I'm serious about this guys

I’m attempting to make a get well card for Jonghyun since so many people have already talked about wanting to but didn’t know how♥

  • Please only reblog or favorite once
  • If you want to leave a short message of encouragement, you may, but please don’t leave a novel lol
  • I’ll do my best to write down everyone’s url and/or message in a notebook and send it to him. (If any one has a good idea on how I should go about doing that, please PM me.) ♥
  • I’m going to try to send the card/ notebook out by April 12th, 2013. Is that enough time for you guys? :)
Why I Have Turned Off Anon

I have turned off anonymous messaging because I care about you.

I have never been harassed on Tumblr. Not once. However, I have been asked some pretty serious questions by anons. Some have been serious enough to have left me sleepless for a few nights.

In conversing with a friend this morning, I came to the conclusion that anonymous communication is not something I want to promote. People are social creatures. We need to KNOW each other. Social media is a great thing in many respects, however it does have its flaws. Creating a culture of anonymity is not always good. I have made some AMAZING friends…REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS FRIENDS via social media. However, none of these friendships exist anonymously.

Second, I have added a suicide prevention hotline link on the left-hand side of my blog. Anonymous messaging is not the way to share a serious burden. You need to SPEAK to someone.


so I’ve been really inspired by recent audio drama binging on Welcome to Night Vale and Our Fair City and
I think I want to make a lil’ radio drama

I had this really fun idea a few days ago that I’ve been fleshing out and it involves SPACE and HISTORIANS and the FUTURE and MYSTERY and SASSY RADIO HOSTS and quite possibly BANDITS SPACE BANDIT HISTORIANS

so if you’re interested in any of these things or just in helping me with the project, let me know (dear frandz) since a lot of you have taken a liking to Night Vale suddenly. I welcome help from voice acting to writing to design–let us be springboards, and all that.

There is a line from the Hannibal movie where Hannibal says to Clarice: “Jack Crawford dangles you in front of me. Do you imagine it’s because I like to look at you and imagine how good you would tassste…”

In short what internal organ do I have to sell to make sure that show Hannibal says that to Will at some point

To my followers and my IRL friends:

If you truly believe that Zimmerman was not guilty, fucking unfollow. Now. Right the fuck now. And never talk to me again.

Because if you think that Trayvon’s death was “justified”, “what he deserved”, or some other kind of racist bullshit that comes from being a part of the white conglomerate, then you’re not my fucking friend.

Because what the hell does that say about me, a black woman, if you think these things and are still considering yourself to be my friend?

And to a particular friend who I shall never speak with again because she constantly said I made things “about race” and refused to accept her white privilege: I hope this is an eye-opening experience, I really do. And if you someone manage to see this post, you’ll know why I don’t talk to you anymore.

okay, i just wanted to let you guys know that any of you can talk to me about anything at all. whatever you’re going through, i’m here for you. If you send me something (unless its on anon) i promise not to post in public if it’s personal and i’ll try to help you or just give you words of encouragement. if you read my tags, i want to talk to you guys, but not to have the “omg im getting asks i must me tumblr famous omg” feeling, i actually want to get to know you and become friends with all of you and all that stuff, okay, i’ll shut up now

((I swear....))

((One more of those “reblog this or some scary shit kills you in blah blah amount of time and I am leaving tumblr completely. I am sick of having a freaking anxiety attack every night because someone thinks its funny as hell or a good way to get notes. I don’t think they realize what its like to be up till 3 in the morning and have to wake up at 5 but cant sleep because you are so freaked out even though you know its not real but that doesn’t help the fact you are in full ‘fight or flight’ mode because of a stupid post. Thats it, no more. I’m sorry but if I catch another one on my dash I will unfollow you and if it sets me off then I’m leaving this site. Other people’s need for notes are not worth the effect they are having on my health at all!!! ))

I'm freaking out.

I’ve been the only one in my room for like 3 hours. I have a bathroom in my room. The door has been open and the light off. All my perfume bottles are lined up in my thing in my bathroom normally…. i went to the bathroom and it smelled like coconuts, and the coconut perfume bottle was on my toilet. Now my entire room smells like coconuts. I HAVEN’T TOUCHED THAT PERFUME IN DAYS.

Nothing to see here, folks, says Comcast. The cable giant’s defenders insist that its already awesome market power won’t be increased if it acquires Time Warner, because they serve (i.e., are local monopolists in) different geographical areas:

Scott Cleland, chairman of NetCompetition, an advocacy group that counts Comcast and other cable companies among its members, disagreed. He said that the argument for allowing cable company mergers was the same that allowed for the consolidation of the Baby Bell companies after the breakup of AT&T. “It’s a geographic extension,” he said. “The companies serve geographically separate areas. That’s what makes this merger different than the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. That was a competitor being eliminated. For residential and business broadband customers, this merger is not taking away a competitor.”

But elsewhere in the business section, we see clear evidence that this is nonsense. Comcast’s size gives it monopsony as well as monopoly power — it is able to extract far more favorable deals from content providers than smaller rivals. And if it’s allowed to acquire Time Warner, it will be even more advantaged:

Still, should Comcast succeed in acquiring Time Warner Cable, it will use its enlarged scale to its advantage, potentially negotiating to pay lower fees to cable and broadcast networks.

This would, in turn, make it even harder for potential competitors to enter markets served by ComcastTimeWarner, strengthening its monopoly position.

What possible justification could there be for approving this scheme?

—Paul Krugman