basically, spartacus is very gore-y and violent show, with lots of sex, cussing, blood and death.
a detailed list of triggers for vengeance

all seasons (x, x, x)

season 1 - blood and sand (x, x)

01. the red serpent (aired january 22, 2010)
02. sacramentum gladiatorum (aired january 29, 2010)
03. legends (aired february 5, 2010)
04. the thing in the pit (aired february 12, 2010)
05. shadow games (aired february 19, 2010)
06. delicate things (aired february 26, 2010)
07. great and unfortunate things (aired march 5, 2010)
08. mark of the brotherhood (aired march 12, 2010)
09. whore (aired march 19, 2010)
10. party favors (aired march 26, 2010)
11. old wounds (aired april 2, 2010)
12. revelations (aired april 9, 2010)
13. kill them all (aired april 16, 2010)

prequel - gods of the arena (x, x, x)

01. past transgerssions (aired january 21, 2011)
02. missio (aired january 28, 2011)
03. paterfamilias (aired february 4, 2011)
04. beneath the mask (aired february 11, 2011)
05. reckoning (aired february 18, 2011)
06. the bitter end (aired february 25, 2011)

season 2 - vengeance (x, x, x)

01. fugitivus (aired january 27, 2012)
02. a place in this world (aired february 3, 2012)
03. the greater good (aired february 10, 2012)
04. empty hands (aired february 17, 2012)
05. libertus (aired february 24, 2012)
06. chosen path (aired march 2, 2012)
07. sacramentum (aired march 9, 2012)
08. balance (aired march 16, 2012)
09. monsters (aired march 23, 2012)
10. wrath of the gods (aired march 30, 2012)

season 3 - war of the damned (x, x, x)

01. enemies of rome (aired january 25, 2013)
02. wolves at the gate (aired february 1, 2013)
03. men of honor (aired february 8, 2013)
04. decimation (aired february 22, 2013)
05. blood brothers (aired march 1, 2013)
06. spoils of war (aired march 8, 2013)
07. mors indecepta (aired march 15, 2013)
08. separate paths (aired march 22, 2013)
09. the dead and the dying (aired april 5, 2013)
10. victory (aired april 12, 2013)

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