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SPN Hiatus Creations | Week Eight

Week #13 - Favourite Headcanon Alternate Universe (Merthur AU)

What is your favourite headcanon from an AU setting? (Asexual Merlin & supporting boyfriend Arthur)

Photo wall of Nerdity!  I’ve taken this like six times and it always has weird shadows I’m giving up! 8)

Gwen (upper right), the Squirrel-Girl sketch (upper right), BB-8 (bottom left) and Carol (middle bottom) are from @m-sciuto

Tony (middle left) is from @gingerjuju

The triple frame in the center is three cards from @grumpycakes  Left is the christmas card from Avengers tower, with Steve, Tony and DJ.  Center is Clint and Phil wishing me a happy birthday.  And right is the Interns, Harris, Darcy, Shawn and Drew on a Christmas card of their own. 8)

The Carol with wings (top center frame set) is her petvengers version from @nocek  

Adorable stretchy Nat and Clint is from @3fiddymore

The Kitty/Piotr on the far right was purchased at an Artist Alley years ago, and the Wanda and Sam in the next to bottom row were gifts, and I do not know the artists.  If anyone does, let me know so I can tag ‘em!

The painted BB-8, the painting of my two monsters kitties under the Christmas tree, and the adorable Steve/Tony meet BB-8 were all gifts sent during my Christmas Card exchange.  I very carefully noted the artist name/tumblr on the back, and then, like an idiot, framed them and STUCK THEM TO THE WALL.

What I’m saying is that if you are the one who sent it, and are still following my inept ass, please let me know so I can credit you. 8)

Closeup of Steve and Tony meet BB-8:


i’m uncomfortable with how attractive paul is without the beard