I'm sorry but not that sorry

@ michael clifford u can’t say things like that. u can’t. there are real ppl with eds that watched that/listened to that and have been triggered by what u said. I know it was a joke and pls never stop joking but pls also be careful w what you say. too many ppl are too ashamed to go for a snack (even if they’ve barely eaten today) bc they’re thinking “oh my god I want a snack I’m such a f*t f**k”

roommate!calum is always a dick when you try to bring someone back home, walking around without clothes on and walking in on you “on accident”. finally, one day you confront him about it, demanding that he respect the sock on your door, and in his frustration she slams you against the wall, his arms on either side of your head, and growls out, “are we really going to ignore this?” he leans closer, so his lips are almost brushing yours as he speaks, “i can hear you at night, your walls aren’t that thick.”

anarchyaustralia and tokyoluke are doing roommate!5sos night :-)


I went to Daisy’s funeral service. Her mother came and thanked me for being such a good doctor. I was so much more to her than that.