I'm so so so so soooooo proud

The fact that Bakugou takes after his mom so much delights me.

I’m still nominating mama Midoriya as best mom tho gosh.

at the last minute (bad habit, i’m sorry D:), here is my nagamas gift for @phrenotobe! once again the @mention feature isn’t working for me grr. one of your prompts (which were all great btw, it was so hard to pick) was lyn and florina and “freedom”, so my thoughts went to their return to sacae after the war and them just being together, looking out on the wide plains and the open sky. oh, and you also specified that you love trans ladies, which is gr88 bc i totally headcanon florina as trans. anyway, a merry nagamas to you and i hope you like your gift! <3

Right now, what kind of feelings do you hold for (your) fans?

This is a rather ordinary way of saying it, but I think (of them) as my treasure.

When fans started saying “I want to see you” “I want to hear you”, we (seiyuu) were able to start singing and do stage work. So, saying “Everything we work on was made for the sake of all of you” isn’t a strange thing at all.

Whenever I recieve a fan letter, I think: “so this is what you guys are noticing” and it surprises me, as well as gives me encouragement. That isn’t limited to just me. When I think: “so this is what you guys are thinking about”, it makes me happy that I could hear about them (your thoughts). 

I’d really like to treasure the communication with my fans.

For instance, when my first CD was released, during the event, although there was a capacity of 120 people, the number of people that came was 100.

Since I didn’t think I would be able to gather 100 people, of course I was happy, but, the fustration that that number was less than the capacity still remains.

I thought it was all because I didn’t have enough strength, so I returned to the starting point. I did things like voice training and dancing, and I began improving myself.

- Kakihara Tetsuya, Voice Newtype No 54



Title : Nightmare

the last 10 seconds is really shocking. huhuu