I'm so freaking lame

Me: aka the never ever suave person
  • Me:describes in great detail to roommate why we should invite the new building tennant over for dinner sometime
  • Me:tries to be chill
  • Roommate:You like her, don't you?
  • Me:Naaaaaaah
  • Roommate:sees new building mate.. "You totally like her.."
  • Me:errrrrrr... nevar.. ok. maybe.. ALRIGHT YOU GOT ME. How did you know??
  • Roommate:your super awkward long winded explanation over why we should have her over for dinner kinda gave it away..

30 Day  Anime Challenge

Day 1 - Very first anime


I was ten at the time, probably faking sick for I can skip school (IDK).I was flipping the channels and there she was crying and kicking ass. After that, I pester my mom to buy me all kinds of SM goodies.  Only  later to find out that it wasn’t a cartoon but an anime.  An anime that  has open a door to many more favs in my life.

So today we stayed in the classroom watching Glee for lunch

I have 2 Gleek friends in my class, some others watch it, but not so religiously like us. And they watch it on Fox, so they’re still on Sexy.

We’re not supposed to eat in the classrooms, so everytime a teacher or someone came in, we hid our food and were like:

External image

And when they left:

External image

So we get to the part where Becky and her mom go talk to Will and we’re like:

External image

“Wtf? Sue LOVES Becky!”

And then Will goes talk to her and Sue tells him about Jean and even though we already knew we:

External image

External image

And then Kurt and Finn go talk to Sue and we:

External image

And everytime one of the guys of my class opened the door we were like:


So we get to the part where they’re auditionating for Nationals, ans Santana sings and I’m like:

And Jesse’s really inspired writing down. But then he says all that crap and I’m like:

External image

But then they show the draw of the cat and all we can do is:

External image

And then comes Kurt and I’m like

External image

And my friends

External image


So then Jesse goes “Uuuh, you know that song is supposed to be singed by a giiiiiiiiirl?” And I

External image

So, after all that crap, the Funeral starts and we’re like

External image

External image

And all of the sudden, like 4 or 3 other kids in the class come and start watching right when Will starts reading what Sue wrote, and one of them was like:


External image

And another friend started “WHO’S GETTING MARRIED?!”

And we were like: “NO ONE, NOW STFU!”


“It’s a funeral.”


“Because Jean died.”

“Who the hell is Jean?!”

“Sue’s sister”

And they saw Will reading the thing, so they:

“Are they brothers?”

Go away, will ya?

So They sang Pure Imagination and our faces were something like this:

External image

And then the bell rang, and the teacher came in right in the middle of the St. Berry kiss, and when it happened we all were like "OOOOOOH!“ and then Finn with his flower and we: "OOOOOOOH!!” And everyone was staring at us and even some guys started going ‘OOOOH!’ too for no reason.

Then the teacher sent me and my friend to the bathroom to clean our faces because we had a presentation earlier and we still had clown make up.

We went down like this: