I'm so happy right now



She said that Murdoc and the others are working on a playlist too. Also she has a brand new playlist coming soon on Spotify this week. Gorillaz also stated that there will be more remixes this week along with new songs from the album! 

(I can’t believe Noodle responded to me! I’m so happy right now!) 

My kinda late birthday book haul!
I’m currently flying through ACOWAR and holy shit, a lot of stuff is happening😮😮😮


Gotham will rise again. Fox has renewed the DC Comics drama for a fourth year. Though the pickup comes pretty late in the season, the show was expected to get renewed for another round. While its ratings weren’t huge — averaging 4.6 million viewers and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49 for season 3 — Gotham still outperformed several other dramas on the bubble at the network (such as Scream Queens, APB , and The Exorcist). (ew.com)



This girl made a cosplay based on my cluster Design, I’m so happy! She looks really cool and I frecking love it!

Not to get emotional about any of this, but hearing Sweet Creature reminded me that I love music. I haven’t been this excited about the release of an album in God knows how long, and it feels so wonderful to analyze lyrics, to create meaning within a song for myself, to learn all the words, to sit back and listen to an entire album and just be. It’s incredibly powerful to come across artists who do that for you - to take you back to how many worlds music can take you to - and I hope Harry knows how special he is.

My brother might Ship Sasunaru/Narusasu

I’m way behind on Naruto but my older brother is basically finished. I obviously starting shipping Naruto and Sasuke once I hit Shippudden because I’m trash like that. So tell me why my big brother just said this

Him: Honestly, Naruto and Sasuke remind me of a gay couple and I wouldn’t mind it. They got me all up in my feelings after the fight when they tried to hold hands and Naruto told Sasuke that he did all this because he was his friend. 

Me: I’m just so proud of you because I already ship them so hard you don’t even understand.