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I’m so sorry for disappearing for so long, honestly I was about to delete my entire blog and I struggled so hard with my crazy head to not doing it and finally I have came up with this solution that need so much work which is my only chance for keep my blog alive and it is “redoing all or most of my cc “ properly I have started the process but there is much to do, I have my own color palette with twenty colors that I’m using to recolor my cc and there is some cc that i’m not liking them and they will be deleted but don’t panic  i’m gonna put a link to my blogging website where you can find what you want, any way I have so many plans I wish I can make them true I want something new( it is like a new life a rebirth for me if you can say  (//・_・//)  it so inportant to me to make it happen ) by the way I’M CHANGING MY URL  so be prepared ;) and after all I realy do miss you ( i will inswer you ask soon so forgive me ) 


I aboslutely don’t understand the “issue” Jynnic antis have with their age difference. It would be problem is she was 15 and he was 30, not just problem but also illegal, but I feel like this has been tossed around without single use of google.

Felicity Jones is 32, she will be 33 in October, she is a grown, mature woman. Just so you can compare: she is six months younger than Domhnall Gleeson, four years younger than Oscar Isaac AND one month older than Adam Driver.

Now yes, they will probably make her character younger, like they did with the gentleman above, but still, she won’t be that young. They can’t go lower then mid twenties. So let’s pretend they’ll make her 26. Which is also my age. I can assure you that in mid twenties you’re more then able to decide what partner you want to be with. The age difference, that was issue when you were 15-16, is now more less non existent. You no longer look at age but you look at person.

Back to the track. Ben Mendelsohn is 47, (this is the part where antis are once again wrong with the “60 years old gross and ugly”) Krennic will be probably the same age or slightly younger, my guess is 45, because that’s just a nice number for movie script. The age difference betwen Ben and Felicity is 14 years. Yes, the age difference in the movie will be slightly bigger.

This is the part where I’d like to remind you that age difference of other popular ships in Star Wars fandom: Reylo (10 years), Reyux (15 years), Damerey (13 years), Stormpilot (9 years), Obikin (15 years), Obidala (11 years), Skysolo (10 years), Hanleia (10 years). - Yes, canon Hanleia has 10 years age difference, between 19 year old Leia and 29 years old Han. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford has 15 years between each other btw.

This ship is crack ship, I’m sure the word “problematic” will be tossed around, since this is tumblr and we all love it so much. But if you want to anti(ing) this ship, age difference is not the best approach.

So ashamed of myself rn

So I’m on @the-ace-community’s block list after they had to deal with all of that horrible homophobic hate from pro-ace discoursers

And I made a post which was supposed to be joining in on their side, but I think I should have tagged it with /sarcasm or something idk I must have fucked up somewhere but I never used the f-slur without censoring and only as a direct imitation of boreal//alis

But I can imagine if they were in distress cause they probably were scanning through it might have looked like I was sending them hate

But I swear I was 100% on their side and I’m so so sorry and ashamed I never wanted to hurt them and I’m so sorry I did.

@aphobiakills @hypersexualtim u guys reblogged it, I sent the-ace-community a multiple-ask apology but idk if it’ll get through since I’m blocked - they don’t have to unblock me but they deserve an apology and even if they just see this post then that’ll be enough for me

icecreamisbae234  asked:

Hiya can u please write a fic about the Doughtp being cute and everybody else awwing about it


Yet another beautiful day dawned in the now liberated Shopwells, and Sammy was just starting to wake up when he hears a soft laugh. He looked up, blinking away his sleep as a little smile crosses his face. “Morning Kareem…”, he mumbled, snuggling closer the lavash. Kareem smiled down at his beloved bagel, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Good morning to you as well, my sweet.”, he murmured. Sammy, as modest as he was, couldn’t help but blush at the compliment and the genuine love he heard in Kareem’s voice. It was something he never thought he would get used to, seeing as the two had been bitter rivals for years. It had been rather easy to go from exchanging insults to exchanging kisses though, so perhaps Sammy would get used to the compliments.

As though Kareem had read his mind, he said, “It is funny, no? We were the forbidden love, just like the story of Ravioleo and Jelliet…” Sammy nodded, giggling softly before he added, “Only we didn’t die. I didn’t smash my jar, and you didn’t slice yourself up.” Kareem made a noise of agreement, nuzzling closer to Sammy. “I am very glad that we didn’t end up like them, that was a tale of tragedy I would not wish upon my worst enemy.”, he mumbled.

The two cuddled for a while longer, enjoying the quiet time they had together. It was suddenly interrupted when Brenda’s head popped up over the edge of their shelf, her eyes wide and sparkling. “I found them!”, she called down, giggling as she pulled herself up. Kareem and Sammy exchanged confused glances, wondering if they had been in a game of hide and seek they didn’t remember.

Barry soon appeared as well, along with Sally and Frank. They all crowded around the two half awake products, grinning from ear to ear. “N-not to be rude or anything… But why are you all here?”, Sammy finally asked, squeezing Kareem’s hand. Brenda made a happy sound, and hugged Frank to her chest. “We’re here for that!”, she exclaimed. At the matching confused looks she got, she explained, “You two are the cutest couple in the entire store! We all just love seeing the two of you be so cuddly and affectionate after all the hatred you two displayed for the other!”

The two gay breads looked at each other, sort of understanding. Sammy’s cheeks were turning red, and he hid his face in Kareem’s chest once more. Unfortunately, this only brought on more squeals and awhs from the gang. This would definitely be a long day…

I’m terribly sorry for how short it is, but I tried my best! Maybe later I’ll try and doodle the two?