I'm so stupid like wtf was I thinking of

  • Kieran: [changes his hair color]
  • Kieran's haters: lOOK he's trying to manipulate Mark, omg, omg ABuSe
  • Me: Wtf
  • Kieran: [moves his hand]
  • Me: ...
  • Jumin Han: Luciel taught me a new word today.
  • ZEN: Oh. Which one?
  • Jumin Han: Tsundere.
  • Jumin Han: I think it describes you perfectly.
  • ZEN: Wtf?!
  • Jumin Han: If you say so~ :3
  • ZEN: Stupid trust fund jerk.
  • Jumin Han: Ah, I have to go now. I have a meeting in 10 minutes.
  • ZEN: Like I care.
  • ZEN: ...
  • ZEN: Don't skip lunch, okay?
RFA Couples Arguing
  • Yoosung and Seven: *arguing*
  • Jumin: *sitting a few feet away* They argue like an old married couple..
  • Jaehee: What are they arguing about this time, the dishes?
  • Zen: *updating his status on his phone* Nah, that was last week.
  • Jaehee: Well, I don't know what it is about this time.
  • Jumin: No, idea either, but it's probably stupid.
  • Zen: *glances up from his phone* They're arguing about whether ketchup is a sauce or a smoothie since a tomato is a fruit...
  • Jumin: *to Jaehee* I told you this was stupid!
  • Jaehee: Wow...so kinda like the Jaffa Cake argument?
  • Jumin and Zen: The what?
  • Jaehee: Is the Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?
  • Jumin: It's a cake! It's in the name..
  • Zen: It's a biscuit, since in the biscuit aisle.
  • Jumin and Zen: *stares at each other*
  • Jumin and Zen: *starts to argue*
  • Jaehee: What have I done?
Dark Cupid - A Summary
  • Marinette: gotta see what the boy's writing
  • Adrien: *thinking* fuck
  • Mme Bustier: can anyone tell me why people always make out in fairy tales
  • Rose: bc love conquers all
  • Mme Bustier: that's cheesy af but okay
  • Bell: ring ring
  • Adrien: this is trash
  • Nino: like me
  • Adrien: lmao
  • Marinette: waaAAAIT what did it SAY
  • Marinette: *sticks head in trash*
  • Chloe: Marinette wtf
  • Sabrina: she's finding clothes where I find mine
  • Chloe: that's so fucking true
  • Marinette: can you leave I'm busy
  • Chloe: k bye I love u
  • Marinette: sure bye
  • Marinette: Tikki who the fuck this talking about
  • Tikki: you
  • Tikki: stupid bitch
  • Marinette: ALYA HOLY SHIT
  • Alya: what
  • Marinette: I think Adrien wrote a poem about me
  • Alya: woooAH
  • Marinette: imma write back to him
  • Alya: wait what
  • Max: science told me this vry pretty badge will make her fall in love with you
  • Kim: bro thanks
  • Marinette: what are you doing
  • Max: Kim's asking somebody who is not me on a date
  • Alya: well damn that sucks
  • Kim: ur making me feel bad
  • Marinette: go ask her Kim you'll be fine
  • Kim: thnx
  • Kim: *sprints vry fast*
  • Chloe: yep yep I need gold
  • Kim: hey
  • Universe: *tries to tell Kim that this girl ain't the person for him*
  • Chloe: lmao lemme just
  • Chloe: okay bye
  • Kim: *overdramatic sob*
  • Hawkmoth: ooooo boy lets make trouble
  • Akuma: flappity flap
  • Kim: damn let's make drama
  • *bunch of shit happens*
  • Marinette: right I'm dropping this in right now
  • Alya: look at this photo of Kim
  • Marinette: oh
  • Alya: hope banana head doesn't do that to you
  • Marinette: FUCK
  • Alya: I was joking *gets shot* no I wasn't fuck you
  • Marinette: oh no
  • Chat: ladybug thanks for showing up
  • Ladybug: no worries
  • Chat: look I l... LOOK OUT
  • Ladybug: CHAT
  • Chat: haha you suck
  • Ladybug: ugh get off me
  • *more shit*
  • Ladybug: oh right to get things back to normal I gotta kiss this cat
  • Chat: don't do that
  • Ladybug: *kisses him vry passionately*
  • Chat: once again I take that back
  • *even more meaningless shit*
  • Marinette: omg I forgot to sign it again
  • Alya: you worthless idiot
  • *fin*

I tried to tell my dad it was pride the other day, because I’m part of the t in lgbt(not the a apparently) and he straight out said why? I told him I was non-binary and he just flat out said there are only two genders and for all intents and purposes I am a woman. 

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The sooner I get my breasts removed the better. If it’s even possible. 

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omg the whole "you draw a rape scene so you're a rape apologist" is the stupidest thing i've ever seen. there is like a million comics/tv show/movies with rape scenes in them and that doesn't mean that the creators support rape like wtf how can someone be this stupid. I'm sorry you get so much shit for nothing, people here just love to accuse other people without any real reason. you deserve better

ive drawn people fighting each other in big shonen battles so it means i think violence is ok. yup. this is definitely how logic works

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I'm so annoyed w/ people saying the Martinez twins & Dobre twins are copying the Dolans. Like the Dolans copy ppl first off. Second they literally aren't rlly chill. Like the Dolan twins fans r so overprotective like ??? Literally I saw a post the other day that said 'wonder why the Martinez twins are always wearing hoodies, must be cold living in the Dolan twins shadow.' Like ??????

Yo I’ve seen the most stupid stuff. Like Martinez taking a picture on a skate ramp and the fans thinking they copied the Dolans… Wtf? Or a picture where they’re shirtless and it’s supposed to be them copying the Dolans. Or having similar videos… Because they’re both TWINS! Obviously they’ll make some twin related videos.

Also I saw some really nasty stuff on Twitter like fans insulting the Martinez because of their accent or their mistakes. Bitch wtf?! I bet these people only speak one language… Smh

if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that up until the eighth grade, I thought the way to make babies was to have a man and a woman pee in the same spot so that the puddle would somehow grow into an actual human being

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Texting Blunders
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst/Fluff
Word Count: Approx 2400
Summary: Aomine learns the hard way just how easy it is to misinterpret text messages from Kise.

Based off of this prompt and partially inspired by this song.
A/N: Since our muses started off their relationship with text messages, I thought this was appropriate. :D This was supposed to be posted for the muses’ official one year anniversary on 01/30/15, but it’s a little late because I’m a shit who can’t stop procrastinating. I hope you enjoy the fluffy anyway. ;D

Always for this pos, the Kise to my Aho.

On AO3.

It’s a funny thing, going from friends to something else, something more confusing, more overwhelming, just… more.

When it starts, Aomine isn’t sure what it is exactly; he feels odd and awkward and suddenly more self conscious when Kise is around, and Aomine Daiki doesn’t get odd, awkward, or self conscious. Kise seems just as oblivious to it then as he does now. Except now, Kise is more popular with both girls and guys and Aomine really has a hard time accepting the random times he feels like he wants to punch something whenever he’s forced to be around it.

It used to be that his world consisted of two things: basketball and his impressive collection of gravure magazines. He can handle those things, the easy things. He’s learned to live in his bubble perfectly happy with his limited scope of interests. And then one day, Kise Ryouta isn’t just his friend, isn’t just someone he plays one on one with when he needs something more challenging than whatever drills Imayoshi has him doing during practice. Suddenly, Kise Ryouta becomes Kise Ryouta, and Aomine feels a little dizzy and maybe a little sick when he realizes that maybe he doesn’t mind the change at all.

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Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu.

Yumoto | Io | Atsushi | En | Akoya | Ibushi | Kinshiro

What do the Zodiac signs say or do?
  • Aries: Can girls get an orgasm?
  • Taurus: *Thinks about all the things they fucked up in their life*
  • Gemini: I like to kiss the same sex as me, but I'm not gay
  • Cancer: OMG so cute awwww- but I don't like you
  • Leo: Why do people picture me as the stupid loser idgi???
  • Virgo: I will clean my room now....... but not really ok
  • Libra: If you see me breathe heavily you know shits about to go down
  • Scorpio: *Acting stupid in front of people they like, but really. they are stupid in general*
  • Sagittarius: wtf is wrong with you bitch god dammit
  • Capricorn: People say that I'm depressed because I don't go out with friends I don't smile and I starve myself and you know, but why do people say it again idk??
  • Aquarius: I love my eyebrows
  • Pisces: I dreamt about that I fucked my brother and father last night

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I'm a dude who just finds leafy funny however I don't understand why the tumblr fanbase (including you!) sexualize and go on about his good looks so much. Is this just in the nature of girls who become fans of someone? because I can't think of any famous females I find funny or entertaining who I feel the need to obsess over stupid things like "gorgeous hands" seriously wtf? this is the same for all my guy friends who like leafy too. I feel a divide here even though we are all fans of leafy lol

Okay man, I understand you, and at first like…well I didn’t get it either, when I started watching him and realized his fanbase was like incredibly thirsty, I basically just laughed, like wtf dude.

BUT THEN - one day, out of nowhere he mentioned another YouTuber in a video that I thought was a girl (wasn’t lmao), and I felt like…JEALOUS??? I was like, “oh shit, what the fuck is happening to me”. And then one night I stayed-up super late watching his videos and fell asleep to one and like this part of me was like, “his voice is kinda dreamy ooooooh” and then I wake up and realize I CAUGHT THE FEELS FOR A FUCKING YOUTUBER????????

So Idk how it was for other girls, but basically I just developed a huge crush on him, which lead to like…all of this, and it’s weird bc other YouTubers I watch who do the same/similar things to him, like Pyrocynical, Luna, IHE, Grade A, etc. I’m not into. Idk.

Basically I think that Calvin just like…has this thing about him, like a certain kinda charm that we all flock to. It could be different for others of course, but for me at the time, I was getting over another guy, and his videos made me laugh and smile, plus I think he’s attractive, so yeah. I guess that’s my best way of explaining it. Oh, and btw, my guy friends that watch Leafy too? They think it’s the weirdest thing ever. So you’re not alone.

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ur such a stupid dumb cunt licker if u even thought Rizzles was ever gonna happen. WTF is wrong with u lesbians?? u think just cuz u like pussy, EVERYONE likes pussy? and then u have to force ur gayness on all us normal ppl?? ugh ur so fucking retarded!!! i'm so sick of all u lesbians. all u did was turn this great show into some stupid lesbian cop show that no one but lesbians like. u gays ruin everything. go fucking kill urself.

Oh lord. Really? Who assumed I was a lesbian? Fact - check yo'self anon.

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Hi so I kinda see u as a big sister character right now and i was wondering if u had any tips for feeling better with your body? im not too overweight but I'm definitely much bigger than all my friends and even though i know its stupid to feel this way i cant help but feel unappealing and gross. Like i find myself feeling guilty about eating 3 meals and im super scared of this becoming more serious...(i didnt know if u were still answering in the advice blog) thank u soo muchh <33

hi baby sis okay so what you wanna do is follow these simple steps:

- put your favourite piece of lingerie on and do a little runway show in front of your mirror. i know you’re probably thinking “Carly wtf” but seriously, playing dress up is so fun and can boost your mood up so easily! if you don’t have any lingerie, just put on some really pretty panties! now all you need to do is put your favourite song on repeat OR you can put together a playlist of songs that you love/make you feel good and you’re set! all u gotta do now is strike a few poses in the mirror, slap your booty a couple times, and then tell yourself how beautiful and amazing you are.

- now im a very firm believer of doing little things that help impact you a lot so this step is pretty basic but it’ll help for such a big variety of things! all you wanna do really is do a couple new little things here and there. so basically, paint your nails your favourite colour, style your hair in a new way, when you wash your hair take more time to actually give yourself a scalp massage when applying your shampoo, moisturise your skin, exfoliate, stretch before bed, incorporate healthier foods into your meals (ie. your favourite fruits & veggies! if you don’t necessarily like vegetables you can always take it slow and try a new one every once in a while!), learn a new little hobby every month! (even if you aren’t good at it, keep going until the month ends. then you’ll see that you can finish anything!!), start exploring places on your own but be careful. don’t go anywhere dangerous. go to like a nice park or a nice little beach or a nice café! your choices are limitless, you really can do anything and everything that you put your mind to. trust me!

- this one has worked for me immensely!!! COMPLIMENT. OTHER. PEOPLE!!!!!!! now, if you’re like me and are very shy when it comes to new people just start off complimenting others in your mind! then as that becomes your default state, you’ll be able to start telling people in person! when that became my default state, i started to compliment my friends (the people around me) more and more and eventually i worked up the courage to tell strangers (workers, people on the street, people at parties, etc) !

i hope these helped in some way, if you’re still having any issues my ask is always open lil one! luvvvv u 💜

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Ok here me out. I think it will be interesting if 1dhq tweet from @louis_tomlinson in reply to Aaron's article cus it will be something like "this is bullshit I'm straight u know !!!11!1!11!!" And Aaron can just be like wtf I literally never even mentioned Larry or you being gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂🐸☕️

like thaat would be so stupid i cant stop laughing at the image