I'm really glad I am not going up there with him

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i really like your team-up headcanons :D do you have any for Pidge and Keith?

  • two chaotic goods walk into a bar. they blow up the bar. it was filled with galran soldiers
  • *pidge sees keith* *automatically thinks of that leeroy jenkins video*
  • lance may be the Hot Mess of the squad but these two are just plain messes
    • do they sleep?? ever??? probably not
    • but seriously can they please just go to bed at any time other than 3 am. they’re stressing shiro out
  • are always ready to fight. always
  • the type of friends that can sit in the same room together for hours without talking until one of them is suddenly like “okay but who would win in a fist fight, allura or zarkon”
  • keith can’t fit in the castle vents like pidge can and he’s salty about it
  • shiro: “saying ’screw it’ and charging into battle is no longer an acceptable response when I ask if you guys have a plan”
  • lance learned what true fear was the day keith and pidge turned to him in unison to roast him
  • *either opens their mouth* hunk: “if this is anything vaguely conspiracy related, I literally don’t wanna hear it”

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Percabeth: "I'm your best friend and you had an accident and woke up with amnesia and you only remember me and your mom but you think that I'm your girlfriend and for your mental health I have to pretend that I am" AU pleeeeease?...

  • Later Percy would remember that he fell while turning around to go back home because he head forgotten his helmet
  • Just his luck
  • he wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of what had happened 
  • it seemed he had lost most of his memories, except for two people 
  • his mom and his girlfriend 
  • well, he assumed she was his girlfriend because when he woke up to her holding his hand he immediately got butterflies and as soon as those grey eyes met his he was short of breath 
  • his mom immediately started showering him with kisses and crying about how she was glad he was okay and Annabeth wasn’t saying much but she looked relieved and somehow Percy knew she wasn’t really the “share your feelings” type 
  • even before the doctors started asking him questions he knew something was off 
  •  they said it was retrograde amnesia 
  • the first question he asked was how long him and Annabeth have been together 
  • before anyone could provide an answer though a nurse burst in with blue jell-o that she said she had to bribe the kitchen for 
  • they sent Percy home the next day 
  • as soon as he got home he asked if Annabeth could come over 
  • Sally seemed a little worried but she said she would call her to see if she was free 
  • in the mean time Percy retreated to his room to try and get re acquainted with is life 
  • the first thing he noticed was the picture frame sitting on his desk—  him and Annabeth sitting in a strawberry field laughing together— he ran his hand over the cool glass 
  • “That was last summer. We spent the day at a strawberry farm. It’s one of my favorite days.” 
  • Annabeth had spent the whole night after Percy woke up debating about whether or not to tell him the truth but he just seemed so sure of them 
  • she had had a crush on him since they were 12 but neither of them had ever suggested wanting anything more 
  • she had resolved to tell him the truth but seeing him staring at their picture she crumbled because maybe this was their chance 
  • “I wish I remembered it… I also wish I remembered what is was like to kiss you” he knows it’s a bold move but he’s a fan of acting before your better judgement has the chance to interfere 
  • the kiss more than makes up for the lack of memories 
  • 3 months 
  • that’s how long Percy’s memories stayed buried 
  • 3 months of hand holding and kisses and movie dates and walks through the park and dinners with Sally and her boyfriend Paul and cuddling while watching movies and happiness
  • the rest of their friend group didn’t have a problem going along with Percy’s assumption, considering they said it was the same as when they were just friends but with kissing 
  • the memories come back one day while Percy watches Annabeth work on homework 
  • he doesn’t say anything at first, trying to reconcile the past three months with the last 17 years 
  • for a minute he’s angry 
  • angry that she would lie to him and keep the truth from him but then he continues to stare at this incredible girl who was been his best friend since they were 10; who threw eggs at his mom’s shitty ex boyfriends car with him when they were 13; who drew the Empire State Building on his cast when they were 15; and who at 17 pretended to be his girlfriend while he had amnesia because one way or another she really loves him 
  • “I love you, Annabeth” 
  • she looked up, completely taken aback, those grey eyes searching his face for an explanation 
  • but then a smile tugged at her lips and she said back in something barely louder than a whisper, “I love you too, Percy” 
  • 6 months 
  • that’s how long his memories have been back 
  • 6 months of follow up doctor appointments and Sally hiding his skateboard from him at least once a week and memory jokes from his friends 
  • 6 months (on top of the previous 7 years) of loving Annabeth
  • their relationship is a little weird after Percy’s memories come back but they work through it 
  • Percy admits to being in love with Annabeth long before his head hit the concrete that day and Annabeth explains that his certainty about them being a couple gave her the certainty she needed to make that jump with him 
  • they laugh and fight and make up all the same but the making up comes with kisses and hugs now instead of the awkward shoulder punch (though there are still plenty of those) 
  • someday the amnesia will become the beginning of their love story when their 3 kids ask “how did you two get together?” 
  • “Well, it really started when the ground decided it wanted to fight your dad” 

I love post-botfa oblivious!bagginshield, where the two of them are pining for one another, Bilbo barely getting a grasp on his own feelings for Thorin, Thorin thinking Bilbo would rather go home than stay with him, and then it all works out - I really do love this.

But my favorite post-botfa scenario is the one in which everything that happened in the movie actually happened (except Thorin, Fili, and Kili lived), and so there’s no room but ambiguity between them anymore. They both laid their feelings bare on Raven Hill, the ‘deathbed love confession’ happened not so much in blunt words as in looks, implications, smiles, assertions of “I am glad to have shared in your perils” and “go back to your books and your armchair.” This scenario is so beautiful and wonderful to me because there’s no doubt left between them about their feelings for one another. There’s nothing to do but be together, Bilbo curled up beside Thorin on his cot in the healing tents, Thorin pressing a kiss into his hair, talking quietly of their lives before the quest, smiling awkwardly and both a bit embarrassed over their clasped hands but neither willing to let the other go.

I was going to post earlier about how David had gone off on retreat and the cat and I were sitting around in a morose pile fur. (He aggressively snuggled me and I was covered in cat hair.) But I rallied and washed my face and went outside. I have returned from the wilds of my city triumphant bearing the spoils of my victory: unspoiled milk for coffee, chocolate, wine, a grilled cheese (w/ tomato and avocado sandwich) and most importantly the medication I ran out of yesterday.

More than you ever wanted to know about my interior mental state today and my upcoming week:

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I really think it says a lot to watch Josh interacting with the other members when they try to speak English to him like whenever Hosh goes “Yo Josh yo Josh” and he straight up goes “Heyyyy Hosh what’s up man” like asdfghjkl; it’s so cute because he doesn’t go “don’t speak English” or even usually corrects their words harshly he just is such a cutie and will speak English with them as much as they want 

I know this has been said a million of times already but I’m just really proud of Zayn for stepping up and choosing the best path for him. Even though I’m hurting because for me OT5 means everything to me, I am happy and relieved that he will now be in a better place. Fame, is not an easy thing to deal with and it will eat you up if you don’t know how to handle it. And with happy tears, I can sincerely say that I’m glad he chose his health, wellness and family over fame and I have so much respect for him for that. It’s going to be hard to move forward but I will always have a hope that one day he will come back, in his own terms of course. But until then, I wish him nothing but the very best. We love you zayn <3 and we will see you later ! 

Unpopular Opinion-

    Okay yeah, I love Luke. I really really do, don’t get me wrong. But, he’s pissing me off to the extreme. The whole situation. I know he’s an adult and he’s allowed to drink but he’s got to slow it down. Arzaylea in general, is just upsetting. She’s horrible and it’s like he doesn’t give a fuck. Maybe (and this is a stretch) just maybe, she makes him happy, and okay good, I’m glad you’re happy Luke but she’s completely disregarding your fans. Bryanna is being respectful and she’s not doing anything wrong. However Arzaylea is purposely pissing people off. She’s doing everything she does for attention. She’s making fans mad then playing the victim. First of all, victimizing yourself when you fuck up is pathetic. If you’re going to be a little bitch, please own up to it. I can be bitchy sometimes, shit, I’m not gonna lie but I never play the victim. I know when I do something wrong and I have the balls to acknowledge it.

   I’m sorry Luke but when you let her do these things, when you don’t call her out on her shit, it gets hard to defend you. I’ve defended you for so long. So, so long. But I’m losing respect and it honestly hurts. Please, please, please get your shit together.

Altogether I’m glad it’s over.

I think the episode accomplished what it needed to. I understand people’s critiques of how it was presented and written and that it preferred to focus on tidily wrapping up Neal’s relationships rather than an actual exploration of their issues or really making him suffer the consequences. But really, is anyone surprised? He was a plot device, he got to be a plot device, and his interactions with Hook, Emma, and Rumple were ultimately for their benefit, not his. All three of them got character growth out of it and that’s what Neal has always been used for; he’s never been a fully fleshed out character, they’ve never gone into what he felt or did or wanted about anything, so I’m not sure how it’s surprising that this continued to be the case until the end. I personally was delighted that the sum total of Emma’s romantic experiences and feelings about love is no longer what Neal did to her in the past, and that they were able to be friendly, casual, and platonic old friends and discuss their terrible exes and so on. I didn’t want to see her still crying and heartbroken and angry at him; she needed that healing. And I’m glad she got it.

I won’t miss Neal all that much, to be honest, and I’m glad this part of the story has been concluded. I think they did with him exactly what they were going to do. Would I have liked some things to be different? Sure. But at the same time, it doesn’t matter. I look forward to discussing new things about Emma, her character, her growth, her relationships, and not just what Neal did to her in the past. I’ve always operated by the theory that if it doesn’t bother Emma, it doesn’t bother me, and since she was (finally!) able to come to peace and terms with Neal tonight, I’ve decided to do the same. I’m not going to dwell on what was done in the past, what should have been done, what I would like to have happened, but thank him for what role he played in the story and let him go. I’m looking forward to Emma moving forward and healing, not regressing into the walls and pain and trust issues she had for ten years because of him. I’m glad that she was happy without him and with him, and that he wanted that for her. I don’t see how anyone should find anything wrong with that.

I expect great things for Captain Swan from here on out.

Kenna and Bash. It may have been an unexpected pairing, but these two have proven an interesting couple. “Kenna thinks Bash is great,” McCarthy said, “[But] not rich. She’s going to really want to [try and] be OK with that. But I think that after the plague comes and goes, [Kenna will be] kind of taught a lesson that she knew already: what it means to lack power in this world.” In order not to be a “little fish”, Kenna will put pressure on Bash to rise in power and status. “I think that’s going to push him into some complicated areas with dark results.”
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Future Tense
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“You’re right,” Clarke says, and it doesn’t sound like she enjoys admitting it. “I haven’t been in a relationship with anyone in a while. But I am now.” She pulls her hand away to gesture towards him. “Let’s try this again. This is Bellamy. He’s my boyfriend. It’s serious.”

Abby’s eyes fly to Bellamy, appraisingly. Great. These expectations are going to be really fun to live up to.


Clarke and Bellamy go back to her hometown so she can give a speech at the opening reception for Wells Jaha Hall, and Bellamy finally meets Abby Griffin. A continuation of the “We are Undone by Each Other” universe.

Here it is! More Undone, because we all apparently needed more suffering. 

So…guess who had a doll arrival yesterday? :D 

Welcome home, Asbjörn!  Granado’s bronze colour is isn’t quite as dark as I was expecting, but it’s really lovely.  I wasn’t sure how the Nico face-up would translate on this colour, but I am so glad I took the risk, because I think he looks fantastic.

I took loads of pictures, but when I was getting some ready to post, I realized his eyes were askew and I’m going to have to fix them and take him back out. Boo. 

…  And yes, he’s wearing a Gerber onesie and ginormous baby-hat. This is about as dignified as it’s going to get for him.  I still aspire to get him a proper teddybear kigurumi outfit some day.  (He’s shifted to bear from my original idea of a bunny, but I’m really not averse to getting him every adorable fluffy outfit I can find.)

Welcome to Night Vale Host Cecil Baldwin Talks About Ultimate Theater of the Mind and Having a Third-Eye

The wildly popular podcast show, Welcome to Nightvale, comes to Dallas.

“I’m constantly surprised,” he says. “I am surprised everyday when I wake up and go, ‘This is my job. This is my dream job, literally.’”

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The Masaomi, Kishitani, and Youji interaction was awesome. Sooooo does this mean he's FINALLY going to hunt Furi down and meet him??? :DDD Still waiting on that, hahahaha

Hahahaha, hello friend! I am glad you liked the short with Masaomi, Youji and Kishitani.

Sooo… I have a confession to make. I’m actually not sure anymore *when* the story where Masaomi meets Furihata will happen. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was starting to get way too intense about the dads—I have all these headcanons about Youji and Masaomi in college, and various feels about Hinami and Shiori.

And like, I have to continue confessing things here, I really didn’t realize how many dead wives were in Designation: Miracle until after the fact. I really loved the headcanon I’d encountered elsewhere about Kasamatsu taking care of his little brothers because their mother was dead, so that’s why I went with that particular backstory. And then with Kishitani – I wasn’t fully expecting to end up liking Kishitani as much as I did but I think I always low key planned to ship him with Takao’s mom so that’s why he was a widower. And full confession, let’s just lay it all out here, I hadn’t put much thought into Masaomi at all until I started planning “A Name That Feels Like Mine” and then I ended up enjoying his character and had the realization of, “oh crap, he’s the only one who canonically has a dead wife, so there’s that and man, that is way too many dead wives in this one series and I kind of feel gross about that but it was an accident I swear.”

But anyway. Anyway. The point is, now I have all these intense feels about Youji and Masaomi and Shiori and Hinami in college and I’ve made myself sad that two of those characters are dead, and now for whatever reason that whole backstory is somehow connected to Masaomi meeting Furihata.

So now I’m faced with this whole conundrum of—hrm, well, I kinda want to write like 10,000 words of this but also faced with the no, no, this shouldn’t happen, don’t do this, stop yourself right there. I mean, the reasons not to do this are endless, but mostly, there are just so many other things I want to write. I don’t need another 10,000 project.

IN CONCLUSION. I am convincing myself that 10,000 words of Masaomi and Youji in college/ Masaomi meeting Furihata is a thing that should not happen, and PROBABLY I will eventually go back to the (much shorter) original idea I had for their meeting but yes, all of that is postponed until I convince myself not to do terrible things.


I have a problem. I will talk myself out of this! And carry on with all the other things I want to write! And then there will eventually be a nice story where Masaomi meets his future son-in-law! It will happen!