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  • Victor: You’re the only one for me.
  • Yuuri: I know you feel that now, but there are things you want. There’re things we both want.
  • Victor: So? Everyone wants stuff, we wake up every day with list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true, but just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy.
  • Yuuri: What do you need to be happy?
  • Victor: You.
Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup


Heavy Rain + Textposts


Sorry these are so crappy I literally had to colour them with the touchpad and I drew half of them on the metro on the way home, but I just had to draw these darlings ;w; also I really have to emphasize that I adore Notepad and Tony as characters because they are such damaging ideas, not because I think they’re nice in any way, and I really think we need more villains like them which point out the horrors they represent

Also I figure alongside the general ‘how dare you come up with anything original’ rage, talking about time being a theoretical construct would basically constitute as blasphemy for a talking clock 8|

Cassandra was surprisingly on-board for the mabari. The Inquisitor never imagined her being much of a dog person, but she congratulates the Inquisitor for having a mabari puppy imprint on them. When the dog gets big enough, she spars with the dog and has recruits practice fighting with it. The seeker sometimes reads to the dog when no one is in earshot, and the mabari happily lies beside her when she does, listening calmly. Cassandra can’t help but smile whenever the dog visits her, asking for so much as a pat on the head.

Blackwall was one of the most excited to see the mabari, grinning widely whenever he sees the dog. He spoils the dog, and build a nice doghouse for them. He takes no offense when the dog would rather sleep anywhere but inside the dog house, chuckling whenever he sees the dog lying on their back, legs up, lips flopping back. He slips the dog numerous treats, and when the truth of his identity comes out, there is no anger or dismay from the mabari. The dog just sees him looking down, and puts his head in Blackwall’s lap with a sympathetic wag of the tail, an invitation for pets. Rainier sighs and smiles, stroking the dog’s head– he still has at least one true friend.

Iron Bull spoils the shit out of the dog, babying the hound. It wasn’t an uncommon sight to see Bull slipping the mabari scraps from his plate or rough-housing with him in the training yard. Sometimes when he sits in the tavern, the dog will climb into his lap. Bull’s lap barely large enough to hold him, but neither the warrior nor the dog minds. Bull just laughs and coos at the dog. “This is a good boy! This is a tamassran’s angel!” he croons lovingly. The dog thanks him with a slobbery kiss. Whenever the dog sits in his lap, it looks something like this:

Sera was excited; all Fereldens love dogs, and Sera is no exception. She likes to feed the dog things it probably shouldn’t eat, and will happily talk to the dog, sometimes using the dog as a co-conspirator for pranks. One evening after she and the dog manage to put buckets over several doors, the dog helping by carrying a bucket, Josephine visits and demands to know who did it. She points to the dog, and the dog lifts a paw, pointing to her. They both get in trouble, of course; they’re partners in crime, and Sera wouldn’t have it any other way.

Varric was distinctly reminded of Hawke’s dog, and manages to get the mabari to learn how to play Diamondback with him. Sometimes when they play a game, he calmly discusses things with the dog. “Now, do you think I should send the Merchant’s Guild a letter back, or use it to make a paper-mache boat?” The dog looks between Varric and the letter from the Guild, picks it off the table, and begins tearing it up with gusto and glee. Varric laughs, grinning. “That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” He doesn’t even mind the scraps of paper the dog leaves behind from his plaything.

Cole loves the dog; “He only wants to love and be loved.” he remarks. The dog checks on him now and then in his corner of the attic of the tavern, just to make sure he’s still there. “Panting, smiling, Master said I was a good boy, Master said they love me! He is happy, now.” he croons after the Inquisitor praises the mabari. The dog licks Cole’s face, and Cole laughs brightly. “He kissed me! I love you, too.” he praises, and the dog wags his tail in response. Sometimes, when the Veil or the world is too hard, too heavy, too sad, and Cole begins to panic, the mabari will find him and stay by him, licking him and cuddling with him until he begins to calm down. “He’s scared, why is he scared? Whimpering, wondering, he doesn’t need to be scared, not while I’m here. Thank you…”

Dorian is amused by the dog at best, but doesn’t have any strong feelings about the mabari at first. On occasion, when Dorian is in the library, the dog wanders up the stairs and lays by his chair, apparently having found a good spot for a nap. Dorian briefly considered shooing the dog away, but the mabari behaves and keeps quiet, so the mage shrugged and allowed him to keep him company. The altus feels quietly honored, pride bubbling in his chest, to be so chosen as a friend. Slowly, the dog grows on him, and he reaches down to pet it now and then, much to the mabari’s delight. The dog memorizes Dorian’s behavior, and one day when Dorian gets up earlier than normal from his chair, the mabari whines and hits him with a paw– he’s not allowed to go anywhere so early, he’s supposed to sit with him for a predetermined length of time. Dorian can’t help but laugh, and he sits back down, stroking the dog’s head.

Solas admires the dog for their intelligence, but doesn’t comment on the pup. The dog is wary of him at first, and Solas doesn’t approach him, nor does he try to touch him. Eventually the dog investigates him, sniffing at his hands and at his desk, licking his fingers cautiously. Solas doesn’t look up from whatever he’s doing, but does scratch the back of the hound’s ears nonchalantly, trying to act like he isn’t thrilled the dog finally is interested in saying hello to him. On occasion, when no one is listening, Solas will discuss his thoughts with the dog, who seems to listen respectfully.

Vivienne doesn’t care much for the dog at first; her only remark is that she hopes the Inquisitor bathes the hound enough, lest Skyhold start smelling like Ferelden. The dog leaves her be, and there is little interaction between them. At least, until Vivienne is visiting Val Royeaux with the Inquisitor, who stops in a pet shop to look at new collars. The Inquisitor is almost about to pick out a relatively plain one when Vivienne shakes her head. “Darling, if you intend to put anything on your dog, it must be classier than that strap of leather. Here, look at this one; it’s far more suited for a pet of your station…” Later on, Vivienne puts on a shiny, embroidered collar she had managed to rope the Inquisitor into buying, and the dog pants happily. Later on, when Vivienne is mourning the loss of Bastien, the dog finds her and silently lies down by her feet, and she does not object.

Josephine doesn’t have much experience with dogs, but she starts having the Inquisitor greet Ferelden dignitaries with their dog at their side. Every time, the Fereldens’ eyes light up and talk with the Inquisitor at length about their prized mabari hound, calling him “The Herald’s Mabari.” A few of them even teared up, and Josephine grew on the dog, considering the mabari to be an excellent ambassador. Every time the dog behaves patiently while their master is talking to some nobles, Josephine rewards the dog with mabari crunch. The dog starts showing up whenever any dignitaries come from anywhere, and while Josephine frets initially, most non-Ferelden nobles either didn’t care or were amused by the dog. After they go, the dog looks to her, expecting their treat, and Josephine sighs and gives them the treat. The dog sometimes cuddles against her, snuggling, and the ambassador giggles and strokes the mabari’s head.

Cullen is, by far, the most thrilled a mabari hound imprinted on the Inquisitor. He visits the Inquisitor shortly after the dog arrives, with an armful of dog toys, treats, and other goodies. He spars and plays with the dog whenever he has free time, allowing the dog to lick his face; he’s not even slightly disgusted in the least by the slobber. He frequently makes use of the dog in helping train his soldiers, and the mabari loves it just as much when a poor recruit gets knocked down. “There’s a shield in your hand, block with it!” Cullen snapped. “If this mabari were your enemy, you’d be dead!” When Cullen eventually gets a mabari of his own, he actually schedules playdates for his dog and the Inquisitor’s dog. When Cullen suffers from lyrium withdrawal, the dog visits him immediately, and tries to climb onto his lap. It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it does make the Commander smile; he could endure.

Leliana is fondly reminded of the Hero of Ferelden’s mabari, and dotes accordingly. Sometimes agents are caught off-guard to see the spymaster, perhaps the most frightening woman in all of Skyhold, cuddling and kissing the head of the dog, smiling brightly. Sometimes, if the dog seems bored, she has him run messages for her, which he does with remarkable speed; she always rewards him with mabari crunch for a job well-done. When he wants a treat, he sometimes comes to her and whines for work. “Hmm. I think I have a message you can run…” she’ll say playfully, and hand the message in a container to the dog, who runs off to work. Josephine sometimes teases Leliana about how much she spoils the dog, to which Leliana only has to say: “He is a noble creature, deserving of all the spoils he earns.”

Roxas: “Dude calm down you don’t have to bit-”


Thank you so much liverpepper and gipsydanger for working so hard to put a KH magazine together!! I can’t wait for the result. :>

I love you guys. A lot of you are young and didn’t have the chance to vote but you’ll be watching the consequences unfold before you and I’m so sorry for that. I’m so sorry to all of the LGBTQ+, POC, and muslims who are going to be targeted. I stand with you through any hardships you may face. We have a few months before he officially takes office and I beg that something can happen in that time to make this easier on us all.

Some of the Notes I’ve Taken In My Classes

these are excerpts from the most humorous notes taken for my music theory, music history, and sight-singing classes. yeah.

  • “a linear progression of bitches.”
  • “tempered scales are weird af.”
  • “Guillame de Machante yaaasssssss boi that sounds like my choir music.”
  • “Rennaisance: 1400ish-1600ish. (like, all the versions of Ave Maria.)”
  • “goddammit i miss my puppy.”
  • “i should learn to play the lute.”
  • “praise be to all the gods, we’re doing stuff i know today.” (i have no idea why i wrote this down, but i did.)
  • “also brass”
  • “note to self: don’t be a NEGATIVE ASSHAT. don’t be a SOPRANO STEREOTYPE. don’t be  FUCKBOI DIVO.”
  • “the street structure is maintained.”
  • “wtf does “Journeyman” mean?”
  • “Freddy of Prussia was not a nice guy.”
  • “solution: blame Mark.”
  • “if arpeggio is to rocket as crescendo is to steamroller, does that mean that the decrescendo is the Manheim raft?”
  • “Haydn was the court composer… and so wrote a lot of court music. poor man.”
  • “to self: refer to my independent research and papers” (background information: i have a mild obsession with Mozart)
  • (a heart drawn around the words: “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart”)
  • “opera: more ensembles.”
  • “GMn7 4/2 UGH” “G#dim 4/3 YAY” “B halfdim7 6/5 UGH”
  • “i mean, the patronage system is kind of still around in many ways today, because capitalism, and it’s just evolved. that’s how life works and whatnot…” (crossed out thing) “@Beethoven u lil shit ily.”
  • “the third movement is NOT a joke!”
  • “turns out i can’t read German.”
  • “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, BA DA DA DA DA.” “the 19th century had all the feels.”
  • (a long list of people to give worry stones/ chocolate/ comfort objects to)

(i’ll add more as more weirdness ensues.)


Colorpop Cosmetics is back again with their 2 new collections: Back to Cool & Forever Freshmen! These 2 collections are being sold in sets for $30 each.

Each set contains:

Back to Cool 

Choker- Light cool-toned beige

Mosh Pit- Mid-tone warm brown

TGIF- True brick red

Baewatch- Dusty rose

Out of Sync- Bright blue fuchsia

Too Sexy- Deep red violet with a subtle blue flash

All lipsticks are a matte finish.

Forever Freshmen

Crimper- Soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter (metallic finish)

Koosh- Icy silver taupe (ultra metallic finish)

90210- Greyed out taupe softly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter (satin finish)

Melrose- True rust (matte finish)

As If- Mid-tone cool taupe (matte finish)

Baby T- Deep blackened blue (matte finish)

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