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Hi there!! I was reading a lot of your fics (practically all night) I'm in loooooooove😍 and my fave so far was Sleepy Hobi smut I was wondering if requests for Drabble are still open or anything? If they are could you write one for Jinyoung from GOT7? Same plot as the Sleepy Hobi one?? Thank u so so much and if it's not open that's perfectly fine I'll come back another time!! 💕💕💕

I could write a small drabble. Thank you for the love honey I truly appreciate it!

Fingers moved across the small of Jinyoung’s back for the fourth time that night. He wanted to sigh, but he did that twice before and she wasn’t giving up. Instead he pretended to scratch his leg, and felt her hand move away for a second before beginning it’s slow descent down his thigh.

He was tired, beyond tired he was exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep, but her long, soft fingers kept brushing over the tip of his member making it jump. Making his heart race just enough that he couldn’t calm down enough to sleep well.

She wasn’t even fully committing she was teasing, stroking him, getting him hard and when he fidgeted she stopped long enough for him to get soft again before she started back up.

It was pure and utter agony. Especially after a two hour dance practice, a video shoot, and a fan meeting of over 2,000 girls and women. He wanted to sleep hard, the kind where your mouth was open and you snored loud.

But no, she was stroking him once more, the feel of her fingers going up his skin as her thumb rubbed over his tip made him clench his teeth.

“>>>, stop.” She jumped hearing him call her name.

Shifting in bed, she cuddled close to him and he realized she was naked. His skin rippled into goosebumps as her nipples touched his back. She lifted a leg and placed it over his, snuggling close enough to get both of her hands around his member, stroking eagerly.

“Jinyoung, when was the last time we had sex? You didn’t even notice I was naked in bed.”

“That’s because I’m tired.” Gently, but forcefully dislodging her body from his, he turned to face her. “It’s been awhile, I’m sorry but let me sleep. I’ll be cranky and I don’t want to hear you whining cause you think I’m snapping at you.”

She stiffened her arms, making it hard for him to push her away. Reaching out with her legs she grabbed one of his in an attempt to pull him closer. He fought with her a bit, trying to get her to stay on her side of the bed before he pulled a tactic he knew would would.

“Last warning, stop >>> and sleep, or I’m gonna piss you off and then you’ll leave me alone.” In the darkness he could still see her sly smile as she sat up, her slender torso curving down to wide hips.

Damn, she was hard to resist and she knew what he liked. Peeling from under the blankets like that, biting her lower lip as she peeked at him from under her lashes. “What are you gonna do? Teach me a lesson?”

He said nothing, laying on his back hand ready for the minute she reached out to him again. There was a lesson coming alright.

Just as her hand reached for his crotch, though he was tented in his pants, he snatched her precious bonnet off her head and tossed it somewhere onto the floor.

“You play too much!” >>> shrieked as she jumped from the bed, hair wrapped and secured with bobby pins, he laughed watching her fish around in the dark.

“I told you, now sleep. Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll come home and do you good.” He chuckled turning over onto his side, when a slap landed on his bicep.

“Ain’t getting shit now, you know I hate that.” As she turned around to walk to the bathroom, silently cursing because she felt a few pins come loose, Jinyoung growled grabbing her arm.

Forcing her onto the bed and onto him, he pushed her legs around until she was straddling him, his hands on her thighs. “Ride then. I’m lazy and you want it. Ride me.” He rolled his hips into her, watching her mouth shift from annoyed to amused.

“No.” Crossing her arms she turned her head away, trying to quell the hunger that was building from his hip rolls.

“>>>, this is your last chance.” He rubbed slender fingers up syrup colored thighs, squeezing them right at the point where they met her waist. He let his fingers drift down the v of her womanhood until he was scissor kicking her clit. “Take it or leave it.”

Groaning, she felt her body shake, she hated when he did that. Looked at her with that come hither stare

and pursed his lips at her in a kiss. He was already pulling down his boxers, she lifted her body just enough to move them out of the way. Lowering her upper half down, he cupped his hands around her face and kissed her.

Letting their lips come into full contact, his nose gliding over hers, he breathed in her scent as she lifted her hips and rubbed him against her slit. He was serious, she was going to work. After getting his fill of the taste of her mouth, he rested his hands behind his head and watched her body undulate on top of his.

The beads of sweat breaking down over her chest, her hands planted firmly on his chest as she moved herself up and down, making small wiggles with her hips as she breathed heavily, moaning quietly.

“I can’t hear you.” Jinyoung whispered, watching her eyes meet his, half way poised on his waist. 

She opened her mouth as her body connected with his, letting the sound flow from her mouth. Lifting a hand, Jinyoung put his thumb in her mouth, groaning as her lips closed around it sucking on the digit. 

“Turn around.” Getting into reverse cowgirl, he watched her ass bounce and shake, with him holding onto her calves for support as he lifted his waist in time to meet her bounces. 

He wasn’t going to touch her, he was going to let her finish, but the prospect of finishing together, and holding her close was too much of a temptation. Sitting up, they maneuvered their bodies so he was still inside her, knees on the bed. Her back to his chest, his arms around her body, he bit down on her shoulder as they came. As she slowly went limp, Jinyoung chuckled letting her down gingerly on the bed. 

“Now we can sleep.” She mumbled, kicking the covers around.

Jinyoung grumbled about her being a spoiled brat, before snuggling up behind her, moving his head as she adjusted her bonnet once more. “We’ll see how this plays out when you’re tired.” 

“Bet.” >>> smiled as she closed her eyes. 

Chuckling, Jinyoung shook his head, cupping one of her breasts causing her to grunt happily.

Nonny Prompt: ♔ - Finding the other wearing their clothes (from this list) (a/n: this is just wearing the other’s clothes. sorry! i suck…)

“You take this gun and shoot me!”

With Annalise’s words and the chilling shot ringing in his ears, Connor bolts up in bed in a cold sweat. Fighting his way back from the edge of the nightmare, he presses shaking hands over his eyes to stay the tears and wipes frantically at his cheeks. He covers his mouth with a hand to quell the sobs and reaches for Oliver. 

The other side of the bed is empty. The sheets cold. 

The sobs break anew as he runs a hand over the untouched pillow. Visions from the nightmare burst forth and, for a moment, the panic and terror of it choke him - the terror that Annalise made good on her threats - before he remembers. 

The conference. Oliver’s been in Atlanta the last three days. He’s coming home today. 

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vmin where jimin's good at drawing and tae founds his sketch book lying somewhere and their relationship progresses. i'm really happy that you're starting to get into vmin<3

i was always lost (but you make me whole); vmin, 1.7k, college au, coffee shop au (?)

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