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LR - beautiful Liar ( L and Raito Version )  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Seriously, i’m really like this song. You can see this music video in HERE . 
just really want  to draw this, because their look like Raito and L, and they are a liar  ✧

Imagine telling badboy!Woozi to stop kissing you in public because people are looking and you get really shy but he still continues to do so because he doesn’t care whether people are looking, he just wants to kiss you all the time.

Heathen Army Modern AU Prompt

So here’s my take on modern AU Ivar. I know this is terrible, please forgive me sisters.


„Ivar? Are you here?“ You yelled as you rushed through the back door. Ivar looked up from the papers he’d been studying and raised an eyebrow at your panicked voice.

“You have to leave. Now. They are coming for you.”

He looked at you blankly. “What are you talking about? Who is coming?”

“The feds. They say you shot a cop.” You were almost sobbing now. “Is that true, Ivar?”

His face didn’t show any emotions at all. “How do you know?”

“Ubbe called. He couldn’t reach you so he called me. They’ve been at his place asking about you.” You tried hard to fight back your tears but lost the battle. “Is it true, Ivar?”

You could see his jaw clench as he looked away from you. So it was true. The realization hit you like a fist into the guts and you felt your heart sink. Although you had always known that being with Ivar was a dangerous game, you had pushed away the thought that something like this would happen eventually. You had started dating him back in High School. He had always been the bad boy and you had always been helplessly drawn to that. His father was the leader of the gang that basically ruled the town you had grown up in and that had made him something close to royalty. He was the prince and you had loved being his princess. Everyone in town knew and threated you with respect. You knew that his family wasn’t exactly running a legal business but Ivar had always kept you out of it. Things had gotten more messy after Ivar’s father had died and Ivar had taken over the crown. You had risen from princess to queen and with the title came the responsibilities and difficulties. You were supposed to be the strong woman by his side, keeping his secrets, lying to the cops, giving him alibies when he needed them and also taking care of the other gang members. You thought that until now you had done a good job as the gang had become something like an extended family to you, but this here was more than you felt you could take.

“What happened?” You asked in a small voice, not sure if you really wanted to hear the answer.

Ivar kept looking out of the window for a long moment before he turned to face you. “Do you want me to tell you the truth? The whole story?”

You shook your head. “Maybe, but not now. You can tell me when we are a couple hundred miles away from here.” You grabbed his hand and tried to pull him up, but he did not move. “We have to go. They could be here any minute.”

“I cannot leave. We are getting a delivery tomorrow.”

You stared at him in disbelief. “Have you not heard what I said? The feds are coming to arrest you. I’m not going to visit you in prison for the next twenty years because of a fucking gun delivery.”

His face darkened and you could see anger glowing in his eyes. “I can’t go. Who will ever follow me again when I run away like a coward at the smallest problems?”

“No one will ever follow you again when you are imprisoned for the rest of your life.” You shouted, voice full of despair.

A dark smile appeared on his face and he produced a gun from the waistband of his trousers. “I’m not going to make it easy for them to arrest me.”

You stared at him in shock. Was he completely mad now? “Ivar, you killed a cop. They will happily take every opportunity to shoot you. Please don’t do this! They will kill you.”

Ivar looked into your eyes. The half-mad smile still hadn’t fully left his features. “Let them try.”

A wave of desperation rolled over you and you knelt down next to him and placed both your hands on his forearm. You felt tears run down your cheeks as you looked up to him. “Please come with me. Let us go away. We can start over somewhere else.”

He placed his hands on both sides of your face and pulled you closer to him. As he kissed you deeply and lovingly you forgot everything else for a moment. But that small peaceful moment turned into pure horror when you realized he was kissing you goodbye.

When he pulled away he leaned his forehead against yours. “You know I can’t leave. But you should. There’s money in the safe in my house. If things go wrong here, take it. It should be enough for you to start a new life somewhere far away from here.”

You couldn’t stop the sobs that were escaping your throat. “I can’t leave you.”

Ivar pushed you away from him so that he could look into your eyes. “This is really not the time to argue, woman.” He let go of you. “GO!”

You knew you wouldn’t be able make him change his mind. Still sobbing you got to your feet. “Please don’t get yourself killed. Come back to me, Ivar, please.”

You could see the torment on his face as he nodded. He knew as well as you did that the odds weren’t on his side in this one.

Your knees felt weak and you weren’t sure for how much longer they would carry you, so you left the place and somehow managed to get into your car. You were maybe a mile down the road as four dark cars passed you, blue and red lights flashing. New sobs shook your body as you prayed to the gods that they would watch over Ivar.

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