I'm sorry

The Signs As The Story So Far Lyrics
  • Aries:These days I tend to see red
  • 'Cause all the women swimming in my head
  • Are not the same ones laying in my bed
  • But I do my best to ignore it
  • Taurus:Give up and go home, alone, and suffer some more.
  • This head of stone let's no one in anymore.
  • Gemini:My walls are built up high forever bound to be steep
  • I've got a birds eye view of all the secrets you keep.
  • Cancer:You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do.
  • And lately I've been feeling grey but today,
  • I'm alright no thanks to you.
  • Leo:I know it's been a while
  • But I will not fake this stupid smile
  • ‘Cause you robbed me, fed me the line
  • Virgo:I sense your purpose
  • So tense inside yet not on the surface
  • And if this is worth it
  • Then why is there still small talk?
  • Libra:Stuck in your web, flailing my arms
  • Trying to break loose from your charm
  • Split up your mind, do you some harm...
  • No stranger to harm
  • Scorpio:I wish you'd stop running from your problems and run to me instead
  • Black and blue, eyes bloodshot red while she's passed out in her bed
  • Sagittarius:It cuts so much deeper
  • Why would I wanna see her?
  • Only had one beer
  • And I don’t wanna sleep here
  • Capricorn:Fuck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything
  • I've been holding back my apathy for far too long
  • You don't deserve what you haven't earned
  • And your place in my heart has just grown so small.
  • Aquarius:I’m not so open like the window you are
  • The glass just reflects the scar
  • Pisces:Damn it's hard to find sustenance when all I had was love for this and now you don't.
  • Now I just abuse substances to drown out your accomplishments, however few.
Everything Ends

A Homestuck Poem

Things are wrapping up
Stories lines stopping
Battlegrounds being chosen
Plans completing
Everything is ending

We’ve only got a few updates left
And we hold them close
wishing they’d stretch out just a bit longer
so you could finish that fanfic
or post that last piece of art

And I see that callie’s alive and jane’s awake
That Dave and Dirk finally met
That Equius and Nepeta reunited
That John’s a leader
That Karkat finally took a break

And I realize, shit it’s all about to end

The dream bubbles are breaking
The grist rigs are working
And everybody’s ready to battle

It’s all going to end

And tears come to my eyes at all we’ve been through
the haters, the character deaths, the hiatuses 
The conventions, the outrageous cosplays
We’re like one big fandom family

And we’re all thinking “what’s happening next?”
when we should really be saying, “How’s this going to end”
Because everything ends

But while the rest of the internet thinks this’ll be a funeral
It’s only just the beginning for us
Because Homestuck doesn’t die
They God Tier


“Perhaps you are right.” Lord Longford’s voice was deadly calm as he, too, got to his feet and faced the prince. “But don’t forget, your own father promised her to me, all those years ago. I was a mere boy and didn’t understand the meaning of it - but now I do.”

Those last words got under the prince’s skin more than anything. “She still has a choice in the matter, you know.” he fumed, trying not to lose control of his temper, though his hands were already shaking.

anonymous asked:

I'm so angry bc my younger brother (16) came home today from visiting a friend in tears bc his parent verbally attacked my brother using racial slurs and saying things like how 'real americans should have drowned you chinks when you were in your boat coming over here.' the worst part is his 'friend' didn't even defend him. My brother is the same boy who barely cried when he broke a leg or had third degree burns and its heartbreaking to know that inside racism/xenophobia still affects him