I'm sorry fandom for tagging this rubbish

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Post 1 fav from 10 fandoms and then tag 10 others. Here are my 10 chosen children:

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers, is me and i’m very protective, she can do no wrong MY ULTIMATE
  2. Captive Prince - Damianos, never been prouder in my life MY 2ND  ULTIMATE - MY 3RD ULTIMATE IN THIS FANDOM TOO (Laurent i love you i’m sorry) 
  3. The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes, bamf
  4. Teen Wolf - Stiles Stilinski, ray of sarcastic sassy sunshine in a pile of rubbish  
  5. Hannibal - Will Graham, sass & curls & dogs
  6. Sherlock - Mycroft Holmes, i just love you  
  7. Supernatural - Dean Winchester, ma babe   
  8. Skam - Isak Valtersen, too precious 
  9. Daredevil - Karen Page, deserves all the good things    
  10. Sense8 - Sun Bak, precious bamf

This was hard … I apologise to my forgotten children 

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