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pokemon go just got released in my country!!!!

Bleach my eyes, for I don’t want to see any more lies
—  Me, after reading the Bleach ending.

Happy Birthday to Hey! Say! JUMP’s mood making-photographer-drummerboy Yuto Nakajima!!! Wishing you continuous sucess on everything you do! Hope you are having a wonderful day! 💕 Holy crap everyone is getting older. 

Her face lingers in your head and you know that she’s important to you, but you just can’t seem to remember why.

I’m sorry, I’m weak and can’t resist sadstuck with Alpha Rose thinking about Kanaya :’)


I don’t think my mom understands that just because I can drive that doesn’t automatically make me the family taxi

wontonyates  asked:

jw (if you posted it before, sorry i didnt get all the way through your blog but i love your hcs and all the stuff you post ) do you have come up any origin stories for the fabulous four?

Thank you so much you’re so sweet😊. Alright, so I don’t really have an origin story for anyone except my OC, but I could try to make one up if you want? This one’s for Ghoul.

I think that he was born in the zones, killjoy blood runs through his veins and that shit fuels the energetic motherfucker. His parents, well they lived through the wars of the early years, they were a pair who were known pretty well throughout the zones, had a lot of allies and friends you know. But because they were so well known and respected out there it made them a target for Bli, they were ghosted in a firefight and Ghoul caught news of it on the radio when he was 16, to this day he still never really allowed himself to mourn, he just kind of shrugged it off and told himself that “this shit happens all the time out here”.

Many of his parents’ old friends offered to take him in to their gangs but he refused to stay with anyone other than Jetstar who had been a family friend for a long time. So for about 3 years it had been just the two of them, surviving together and living off of each other. That is, until they drove down to zone 2 one day and happened upon a pair of siblings, stumbling through the dirt and on the brink of starvation. So they they brought them to the diner and fed them, in exchange the siblings offered their names and stories. They introduced themselves as Gerard and Mikey and explained that they were juvie halls from the city who had just entered the zones about two days ago, hell they didn’t even have Killjoy names yet. Jet and Ghoul knew these kids wouldn’t make it a day out there by themselves, so they took them in, showed them the ropes, shared food and information.

Ghoul got a lot of shit from bigger gangs who knew his parents because like “What the fuck dude, we asked you to join our gang but you decide to play killjoy dress up with two City kids! You’re gonna starve out there and don’t come crawling to us when you kill each other for the last can of Power Pup” Regardless of everything, it didn’t take long for Party Poison and Kobra Kid to not only become valuable members of their gang, but also valued friends, the Fab Four eventually became one of the most well known gangs in he zones.

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He had just handed in his report. He had eaten and taken a bath as well. Any normal person would consider resting after a mission. Cross Marian did not. He had other things to take care of. He walked into his room and over to the chair by the desk. He picked up the coat hanging over the back of the chair.

Cross had played the perfect General these past three weeks. He’d done all of his duties, been serious at all the meetings an even ceased drinking. Not that he planned on continuing this. It was mostly to get the people to drop their guard. Of course Allen and a few others were still suspicious. Those who knew him the best so to say. Their suspicions weren’t unfounded. He was going to sneak out right now after all. He might come back after that. He just wanted to get out without the surveillance. He had contemplated jumping out the window a few times, but ultimately decided against it in case his magic proved to be too slow or not work.

He made his way out of the order without getting seen. Oh okay. Tim, the golden golem did catch him in the act, but he did manage to bribe him and told him to go back to Allen and not tell him anything. Now hopefully the golem kept his word.

All Aboard the Fluff Train

Fandom: DRRR
Pairing: Kadota x Sumi
Rating: uh??? Safe?? It’s fluff so cx
For @dotaccino ur great man ♡
Description: just something small to try and cheer you up ♡

♡ —— ♡ —— ♡

For once, peace and quiet.

The van gang wasn’t around and it was just the two; silent. They weren’t doing much, more or less the usual. Kadota was reading and Sumi was cuddle next to him. Lately, something had seemed a little off about her. Kadota obviously took note of this. After a while of the peaceful silence, he put the book aside and turned and hugged Sumi.

“Hey look…I noticed something seemed to be bothering you…you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m here to listen if you do.” He said, his voice gentle.

Sumi didn’t really know what to say or whether or not to say anything at all. After another bout of silence, Sumi spoke up.

“Ah…well you see…I’ve just been feeling kinda down lately…but it’s not a big deal and you shouldn’t worry yourself over it-”

“Of course I’ll worry about it. I love you, you know? Whether or not it’s something you consider big or small. I’m here to listen and help you with these sorta things.”

Another silence fell upon the two.

“Thank you..” Sumi mumbled.

“Of course,” Kadota said with a gentle smile before giving her a quick peck on the lips, “would you like me to read to you?”

She smiled.

“That sounds great.”