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Hogwarts Professor Kenobi...

So Erin ( @ricooola ) sent me this picture on WhatsApp and gdi brain all I can think is: HOGWARTS PROFESSOR OBI-WAN!


Professor Kenobi was, according to every female student - and a number of male students - the single most attractive individual at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry.

There had been unofficial battles, and midnight duels, about his appointment as No. 1 Heart-throb, and it was only when he’d walked through the Great Hall, cut on his brow oozing blood, robes torn and singed, absolute rage in his shining blue eyes, had those arguments subsided because: okay yes, Professor Kenobi was indeed hot as fuck.

No one actually knew just how he’d ended up in such a state, and no one was actually brave enough to even consider asking the Professor. Not after that time Aves had been so brazen in class as to actually question Kenobi’s ability to work one class when he’d obviously been ill.

Some students still made signs to ward off curses whenever that was brought up in conversation.

So, it was with quiet, insatiable curiosity that the entirety of Hogwarts watched as Kenobi lived his life within its historic corridors, teaching with passion and no little discipline. The seventh years had collectively agreed that Kenobi had to be kept at the school, no matter the cost, because he was just that damned good.

Professor Jinn on the other hand… Well most of the student body questioned his sanity more often than not.

Jinn was literally the only professor who engaged Kenobi in arguments about all sorts of topics and, usually, ended up losing spectacularly because no one, absolutely no one, could defeat Kenobi when he got frustrated in a discussion.

The visiting Ministry official two years ago had reportedly retired early after interrupting Kenobi’s class mid-way to ask questions about his teaching style.

Though… There was a rumour that Jinn had actually gone after the official through using some ‘select’ connections not long after the staff had learnt of what transpired in Kenobi’s class that day.

As a result there was a lucrative gossip house in Hogwarts, as well as one of the most sophisticated betting rings in the wizarding world, exclusively focused on the relationship of Kenobi and Jinn.

They affectionately referred to it as the: The Courtship of The Fire Lord and The Squirrel King.

Apparently Kenobi had a thing for fire and Jinn was often seen conversing with animals to such a degree he was on level with the relative insanity of Professor Hagrid.


I’m sorry okay. I’m meant to working on OTHER THINGS AND I KEEP GETTING ATTACKED BY PLOT BUNNIES!!

I very rarely get on developers on the condition of a game or game series, usually I’m pretty quick to jump publishers whose sole job is to literally make sure stupid shit don’t happen, and their developers are given the support they need to do so.

But like… honestly The Sims 4 team lacks so much creativity, and I’m not even just talking like in a general sense, I mean in a marketing sense, and a consumer sense. Like with this toddler shit. They knew there was a chance they might not ever have it, or even if they do, that even the slightest overlook will literally make all their efforts seem pointless, and the masses come at them for making everyone wait not one, but TWO years for something, and still possibly fucking it up. When you could have just made a stuff pack that gives you more to do with the babies in the meantime, to keep your audience interested. Like how hard is it to code a rocking chair to a baby and a sim, or even allow them to carry baby around in a baby carrier. Which would be no different than them being stuck to the crib, because they’re all still technically objects.

The TS2 and TS3 expansions did so well with how they all correlated with one another, and more or less coaxed you into getting the others to build bigger experiences, but literally none of that is happening in TS4. Everything seems so separate, and unrelated, like why on EARTH would you miss out on the chance of selling more copies of GTW by not adding the Yoga Instructor as a career in Spa Day? Who’s idea was it not to hop on the chance to make the Chef a career in Dine Out? Like YOU COULD HAVE SOLD MORE.

EA is literally all about the money, but this just goes to show they have completely lost so much trust from their consumers, and are so out of touch with their market, that they can’t even see the success that’s staring RIGHT AT THEM.

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Hi it's vcr anon again & I'm here to over analyze™. I'm a couple days late but I've just only noticed it myself but in the Vlive the hyungs+Yugyeom did in Dallas there's a part where Mark says Youngjae's name & if you look closely you can see happy JB's smile drop. Whether it be because he already knew how bad Youngaje's condition was or just because Mark was talking about his bae it's all the same. Thought I'd mention it bc you wrote that (amazing) fic about the situation! 2jae is too real!

My darling vcr anon,

I know that all of this happened weeks ago by this point, but I’ve been internally screaming over it every time I see the ask, so even if this is old news by now, I’M BRINGING THIS 2JAE SITUATION BACK. 

Honestly, my darling, I’d gotten so distracted by the whole situation of Youngjae’s illness and then with the rest of the tour (and getting ready for my own concert stop!) that I hadn’t taken a very close look at these videos after that first day, but bless you for prompting me to look closer because I absolutely see what you mean!

Jaebum definitely seems to have a reaction when Mark starts talking about Youngjae. While it could easily be jealousy because Jaebum’s jealousy over Markjae is real, I really think it more likely shows that they probably did know that Youngjae wasn’t feeling great. I mean, if even I thought something might be wrong when I first saw fancams of them at the Dallas airport because I thought Youngjae looked like he was staggering slightly, (specifically the one at 0:20 in this compilation [warning: screaming]), I’m sure the other members knew something was up!

Looking at the beginning of the video too, when Jinyoung says that Bambam and Youngjae are sleeping, there’s another tiny reaction here from Jaebum if you can find his face, haha with Jinyoung’s smile fading a bit too. And then how Jinyoung looks over like he’s being spoken to before adding the jet lag explanation?? The way it happens honestly makes me think that he was prompted by a staff member or manager to give that excuse… If that’s the case, that suggests to me that they really did know that Youngjae was ill, but were trying to keep the information quiet to keep fans from worrying!

But… I don’t think anyone actually knew just how sick he was while filiming the pool livestream?? They’re all playing around and having such a good time, and I don’t really think they’d be quite this relaxed if they knew Youngjae was going to be hospitalized the next day. I mean, just look at how upset Jaebum was during the concert when he was talking about having to sing 1:31am and perform without Youngjae! ( x )

I really shouldn’t get into the concert again because you’ve probably already seen my huge rant of a reply about the mess that Jaebum was at the show. But when I think about all of that in contrast with how happy and goofy he was during the pool vlive… 

And when I compare the way he smiles here with the way he wasn’t really smiling at the Dallas concert, and even when he did, the smile never really seemed to reach his eyes ( x x x )… Except for when he was told to sing 1:31am for Youngjae… no, it’s okay, I’m only sobbing.

Honestly, looking at the two times side-by-side really makes me think that Jaebum (and the others) knew that Youngjae wasn’t feeling well but didn’t know how sick he really was! Not that that stopped him from worrying! I think he was definitely fretting about Youngjae every time he was mentioned while they were at the pool because, honestly, looking out for Youngjae is basically his self-appointed job, and it was probably upsetting him so much that there wasn’t more he could do! I mean, no wonder he was so emotional when Youngjae couldn’t perform with them… 

Ahh, I know this is digging back into things that probably feel like they happened forever ago, but I still have so many feelings about this whole situation! Jaebum’s obvious worry and concern over Youngjae, and the way he clearly missed him so much still makes my heart hurt in sympathy… and honestly sets my 2jae trash heart on fire. I even read the fic you mentioned today because I was having so many feelings while working on this?? (And it’s certainly not amazing, but thank you so much!?) Thinking about how concerned and upset Jaebum and everyone was at the time, just makes me so glad that Youngjae seems to be better now so Jaebum and I and everyone else doesn’t have to worry anymore!

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what happened child

Anonymous said: what happened?

My parents are spent an hour telling me that I have two years to get my life together and are forcing me to grow up. Like do they not fucking understand that I’m not magically gonna become an adult as soon as they tell me to. And if they want me to be independent and grow up, they have to sTOP GETTING MAD WHEN I DO THINGS WITHOUT ASKING THEM LIKE FUCKKKKKK.