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Okay, so remember that ask about how Luigi is buddy-buddy with his ex-minion pals? I’ve gotten a handful of reminders from both anons and actual users telling me that Luigi wasn’t conscious during his time as a villain and therefore would not remember his time in the castle. That’s cool, you can believe that if you want! But I just can’t agree.

Here’s what bugs me about Mr. L:

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but do you have headcanon about Shino ? (i read yours and it was awesome, plus, Shino is my favorite character ever)

I’M… going to have to make a part 2 for this. (btw good choice shino is a darling)

  • There are so many interesting interpretations about his eyes! But here is just one: Aburame eyes are extremely light sensitive, but they are able to compensate by utilising the senses of their kikaichu. Their eyes are also subject to a limited range of visible colours. 
  • The rest of his team don’t pick up on Shino’s colour blindness until Hinata sets off a smoke signal and Shino mistakes red for green and acts accordingly, almost jeopardising the entire mission. Kiba gets a laugh out of it later. 
  • Afterwards, they come together and devise a more reliable method of long distance communication to accommodate for him. It involves a relay of information and subtle fluctuations in volatiles the kikaichu emit. Both Akamaru and the kikaichu tagging his teammates are able to sense it, and the insects have different flying patterns to convey a certain scenario to Hinata and Kiba. His teammates are then able to return the signal as the insects respond to sudden controlled spikes of chakra.
  • Team 8 are also able to send more detailed messages to Hinata through hand signals as long as they’re within the range of her byakugan.
  • Of all the people for him to befriend outside of Hinata and Kiba, perhaps the most surprising is his bond with Sai. Shino could have easily been Sai. They both had ‘brothers’ whom they weren’t related (closely) to by blood, and Shino would have been recruited into ROOT had Torune not volunteered as in his place. It would be all too easy for Shino to have been raised without emotions and act as nothing as a tool, just as Sai had.
  • Sai is so eager to be friends. Shino appreciates how he makes an effort to listen and remember his likes and dislikes. He always notices Sai, and tries his best to include them both in activities with the others around their age group. Shino brings entomology books and points out all the different insect species and Sai draws them and brings them to life.
  • He remains unbothered by Sai’s occasional awkward comment, because they’re never about his identity as a bug user. He doesn’t hesitate to correct any offensive comments about Hinata and Kiba, but it doesn’t affect their odd relationship. And Naruto has already talked enough about his dick SO.
  • He’s always been the tallest out of all his classmates. Puberty hit him early (how else could his voice be that deep at 12 haha…) and he started shaving around 14. Kiba’s so disappointed with himself. He’s so jealous it keeps him up at night. (As an adult, Kiba can finally wear that stubble with pride.)
  • Shino opts not to grow any facial hair because he wants to distinguish himself from his father, who looked almost identical to Shino at the same age. Shino is all about being an individual. o/
  • Although he’s finally found comrades and lifelong friends in the Konoha kids, Shino has always been better with kids and the elderly than people his own age. Old people love him, because he’s such a good listener and takes everything they say very seriously. They always cluck at him and tell him to stand straighter, or comment how it would be nice if they could see his face properly.
  • As for his experience with children, please consider Shino-sensei. 
  • Little children are not phased they don’t think the insects creepy at all. He’s a hero. Shino is oddly happy that someone is eager listening to him.
  • His skin is riddled with pock-marked aberrations left from the kikaichu. The kikaichu are able to stitch them back together with a substance they excrete, but they never heal properly because the insects are repeatedly entering and exiting his body, following the same pathways left behind from the insects before. As a child he spent more time amongst other clan members where it was a normal occurrence. After he entered the academy and interacted with others outside the clan he became a little more conscious over it, but now they are a source of pride for him as an Aburame. He still covers them up though, mainly to avoid exposing his jutsu to the enemy.
  • The kikaichu take up a significant amount of mass in his body. At any point in time there are always some insects that remain in him, mostly those necessary in reproduction. His insects have relatively short generation times. If all of the kikaichu were somehow flushed out of him, his organs would probably collapse.
  • Aburame women are hardcore. Child birth in their clan is associated with a high mortality rate for both the infant and mother. Aburame women basically spend 9 months holding back their kikaichu from devouring the faint developing chakra system of the fetus. Shino’s mother died shortly after the symbiosis between him and the kikaichu was established.
  • Team 8 all grew up in single parent households… as will Kurenai’s child one day. 
  • Shino respects Kurenai so much as his teacher, a kunoichi, and mother. He - as well as both Hinata and Kiba - are especially protective when Akamaru picked up on her preganancy. Kurenai always wondered why it seemed like insects would follow wherever she went. He brings her a different kind of flower from the Yamanaka greenhouses every time he visits. Poppies are her favourite. Kurenai’s apartment has more pot plants than she knows what to do with. It’s okay though because team 8 water them all for her on a regular basis. Kurenai comments that they show up at her doorstep a great deal, and their excuse is that the plants need water.
I'm Begging You, Please Wake Me Up

I’ve been having a lot of emotions for post-Sock Opera Dipper. Because it’s so important and I need more post-SO Dipper in my life.

This is really just a mishmash of a bunch of different headcanons and scenes that I rattled off with May. It’s both dark and lighthearted but I tried to keep it on the bright side. Heaven knows this fandom needs it lately.


He didn’t need a hospital but after the beating he’d taken, he sure needed some bed rest and some tender loving care.

In fact, he hadn’t even made it to the car. He’d been following his sister down the steps of the stage when his legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor with a painful yelp. Mabel tried to hoist him up but Dipper was too limp, too tired, too weak to help support himself and in the end Mabel had called for Grunkle Stan. The man took one look at Dipper, shook his head, and hoisted the boy up in his arms.

“I told you, kid,” Stan grunted as Dipper’s eyelids drooped with exhaustion, “I told you to be careful…”

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anonymous asked:

it's written here somewhere that you think baek's not 100% straight? if I'm not mistaken. I sorta agree with you but can you elaborate your reasons here for me? sorry to ask this tho since my question is kinda out of topic (not baekyeol involved). thank you :) I love this blog so much anyway.

Yes, indeed it is! I think admin MTL was the one who said it first and foremost, so she should be able to give a better logical response when she has time! For now, you’ll have to make a do with me, haha. I also think Baekhyun is not 100% straight, although it was difficult for me to reach this conclusion. One of the things that confused me the most about him was how versatile he was. By versatile, I sort of mean flexible, and not physically flexible (although who knows hoho). I mean, how he acted around guys in contrast to how he acted around girls. If you’ve followed EXO diligently, and watched them on many radio/TV shows, you would notice how flirty Baekhyun is with male MCs, compared to with female MCs. He leaves me speechless sometimes. Around males, especially males who think he is pretty and shoot indirect or direct compliments at him, he acts like a completely different person. I think he’s showing us all one of his true sides. We really don’t mind. The fact that he enjoys and basks in male adoration was pretty telling, and I thought to myself a straight guy generally wouldn’t behave this way. Sometimes, I brushed it off thinking it was just him being his playful self, but it happened really often and I gave up. What he is… still confuses me, but I don’t think he is 100% straight. Confusing? Believe me, I know TT

-admin SFS

It’s perfectly ok. to discuss Baekhyun and Chanyeol outside of Baekyeol here, really. But yeah, it was me who spoke about Baekhyun not being 100% straight, and I view him like that for a while now.

You want to know my reasons? Ok, here it goes:

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