I'm really sorry guys but I did make another post


Making another post about this with more info because a couple people have asked;

So I have some debt that pretty urgently needs to be paid off by the end of September.

Now I might be able to do it with my paychecks, but if I do do that I won’t have enough money to do things like: Buy groceries, pay for transport into work, buy food and litter for my cats, pay bills, get medication, or afford rent. I’ve been living pretty sparsely for the past few months as it is trying to do it on my own.

So as it stands, ideally, I’d like to get together 800$ to cover my debt and allow me to eat; I really hate to ask for help, and I realize that this may be un-doable, but any little bit helps.

Which is why I’m taking sketch commissions!
I’ll be doing Full-body clean roughs for 15$ apiece. 

Above I included examples of my style and what you might get. You can see more of my stuff over at my  Art  Tags;

I’ll be taking payment primarily through paypal, but if you have an alternative I’m open to discussing it;

If you have any questions or would like to Commission me, you can contact me at alyssalmpenney@yahoo.com
And in case anyone doesn’t want to commission but still wants to contribute,my paypal info is (Please note it is not the same as my email address) alyssalmpenney@gmail.com

As before I appreciate any reblogs to help spread the word, and am incredibly grateful to any and all who helped me out by signal boosting my last post; I understand that it’s back to school time for a lot of people and appreciate any help I can get;

so, my prom began really well, we had a lot of fun, danced, talked and were happy.
but then there were these few friends, whom kept complaining about everything, these other friends, whom disappeared from one second to another, these one guy, who promisepromised that he will come, but never did. this one guy, who kept shouting sexist slurs, and also the fact, that every friend of you hates another friend of you and finally tell you, that they can’t be your friends anymore.
so yeah, thank you all for ruining my prom
a special thank you goes to these old men in these bar, whom kept catcalling me.