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Jason and Dick Best Moments

Jason and Dick aren’t close, but that doesn’t mean the two never shared any great moments tho ;)

So here 25 best moments of Jason and Dick:

Dick giving Jason his costume.

also his phone’s number.

and the two shared a handshake with batdad looking proudly (and creepily) above.

and here the two…

…annoying each other.

Dick protecting Jason from seeing some…stuff..

and calling him “little wing” (yeah it’s actually a canon nickname not fanon).

fighting together and getting along.

and here Jason stopping Dick from making a mistake.

“Keep your eye on him, okay?” yeah, Bruce will keep very good eye on him alright.

Dick finding out that Jason is dead (months after Jason dead because Bruce didn’t bother to tell him…)

he visited Jason’s grave with Kory.

and beat the heck out of The Joker for mentioning Jason.

he also…

….got haunted….

……by Jason once.

the two went to the mountain together once (don’t ask how and when because I have no idea).

they didn’t get along at first when Jason returned.

and the two did fight against each other.

and with each other.

and there were…

…..some teasing.

and joking around (just ignore Jason’s mask please).

and there were some really……

….heart warming moments (the writer and the artist confirmed in their twitters that it’s Jason and Dick who are hugging each other in this panel).


anon request | socky #2

Minhyuk hummed as he did some finishing touches on his little latte art and carefully pushed it across the counter, announcing that the latte was ready. A petite girl came bouncing over, carefully picking up the cup and carrying it back to her table.

It was a slow day for the Flower Shop. It was a slightly misleading name considering they were a coffee shop. But the owner, Jinwoo, didn’t want it to be Flower Boy because that would be cheesy, even though it was true. The shop was like something out of Coffee Prince. Everyone who worked there was beautiful one way or another. The other barista was the ever handsome Moon Bin. He’d actually been the one who introduced Minhyuk to Flower Shop. And unsurprisingly, Dongmin was the one who introduced Moon Bin to Flower Shop. It all just kind of fell into place after that.

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Hey so you don't have to answer this but I had a discussion about 13*w with my friends and I tried informing them of how damaging the show was but they kept bringing up the point of "well there are warnings at the start of every graphic episode" but the warnings don't do the scenes any justice??? Like idk the entire thing was just dumb because their argument was rooted in that fact that the warnings should've deterred people when my entire point was showing extremely graphic scenes is harmful.

It’s the most ridiculous argument. It’s very hard to ignore a show that’s consistently thrown in your face. It’s everywhere, all over social media, on the TV, in the newspapers, on Netflix next to ‘recommended for you’.

Everyone is all: “Hey, have you seen..?” - “if you’ve not seen 13RW you HAVE to.” - “it’s so good, how can you NOT watch it?” - “you will LOVE it because it touches on subjects close to you” it makes you feel like you’re missing out on some great thing, then you watch it, it’s traumatising, and the only argument everyone has is ‘well it warns you.’ Because they KNOW it’s traumatising.

People do not understand how hard it is to get a show that represents depression/rape/suicide in its brutality without also traumatising its viewers (Please see Chicago PD, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The O.C, Scandal, Rookie Blue for hard hitting, yet not traumatising shows about rape/mental health). To have a popular show represent the shit you went through, without that also traumatising you is basically unheard of. It very rarely happens, so when a show is fucking aimed at you for these reasons, you WANT to watch it, because FINALLY you can relate, maybe even understand your own emotions, and maybe everyone around you will FINALLY get it too.

To be roped in like that and to be triggered multiple times and have it depicted in a massively inaccurate way is a gross manipulation. To then have people be like ‘well you were warned’ is just a joke. It demeans the show even, because they’re saying your trauma is unjustified, and basically that you did it to yourself by watching LITERALLY, the most popular show on Netflix.

if a famous war film came out and a bunch of veterans with PTSD saw it and slammed it for being damaging, would he get the blame of the film for being so graphically harmful? No. So what’s the fucking difference?

Also, I wasn’t trigged by the show - I would have been a few years ago but for some reason I wasn’t.

I just think it’s a shitty show and there was no warning for that.

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hey hey for the character/palette thing, i'd love to see eponine in #92 and cosette in #128, and if you'd like to i'd love to see them in 19th book era clothes or hair or w/e (if you want :P ) otherwise just whatever u wanna do!!

Again, anon, why not both? 
Thanks for asking (I kind of went overboard on the sadness train with both tbh)

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New shawol, may I ask what happened in 2013 that was so important for shinee ??

hi there! welcome to the shinee world c: /cough cough/ 2013 wAS SO IMPORTANT let me just, let me just take a second to breathe-

okay so! in 2013 shinee didn’t just come out with the beautiful master piece that is the misconceptions of you album but they also came out with the misconceptions of me and the later repackage album, the misconceptions of us. these albums not only were gods work, but during the second one, jonghyun was in a car accident and couldn’t film the music video ;A;, butttt when he came back-he went on to promote and sang live, and omg we missed him so much ;;

and like alongside that tHEY ALSO came out with the Boys Met U album, in japan and that was a work of art on its own tbh. and they did a mv for the singles, fire, annnnd breaking news

plus they did a concert in japan, so our boys were hella super busy!

and with all this work they did, guess what? THEY COME OUT WITH YET ANOTHER ALBUM.

the everybody album is literally a gift from the lord above, god bless. and sm did a live stream on youtube, so international shawols can see shinee perform, and they performed symptoms and litERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE DIED. //they were all so perfect omg/// aaaaaand they came out with the colorful mv which was super duper cute

and then, the final thing that made 2013 so dang important.

shinee winning artist of the year at the melon music awards

tears were everywhere, jonghyun was loudly sobbing, kibum was crying while thanking everyone for the award, jinki was bowing the entire time so no one would see his tears, taemin /taemin/ was crying, the kid that never cries was crying. and lil baby minho, who doesn’t ever cry, had to stop mid-sentence because he was sobbing.

and they didn’t even expect to win the award, exo had to go up there and cheer them up because they were too busy crying and thanking everyone and saying that they’ll work harder to actually accept the award

everyone cried, shinee cried, shawols cried, and honestly, that just took the cake. it made 2013 the year of shinee, it really did. it made me super proud to be a shawol. 

2013 was something so amazing to experience, from the albums that kept on coming, to jonghyun getting into an accident and the joy of having him back safely with silver hair for the first time, then the japanese promotions, and another album, and then having them flat out sob onstage in front of thousands.

it was amazing man. freaking amazing.

Why I will never give up

I have wanted to be a visual development artist since I was 4 years old.

When it was time to choose my high school, I went for the Institute of Art, which had several hours a week dedicated to drawing and painting. My teachers advised me against it, because they said that kind of school was for people who didn’t want to do anything with their life. The average high school here has about 30 hours of classes every week. We had 42.
I graduated with their highest scholarship and the highest score ever.

After highschool I enrolled at the university for foreign languages because my parents wanted me to have a plan B in case I wouldn’t succeed at animation. But at the same time I enrolled into an animation school because like hell I would drop that dream.
I left university after a month to focus on animation. Again, my teachers told me I was making a big mistake, wasting my potential.

After 3 years of animation school, I wasn’t nowhere near the skill level I was expecting from myself, so I started looking for any online school I could find. I attended several online classes, workshops and masterclass. I’m still doing it, and it’s been three years.

In the meantime, I’m still living at home with my parents and they have no idea of what I’m doing. They don’t even know what a visual development artists does. They probably still think that my job is to draw a bunch of characters each day while watching animated movies.
They keep joking about the fact that I spend the whole day sleeping at home, and when I dare to mention how tired I am, they ask why, since I’ve done nothing all day.

I actually wake up at 7 each day, weekends included, and I start my day, studying, working on commissions, working on my portfolio (which I update basically every month), working as background artist for an amazing 2D animated movie with a terrific team of people from all over the world, and constantly exercising to improve. Usually I go to bed at 2.

My parents support me, for real, but they just have no idea. I have the constant fear that I’m not good enough. That I’m just wasting my time. They keep telling me to get a “real job” and focusing on more realistic goals, and then “maybe, something will happen who knows?”

They don’t know I have to be constantly involved in what I’m doing, that you have to be in the right place at the right time, that you can’t just “hope” to get there.

They also don’t know of all the applications I sent that got a no for an answer, or about all the projects I’ve worked on since I graduated.

I have a friend of mine that knows me since I was little. He knows about my ambition, and every time we see each other he would ask me if “I’m already working for Disney” with a smug smile on his face, already knowing the answer.

I know that this might not work. I’m okay with doing any job I get while I try to get there.
But I will. I will because I know this is what I’m supposed to do. I’ve known it since I was a kid. I know because each time I watch my favorite animated movie, my favorite animated series, I get that wave of passion and energy that makes me get right back to work.
I can’t imagine my life goal to be anything else, and I’m going to prove anyone who just politely smiles, with compassion in their eyes, every time I mention what I do that they are wrong. I’m going to clear that smug smile off my friend’s face, and to make my parents proud showing them that I know what I’m doing.

I wrote this crazily long post because I need to remind me this every once in a while, and maybe there is someone else out there who needs to read this too.

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Please don't think I'm a dick for asking this, I'm coming from a place of genuinely wanting to be educated. Why is genderbending bad? I always viewed it as an interesting 'hey I wonder what this person would look like if they presented as a different gender' kind of thing, but if that's bad, I'd like to know where my line of thought went wrong, if you don't mind explaining.

It’s ok a lot of people have this question! Genderbending is inherently transphobic. It’s very Cis™. Sorry to get a little blunt here but in fanfics and fan art genderbending is when someone takes a cis male character, gives him boobs, a vagina, and usually long hair and voilà he’s a girl. Or the opposite- someone takes a cis female character, takes away her boobs, makes her hair short, and gives her a dick and voilà she’s a boy now. It’s a lot of equating genitals to gender and it’s very ew. I’ve seen people try to call it “cisswapping” to cover up the fact that it’s transphobic and tbh it makes it even more uncomfortable like they’re ,, owning up to it bein transphobic. ANYWAYS It’s fine when trans people do it even tho it still personally is Eh to me but when cis people do it it’s Major Yikes

tl;dr cool kids don’t genderbend cool kids make trans headcanons

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Holy diddly that manga with the all in muscle girl seems cool ?? Is that some sport manga but with girls ?? Dang, I'm already checking it on google lmao, have you read it maybe ?



THOSE ARE ALL GIRLS, THIS IS A MANGA ABOUT WOMEN’S MMA AND IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! beautiful art, amazing storyline and characters, incredible fight scenes, seriously if you don’t read this you’re missing out!!



THE STORY IS REALLY ORIGINAL, it’s actually kind of like reading a sports manga in the point of view of the antagonist, I can’t explain it properly because the main character is SO complex but you won’t find any cliché “power of friendship” in it, it’s a completely new perspective from what we’re used to when it comes to sports manga.


Self Care

(ooc: H-hello everyone, I’m terribly sorry if I concerned you all. I am…ok, I have closed the ask box for now…I will be taking another break from the internet, I really do need to take better care of myself…I am not good, health wise, and emotionally…I’m tired and sick constantly. I don’t eat like I should, I don’t sleep well, and…I have no motivation for anything, including art, which terrifies me. I tried drawing and I could not stop shaking, it’s my only release yet I can not do it…I’m losing my hair again, which is a bummer, it took forever to regrow the first time, and it’s not easy when people give you looks because you are bald and have cleft lip pallet…I already get enough from people calling me manly. I’ve also have a ton of personal issues that I can not get into. It just made everything worse, everything went wrong so fast, there was so much I am dealing with at once, and I am still apologizing if I hurt you, I really did not mean it at all, I never want to cause anyone pain… I’m going to be honest with you all…I was considering quitting this blog, because of how stressed I’ve felt and guilt for hurting people, but…people still are here, so I won’t leave, not as long as I can help inspire someone else, or make their day brighter for just a second. I’m off topic again, sorry…Yeah, so I will be leaving for a short time, but I will return, don’t know when yet but I won’t leave you all, so please do not worry none! I hope to get my motivation to draw back, it really is my life and scares me that I can’t do it…I will try to post artwork if I do get any done though, I just won’t be answering, I would like to share what I make though, if that is ok?…I still care for you guys. I love you all, hope the best for you and have wonderful days. Sweet dreams and good night, k? Oh! One last thing, sorry I know this is long, but I wanted to let you all know I have seen your kind words that you have sent, thank you for them, dears… they have helped me quite a bit even though I can not bring myself to believe them yet, it’s…really hard to do so, I do appreciate it all very much..so thank you!~)

I went through the Daenerys tag after this episode and honestly i can’t believe people aren’t talking about her attitude in this past episode. She’s acting power-crazed and it’s kind of terrifying.

She won’t let Jon rule over the North? What about Yara and Theon and the Iron Islands “The others are free to ask as well (about ruling independently).” YEah ok, let’s just ignore that.

Jon/Davos go on a long tangent about all that Jon has done to help the wildlings and all Dany can say is “I will remind you that I am the rightful heir to the throne.” R U FECKIN KIDDING??? Do you know what kind of dangerous mentality that is???? It’s basically “I want it because it’s mine” instead of “I want it because I will bring a positive influence to Westeros.” Dany didn’t even mention abolishing slavery and that kind of work. No. She has to jump to ITS MINE GET UR GRUBBY HANDS OFF MY SNOWY LAND.

And then Dany jumps down Tyrions throat just because she doesn’t immediately like Jon aka Jon refuses to kneel! “This man was your friend” Bitch yes. He is a great man and you are being the most haughty slice of cake in the whole damn country b y e.

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Fictional story ask: rabbits-of-negative-euphoria

It was kind of a weird shop, but I’d walked in anyway–there had been a cute mug in the window that I wanted to get a closer look at. As I was turning it over in my hand, the bell on the door jingled again, and you walked into the shop. I smiled absently and went back to staring at the mug.

It was handmade and absolutely adorable, but the attached note said it was faulty, and hence the low price. After about three minutes trying to find any sort of imperceptible flaw, I walked over the the counter to ask the clerk, and I found myself waiting in line with you as the young man behind the counter explained how a fork worked to an old woman in front of us. (It was taking a while.)

Finally I glanced over at the old box you were holding in your hands, and asked about it.

“Yeah, I’m not… I’m not really sure what’s inside it, because it seems to be locked, but it’s covered with these cool rune things and I’m intrigued enough to ask. What do you have?”

I showed you the mug, and you tried finding a blemish. 

“I don’t see any faults, do you?” I asked, and you shook your head, about to warrant a guess when the old woman in front of us left in a confused huff and the clerk turned his attention to you. I fiddled with a disorienting jewelry stand while I waited for you to finish, and when you were done, I set my mug on the counter. He seemed a little distracted, so it wasn’t until after I’d finished making the purchase that he finally spoke.

“Enjoy your hot chocolate mug,” he said with a smile slightly too wide for comfort. I glanced at it.

“I don’t know, I was thinking more tea, but hot chocolate is good too,” I began. He shook his head, still smiling.

“No, see, it’s the faulty one out of the batch. it was supposed to just keep the contents hot, but that one is quirky. It only serves hot chocolate.”

“I…” My eyes narrowed. “You’re not supposed to be licensed in this world, are you,” I said, and the man’s brilliant smile faltered ever so slightly. I sighed and turned away from the counter to see you looking around the shop regretfully.

“We really should report this, shouldn’t we,” you murmured, and I nodded as we headed towards the door. “Mind you get the dimension right on the way out,” you added, glancing at the dial by the handle. “The last customer was definitely not from earth.”

Moments later we were standing on solid, ordinary concrete, and I looked up at the shop sign. It would be gone by morning, doubtless, but I couldn’t help but grip my mug a little tighter. 

“I kind of wish the Bureau wasn’t so strict about keeping magic out of our world,” I said, only a little bitterly. You nodded in agreement, but you were smiling.

“At least I got a cool cursed box out of this. Let’s go see what it does.”

Send me your URL and I’ll give you the fictional story of How We Met!

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Ok I'm starting to feel like I'm using you for your wonderful writing skills but your fics are always so PERFECT & I just cAN'T HELP MYSELF I'M SORRY plz send help; anyway, what about sterek + “i’m sorry i kicked you in my scared haze in the haunted house, can i do something to make it up to you?” au?

Sorry this took so long, but who doesn’t like Halloween fics in the middle of January? Also on ao3!

Stiles had no idea why he kept letting himself be dragged into these kinds of situations. Then he remembered that he and Scott had known each other for literally their entire lives and it made a little bit more sense. Not much, but enough.

Enough to remind him why he went along with Scott’s asinine attempts at wooing Allison and getting off the bench at lacrosse practice. Enough to remind him why once he got his driver’s license he played chauffeur for Scott and Allison on almost all of their dates.

But it didn’t make enough sense for him not to be suspicious when Scott came to him and asked for a ride to the high school’s annual haunted house.

For the past three years of their high school careers, Scott had never once shown any interest whatsoever in going to the haunted house. He always said it was too childish, that he would much rather stay home and watch Halloween specials.

Stiles had a feeling that Scott’s sudden desire to attend the Halloween tradition had something to do with Allison. And his dad had always taught him to trust his instincts.

Sure enough, when Stiles had pressed Scott about why exactly he wanted to go, the first word out of his mouth had been, Allison. Stiles didn’t even pretend to be surprised.

Apparently, Scott’s plan was to impress Allison by showing off how brave he was at the haunted house, all the students assured that this year it would be genuinely scary. Utilizing the same technique as people who took their dates to see horror movies in hopes of being the one their terrified date could cuddle up to, Scott planned to be the big, strong man whose arms Allison could fall into.

It was doomed to fail.

Because nevermind the fact that Allison was one of the most badass people Stiles had ever met, going on hunting trips with her dad every other weekend and starting an archery club at the school, that wasn’t why the plan was destined for failure. It was going to fail because Scott was one of the biggest scaredy cats the world had ever known.

Just last week, he had almost fainted when Stiles had gotten a paper cut in English class, the mere sight of a few droplets of blood nearly sending him right to the floor. A few days before that he had gotten woozy from seeing a particularly rare piece of rib eye, blanching at the sight of dinner Stiles had slaved over for hours, just picking at a baked potato instead.

Stiles had told Scott as much, detailing all the times, just that week, that he had been scared shitless by the most plebeian, unassuming everyday things. From the microwave beeping to a dog barking in the middle of the night, Stiles had listed them in order of occurrence, going on for several minutes before Scott finally cut him off.

Invoking the bro code, Scott pleaded for Stiles to just come along with them, desperately in need of a ride with his mom using the car for work and his dirt bike on the fritz. After a few minutes of deliberation, Stiles had finally agreed to drive them to the haunted house, figuring he might get a little bit of entertainment out of it if Scott did, in fact, make a fool of himself.

Now, walking through the fog filled main hallway of the school which had been decked out in orange and black Halloween decorations, all by himself, he was regretting his decision.

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Like any good McLilah fan, I went full out geek on your asses and I’m not sorry. So I wanted to see what the likelihood of Delilah appearing in the first couple of NCIS episodes was, and so I decided to geek out completely and calculated Delilah’s previous appearances, to calculate which episodes of NCIS Season 15 she’ll most likely appear in! The math may not be totally correct so bear with me.

The possibility of Delilah appearing in the first four episodes, including the premiere, of season 15 (eps 1-4) is a 17% chance.
The possibility of her appearing in the next four after that (eps 5-8) is a 25% chance.
Possibility of appearing in the next four (9-12) are 8%, but the odds may be spiked up considering how advanced Delilah’s pregnancy is, and how consistently NCIS has made their Christmas episodes happen around eps 9-12.
For the fourth set of four (13-16), possibility is again 17% based on previous appearances.
For the fifth set of four (eps 17-20), it’s again at its peak potential of 25% (thanks to episodes like Page Not Found, Status Update and After Hours)
And for the sixth set of four (eps 21-24), the possibility shrinks back down to 8% (that 8% exists solely because of Something Blue, just an interesting note).

To clarify, I only counted episodes Delilah previously appeared in, in person or in photos (home of the brave), not ones where she is mentioned (like decompressed or damned if you do, or rendezvous).

To conclude:
Delilah will MOST LIKELY have an appearance (based on previous trajectory) in eps 5-8 or eps 17-20, the chance being highest at 25%
After that, her appearances are most likely to occur in eps 1-4 or eps 13-16, the chance being 17%, so we cannot rule out her being in the premiere.
And her least likely episodes to appear in are eps 9-12 and 21-24, the odds being 8%, however 9-12 usually has December episodes and of course Something Blue happened in 21-24.

Essentially, we cannot wait to see more of Delilah and McGee’s relationship and maybe we’ll get lucky and have another season like season 11, where Delilah had 50% of her appearances (6 in one season!) and I hope that this nerdy little tribute is enough to showcase what utter McLilah trash I am.
@minikate–24-05 , @a-mi-zivi and @fandomlifeuniverse @raredelightfulloveoak because McLilah I suppose.

I'm sorry I lied to you. I'll tell you everything!

The whole story. Um, it’s, uh, kind of a long story, Quinn. It’s gonna take a little bit longer than a minute. (Beat, then starts talking very fast.) Seven years ago when Marshall and Lily got engaged, Ted saw Robin across a crowded room, and I said, “Oh yeah, you just know she likes it dirty,” but Ted really liked her, so we played “Haaave you met Ted?” They went to dinner, he walked her home, should’ve kissed her, didn’t, lame. So he stole a smurf penis, went back to her place, should’ve kissed her, didn’t, lame. He threw three parties, they kissed on the roof, but decided to be friends. Lame. Then Ted wanted to take Robin to a wedding. She couldn’t go, he went alone and met Victoria. He didn’t kiss her either, lame. Not a great closer, Ted. But he finally kissed her, they started dating, she went to Germany, Ted kissed Robin, lost Victoria, Ted did a rain dance, got Robin. Ted and Robin broke up, Robin went to Brazil, came back with a latin stud. Ted got jealous, got a tramp stamp – not really relevant to the story, I just like mentioning that as much as possible. I hooked up with Robin, Ted and I stopped friends, Ted got hit by a bus, Ted and I made up. Robin and I started dating, I got fat and her hair fell out. We broke up, Robin dated Don, I dated Nora. Cheated on her with Robin, I dumped Nora, Robin dated Kevin, but not for long. And then I met you, and you took my grandpa’s watch but I fell in love with you anyway, and you let me fart in front of you and I asked you to marry me and you said yes and we came over here to meet little Marvin and that’s everything! (Checks watch.) Also I went on the Price is Right and I won a dune buggy.

Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

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Shikatema 6. Please. I'm a good person and I just need more of my OTP. Please, just please.


A/N: Sorry that this took a little bit long! I was so excited when I got this ask, especially when it was on ShikaTema so I think I kind of went overboard? I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you will enjoy reading it!

“Is there a reason you’re naked on my bed?”

 Temari giggled seductively with half of her face covered under the dark gray blanket that only belonged to her boyfriend of one year. She gestured the wet man to come forth with a finger, her eyes full of desire, “Don’t play dumb with me now, Shikamaru,” the young Sabaku purred. “You know exactly why I’m on your bed with no clothes on.”

The younger male sighed, not exactly hiding the excited smirk that had formed on his lips as he fixed the towel that was draped around his torso. He decided he wanted to tease her a little more. “Actually, I don’t know… Temari,” he mocked. “And since I don’t sleep on my bed ‘naked,’ I’m gonna go get dressed.”

The Nara’s smirk only widened upon hearing his girlfriend’s displeased grunt that came from behind as he made his way towards the closet. Her frolicsome attitude had always made her seem so much younger than he was, especially when she was two years older. He adored her nevertheless.

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@partcfyouruniverse | continued from (x)

The ruby seemed nice, if Paddie was any judge of such things; though really, she didn’t have very high standards when it came to that. Until she’d fallen in with her fellow off-colours, the would-be seer had known precious few gems who would be kind to a defect such as her; so even just being friendly went a long way with Padparadscha.

Whether Leggy would think the same of her when she learned that her companion was defective? Well, the seer could predict it just yet. No doubt it would become clear to her what to ‘expect’ in time.

“You may call me Padparadscha; or even, Paddie. It is, what the humans call, a ‘nickname’.”

It was still a new concept that Steven had introduced her to, but one that Paddie had been very taken with. The ruby, it seemed, must have been similarly so; Leggy was not a Homeworld name, after all.

“You must have encountered a human, too?”

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Hi! I'm looking at college options right now (junior in high school who wants to be an animator) and was wondering if you went to college, and if so, what college you went to and what you think about college?

Hey! sorry this has taken me so long to respond to. I’ve recieved a few of these and I keep putting them off to think about and life kind of takes over….
Anyways, here goes. I’m from the east coast, a tri-state area baby. I went to the School of Visual Arts, with a bunch of the crew here! It’s a good school. I feel most schools run the same trend, a bunch of alright classes with maybe one or two teachers who really inspire you. I don’t think one school is better than the other or necessarily even going to school, I feel it’s up to the person. There are plenty of people in the industry who didn’t start in art. Whether or not someone goes to school is kind of up to whether or not they are ready for it (and I mean this in the personal place in life sense). Schools are great for meeting like minded people and making those early social interactions that will kind of introduce you to the world of working with others. It’s a great way to ease into the real world, especially after going through 12 years of the regimented life of the educational system. It’s important to have a creative environment when trying to figure out who you are in art and school is a good place to try and find that.

Okay, now having all that being said, that’s only one path, and school isn’t the end all be all. No one path is going to be the same for everyone. I believe having passion, making a lot of work and keeping an open mind, can go a long way. You’re going to make mistakes and it’s going to take a lot of exploring to figure out what you like or who you are. Some people can find all this in school, some can just find it in their lunch hour at a crappy job. The important thing is that you want to make something and that you are willing to grow. Also know that no one makes it anywhere alone. You’re going to work with people or by just putting work out there, you’re going to be sharing ideas. Everyone is your peer, for better or worse and the best thing you can do is try learn something from any situation.

Blah, sorry this is a long rant and I hate acting like the authority on anything. I know this ask was more about schools, but I figured I’d just cover all my feeling on the matter. I hope this helps in anyways. Or in the very least gets an acknowledging “huh…”

Day three- brotp

Wise guy

Summary: dual-story! Checking another piece off the long Shotgun Verse to-do list and fulfilling a Nanbaka Week prompt!  This one was either relationship or brotp and I went with the cutest bros to ever bro, Seitorou and Nico! Also this is a story about Nico getting his wisdom teeth removed, and discovering that needles aren’t the only medical thing he’s afraid of. And I’m also projecting real hard because basically this is what happened to me. I’m petrified of medication don’t blame me it’s basically drilled into us in this state like some kind of anti-everything cult.

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anonymous asked:

I love reading your analyses and theories so I want to ask you why you think Dazai dislikes Chuuya so much? Is it because Chuuya is so willful so he doesn't like blindly following everything that Dazai says (at least not with some initial resistance)? Or is it a because he's secretly resentful of Chuuya's physical strength and powerfully, destructive ability? Actually, I'm really interested in more of your thoughts on their partnership. With and without shipping goggles. :)

I went back down memory lane to look over everything I’ve written about their rivalry and I realised a lot of it has been pretty one sided in terms of Chuuya disliking Dazai, so I will hopefully attempt to balance that out? This is semi-spoilerish if you haven’t read part 4 of chapter 4, by the way. It’s also pretty ridiculously long and fairly incoherent, sorry in advance if you didn’t sign up for this.

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