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tossingspades asked:

I'm also first generation in America with my dad from the Philippines! I actually had a question about drawing males. I find the facial features to be horribly difficult. Any tips?

Great question! I could sit here and make charts or guides or “rules” to men, but I think that kind of stuff becomes really limiting and I honestly think the best way to make drawing less difficult is by your own observation.

This is how I learned:

STEP 1: Find a dude that you find aesthetically pleasing.
STEP 2: Compile a bunch of pictures of said dude.
STEP 3: Look at said dude pictures when you draw.

I’m actually pretty serious about this. For me, the easiest way for me to learn to draw something I’m not used to drawing is to find something enjoyable and personal about learning. Figure out what it is you love about drawing and find a way to apply it to new subject matter.

Prior to about half a year ago ago, I wouldn’t draw dudes unless I had a very specific reason to, and even when I did, I never felt as comfortable drawing men as I did with drawing women. In my semi-embarrassing case, I developed a ridiculous crush on Chris Evans as Captain America last summer and that finally motivated me to stop half-assing my dude drawings in the sense that I wanted to draw his character “right.” 

Anyway, looking at a lot of pictures of him (and other men) obsessively really dug into my subconscious and made me more aware of what men actually look like VS. what proportion/anatomy books say men look like. This is what I mean by not wanting to list arbitrary “Rules” of how men look.

Here’s a dude drawing from a year ago vs from a few minutes ago:

Something else that’s very helpful is looking at appealing drawings from other artists and trying to reverse engineer their technique. JC Leyendecker had an unparalleled way of capturing male energy, so looking at his work is immensely useful.

TLDR: REALLY REALLY REALLY LOOK AT A DUDE. That’s how you start to understand masculinity. 

Yall realise feminism is nothing more than the fight for true equality for all people right? There are just a lot more rights that need to be given to women for that equality than there are to men, hence why it’s named so. Yes, there are some people who use it as an excuse to put women above men, to hate men, and who don’t include lgbtq or non-white people in their cause - but these people are NOT the cause. These are simply individuals with different (wrong) views. The same happens in every major group, such as religion - every religion has people who pervert the teachings to suit them so that they can justify their terrorism. Feminism isn’t a bad thing - people who pervert feminism to suit themselves are a bad thing. Don’t call yourself an anti-feminist because of these people. Be proud to call yourself a feminist, embody the actual beliefs of the movement and show everyone what a true feminist is!