I'm serious about this guys

I’m attempting to make a get well card for Jonghyun since so many people have already talked about wanting to but didn’t know how♥

  • Please only reblog or favorite once
  • If you want to leave a short message of encouragement, you may, but please don’t leave a novel lol
  • I’ll do my best to write down everyone’s url and/or message in a notebook and send it to him. (If any one has a good idea on how I should go about doing that, please PM me.) ♥
  • I’m going to try to send the card/ notebook out by April 12th, 2013. Is that enough time for you guys? :)

imagine your otp ft. preath, krashlyn and… who? kellex? no i’ve never heard of them *sweats nervously*

so I’ve been really inspired by recent audio drama binging on Welcome to Night Vale and Our Fair City and
I think I want to make a lil’ radio drama

I had this really fun idea a few days ago that I’ve been fleshing out and it involves SPACE and HISTORIANS and the FUTURE and MYSTERY and SASSY RADIO HOSTS and quite possibly BANDITS SPACE BANDIT HISTORIANS

so if you’re interested in any of these things or just in helping me with the project, let me know (dear frandz) since a lot of you have taken a liking to Night Vale suddenly. I welcome help from voice acting to writing to design–let us be springboards, and all that.

anonymous asked:

We love you, remember that. No one is allowed to interfere with your opinion, it's yours no one is allowed to judge you for it. Remember we all support you and you're a very lovely and amazing. Thank you for being you

Thank you guys so damn much. I don’t deserve all this. Really not. I feel so grateful for every single one of you and I’m not able to express my gratitude the way you deserve it. This means so much to me ♥

To my followers and my IRL friends:

If you truly believe that Zimmerman was not guilty, fucking unfollow. Now. Right the fuck now. And never talk to me again.

Because if you think that Trayvon’s death was “justified”, “what he deserved”, or some other kind of racist bullshit that comes from being a part of the white conglomerate, then you’re not my fucking friend.

Because what the hell does that say about me, a black woman, if you think these things and are still considering yourself to be my friend?

And to a particular friend who I shall never speak with again because she constantly said I made things “about race” and refused to accept her white privilege: I hope this is an eye-opening experience, I really do. And if you someone manage to see this post, you’ll know why I don’t talk to you anymore.